Nice one, can become better Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is an interesting addon. I have some feature requests to make:

Choose portion of html page:I would really like to have the ability to choose a portion (a DOM element) of a page to be displayed in a note instead of the whole page. The most user friendly way to implement this would be with a gui way to choose of the dom element, eg with a click on a new option "embed portion" the page would be displayed in the note and a border would be displayed around the most inner DOM of the position of the mouse (a similar to firebug and other developer tools behavior). Maybe this implementation would be too complicated, i am satisfied with any possible implementation that would allow me to choose only a part of the html page to display.

Feeds:it would be really nice if there was a tooltip with the summary of the article on mouseover the title and even better if there was a second option to choose so instead of the summary the whole page would be displayed, or instead of that, by clicking an article of any feed from any note the html page to be loaded in one specific "special" note (instead of opening a new firefox tab and load there).

Search notes function: it is a nice way to highlight the notes that include the text, but i am guessing in case of too many notes and multiple positive results, there would be difficult to focus to the tabs you want. A possible improvement could be to add a result window to display the titles of the matched notes in a linkable text and by clicking it, only the specific note would have focus and be highlighted. Maybe this result window would be visible only when search field or itself has focus

ps: if u like any of these suggestions and plan to implement them it would be nice to let us know about it :)

Thank you very much

I think all of your suggestions make sense, but at least the first one would cause really a lot of effort but I will definitely think about it.
At the moment I'm having a lot of work to do because of my studies but I'm planning to continue working on fireNotes from January on.
Thanks again for your feedback, please contact me if you have any other suggestions!

Close, but not quite Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is a very interesting idea for an add-on, but it's a bit too cumbersome to use. It feels kind of like the designer has forced his own workflow on to the users of this add-on. For instance, the feature to add a link and automatically fetch a feed is really splendid. However, the fact that it automatically renames your note to the feed title is a nuisance, particular if the feed title is something generic like "blog". I've tried renaming the note title but it always reverts.

The interface is definitely a bit clunky too. Re-positioning notes is wonderful, but I don't want the reposition-maximize-close context menu to pop-up every time I mouse-over a note because that's distracting. If those things were accessible from a right-click on the note, it would still be intuitive but out of the way.

Lastly, the toolbar is really just glaringly ugly and distracting. I wonder why it's even necessary. And the built-in google search (that opens in a new window) is not only unnecessary, but also completely non-functional. (who opens up search in a new window 100% of the time?)

My last gripe is the built-in tab navigation. Firstly it looks out of place since it's styled completely differently from the rest of Firefox. Second the way it's styled is pretty ugly as well. Again, I don't want the red "X" button glaring at me the whole time. And I don't want the tab to always be waiting for me to rename it. Once I've renamed it, it's probably going to stay named that way for a while. And again, a right-click is still intuitive and keeps it out of the way.

The overlay on a window is an interesting concept and could make sense for some people. I could even see myself using it like that. But personally I'd prefer to see fireNotes run in its own tab (which I'd then make into an app tab, like I do for ScribeFire). The overlay is fine though, so it would be nice to see "run in tab" as an option.

All in all this is a decent add-on with some promise. I'm sure some people could get some use out of it. But for me it's just too clunky and distracting so I feel like it would inhibit my work more than aid it.

Thank you

Hello Jay,

I really want to thank you for your detailed review and I totally agree with almost everything you said.
As I am really more a developer than a designer I think especially your critics about the UI is useful.
Unfortunately I don´t have a lot of time at the moment due to my studies so I can´t really work out the problems, but I´ll try to do so as soon as possible.

Module pas fiable Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Ce module n'est pas fiable, je l'ai téléchargé il y a deux semaines, tout a bien fonctionné et un matin j'ai perdu toute les données inscrites aussi bien en ligne que sur la page de mon disque dur !

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Bonjour et merci pour cette note!
La raison pour cette scenario est s'il ya avais une mise a jour est pour ca tout les notes sont suprime!
Est-ce que vous avez chercher pour votre notes entre les backups?
Normalement avec la version 1.0 de fireNotes ca n'est pas possible alors je serais vraiment reconnaissant si vous pouvez me
donnez un peux plus d'information via e-mail a!

Merci beacoup et je veux excuser moi pour les probleme!

Works Good but not perfect yet Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Fire notes does it's job. It provides a Igoogle alternative that you can use everywhere any time. Take down notes, links or websites down for later use. Even Backup is integrated here.

There are some flaws though: First the UI: It´s clunky, even with minimal skin. The problem are the buttons to organise your notes. They are too big, as the note borders are. There should be a quick option to hide all that stuff or it should be made smaller. A link should be no bigger than one line text! The tabs as well. Rss feeds should be customisable in length and shrinkable etc.

But its a very good start for a good Idea, and it's usable that's why it gets 4 stars from me.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.85). 

Thank you for your detailed critics, that´s the only way for me to improve fireNotes!

Because I am no designer it is really hard for me to create a design which is beautiful and useful at the same time!
I have the same opinion as you, talking about the tabs being to big, which was one reason for creating the minimal skin, but you are right saying even this one is not the real thing, so in the near future I will try to completely redesign all existing skins.

I got one question: what do you mean with "the buttons to organise the notes" ? The move and close button ?

For the rss feeds you could create a skin on your own and change the font size this way, though this is quite unhandy.

Please contact me if you have any other wishes or ideas to improve my extension,

I am always available via email:

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Ich kapiers nicht. Wo soll denn die obere Menüleiste über den Tabs erscheinen? Ich seh nichts, weder gelbe Notizen, noch Zusatz-Menü wie "Add Feed", ich seh hier nur die grauen Tabs. Gibts ne Option den Such-Tab zu entfernen? Wüsste nämlich nicht wozu die Suchfunktion mittels Google, Bing, usw. gut sein sollte. Ich will ja nur Notizen ablegen. Und das geht gut, sogar in Verbindung mit dem Addon Auto-Context.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.1). 

Hilfe per email?

tut mir Leid, ich verstehe dein Problem nicht ganz, wäre dir aber dankbar wenn du bei einem Problem lieber eine Email an mich schreiben würdest anstatt eine Bewertung ;)

Du sagst du kannst Notizen anlegen ? Oder siehst du eben "keine gelben Notizen" ?
Falls du keine Notizen siehst, musst du diese erst einmal anlegen, entweder über die Toolbar die eingeblendet wird sobald du fireNotes startest -
entweder mit strg+y oder Rechtsklick - Firenotes anzeigen.

Die Toolbar erscheint direkt über den Tabs und enthält wie in den Screenshots sichtbar, Buttons zum schließen und erstellen von Notizen.

Falls das nicht geht, würde ich mich freuen wenn du mir deine Systemdaten geben könntest und vllt einmal in der Konsole schauen könntest ob dort etwas steht
(öffnen mit strg+shift+j)

Um das Zusatz Menü mit den Vorschlägen zu sehen, musst du eine URL in eine Notiz eingeben und enter drücken, dann sollte das Menü erscheinen.

Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen, falls du weitere Probleme hast kannst du mir gerne eine email an