Seriously? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

After installing this add-on, I removed it after 10 minutes. I would go to a website and it would say 'Unknown'. I'd go to my website that dosen't have any info, it'd say "Unknown" and a %100 unsafe. Seriously??!

A joke? Sorry, not laughing... Not yet rated

No stars from me. It rates my own site as high threat. Yet there are NO interactive elements at all. No fields to be filled, nowhere to enter account, password or email details, no mechanism by which my site can be a phishing site. And other than posting here, there is no appeal, Im just supposed to suck it up apparently. Thanks for that guys.

out dated database Not yet rated

I installed it and uninstalled after 3 minutes. It report all website that I tried as "unknown". It is not helpful at all unless you built your own database of safe and unsafe sites. Unfortunately this is not how anyone would expect an Anti-Phishing add-on to work.

Security Level: Unknown Not yet rated

The toolbar displayed the security threat level of 75% of the websites I go to as 'Unknown". Tweaked database access as much as this ext allows, same result.
This little extension is a great idea, that needs some serious database search updating. If it can't find a the website in a databse, what's the point of it sitting there in my toolbar???

Green is good! Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It seems cool and the green bar tells me its working. It would be nice to move it where I want it, otherwise I have to keep opening and closing the toolbar. the status bar is always a favorite! Otherwise, great job on the overall look and feel of the FirePhish Anti-Phising Extension.