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  • Nice Add-ON for Firefox until the Firefox quantum release. Now its not compatible with New Firefox Quantum. I'm just waiting when you people will release a new version of fire path that is compatible with Firefox Quantum.
    Waiting guys....
  • supper
  • When i write an Userstyle it is (was) the primary tool i use with Firebug.
    Now i search an alternative for this great tool:
    The devtool don't give us the possibility to search or test a specific CSS selector like Firepath do.
    And in an other hand the DevTool is less useful than Firebug (it don't give an easy way to identify in which userstyle a CSS rule is - with an human reading way)
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  • Dno jakieś, pojawia się wprawdzie w kontekstowym menu (pod prawym przyciskiem) inspect in firepath ale nic się po kliknięciu na to nie dzieje. Gówno. Szkoda czasu na instalowanie
  • This was my favorite tool, I just can´t imagine how to work now without firebug and more important, firepath, no other tool will be like this(I tried a few of them but they didn't match), Please re-consider create firepath without firebug, this is a must-have tool for developers and web designers
  • Will this work without Firebug in Firefox 57+?
    It won't work without Firebug in Firefox 57+ and I'm not planning on making it work considering the large amount of work it would require (essentially a full rewrite). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Was good, but doesn't support multiprocess Firefox. As such, I must now disable it
  • Thx from Brazil.
  • thanks a lot!
  • FirePath was just the best! Loved it. But it doesn't work with Firebug 3 anymore. No development activities seen on github. What's the plan? Any alternatives???
  • 与Xpath相比,个人认为更好用一点!
  • It's easy and helpful when debug XPath selectors.
  • If you're looking for a simple and a rapid use of HTMLAgiltyPack, you can use it. It's Perfect.

    10x very much. You saved my day.
  • Great extension for FireBug. Recommend!
  • The only tool I found on net doing the job of retrieving a webpage Xpath in a matter of click.

    Very helpful in creation of test automation scripts.

    Good Job!
  • FirePath saved my day. After trial and error several tools to retrieve the XPath I've ended up with FirePath.
    I can use the XPath directly to scrap the data with the HtmlAgilityPack.

    Good job, Pierre. Well done ! Merci beaucoup
  • FirePath is great, I use it almost everyday in Quality Assurance testing.
  • This was a great PlugIn, but it is no longer working correct with FIreBug 1.9.x.
    And there is no answer to this problem in the IssueTracker.
    So I think, the PlugIn is dead :(
  • Echoing what Lamer@fools.ua wrote on January 18, 2010 · "it would great if it were an option to use identifiers (ids) in the produced xpath instead of indices."

    Any plans for this?

    Surely a valid XPath is a valid XPath. The representation shouldn't matter. Makes interoperability difficult.
  • Really useful tool for evaluating your jQuery selectors to make sure you are targetting the right elements
  • very useful addon
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