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33 reviews for this add-on
  • Nice Add-ON for Firefox until the Firefox quantum release. Now its not compatible with New Firefox Quantum. I'm just waiting when you people will release a new version of fire path that is compatible with Firefox Quantum.
    Waiting guys....

  • supper

  • When i write an Userstyle it is (was) the primary tool i use with Firebug.
    Now i search an alternative for this great tool:
    The devtool don't give us the possibility to search or test a specific CSS selector like Firepath do.
    And in an other hand the DevTool is less useful than Firebug (it don't give an easy way to identify in which userstyle a CSS rule is - with an human reading way)

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  • 不错

  • Dno jakieś, pojawia się wprawdzie w kontekstowym menu (pod prawym przyciskiem) inspect in firepath ale nic się po kliknięciu na to nie dzieje. Gówno. Szkoda czasu na instalowanie

  • This was my favorite tool, I just can´t imagine how to work now without firebug and more important, firepath, no other tool will be like this(I tried a few of them but they didn't match), Please re-consider create firepath without firebug, this is a must-have tool for developers and web designers

  • Will this work without Firebug in Firefox 57+?

    Developer response

    It won't work without Firebug in Firefox 57+ and I'm not planning on making it work considering the large amount of work it would require (essentially a full rewrite). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Was good, but doesn't support multiprocess Firefox. As such, I must now disable it

  • Thx from Brazil.

  • thanks a lot!

  • FirePath was just the best! Loved it. But it doesn't work with Firebug 3 anymore. No development activities seen on github. What's the plan? Any alternatives???

  • 与Xpath相比,个人认为更好用一点!

  • It's easy and helpful when debug XPath selectors.

  • If you're looking for a simple and a rapid use of HTMLAgiltyPack, you can use it. It's Perfect.

    10x very much. You saved my day.

  • Great extension for FireBug. Recommend!

  • The only tool I found on net doing the job of retrieving a webpage Xpath in a matter of click.

    Very helpful in creation of test automation scripts.

    Good Job!

  • FirePath saved my day. After trial and error several tools to retrieve the XPath I've ended up with FirePath.
    I can use the XPath directly to scrap the data with the HtmlAgilityPack.

    Good job, Pierre. Well done ! Merci beaucoup

  • FirePath is great, I use it almost everyday in Quality Assurance testing.

  • This was a great PlugIn, but it is no longer working correct with FIreBug 1.9.x.
    And there is no answer to this problem in the IssueTracker.
    So I think, the PlugIn is dead :(

  • Echoing what wrote on January 18, 2010 · "it would great if it were an option to use identifiers (ids) in the produced xpath instead of indices."

    Any plans for this?

    Surely a valid XPath is a valid XPath. The representation shouldn't matter. Makes interoperability difficult.

  • Really useful tool for evaluating your jQuery selectors to make sure you are targetting the right elements

  • very useful addon

  • Useful tool. Thanks for making it.

  • Didn't work on a latest (1.8b6) FB beta -- throws a lot of errs into errcon and shows nothing in the pane. Anyway looks (but only "looks") useful and handy

    Developer response

    The last version (0.9.7) is compatible with Firebug 1.8 so this should no longer be a problem.
    If you find a bug or if you have an enhancement idea, please don't hesitate to create an issue in the issue tracker here:

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