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Tricky to me at first but just plain works. Now I really depend on this extension and is one of the most useful add-ons.It makes browsing easier and faster.Thanks to fire gestures I use gestures for a lot functions and saves me place on toolbars because I don't need buttons and permit me forget several addons.I do not like default set of gestures. I prefer e.g. U = reload D = close tab, and rocket gestures thanks to backup feature is not problem.A suggestion:Popup "back forward history" left or middle click load in current tab in foreground.Popup "recently closed tabs" left or middle click open new tab in foreground.Popup "search for selection" left or middle click always open a new tab in background, I like a foreground option, too.As you see, the MIDDLE-CILCK doesnt have any function.Also a native gesture to open Library.
And, when you use the gesture "Bookmark this page" i dont like that opens the bookmark popup i prefer the same behavour when is click the bookmark star in url place but my main suggest is the popup dont shows by default the folder not "Unsorted bookmarks" instead of "Bookmark menu",
Thank you for you work.
So keep up the good work and the updates coming.

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