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  • Обновить бы только для новой версии
  • Works great! Got trouble with to other addons like this but this one works flawless.
    But what I would like to have additionally is to open all links below a fixed mouse gesture. Like the one with pressing ctrl, just without pressing ctrl but using the mouse gesture you set.
  • 尽快更新啊,与新版的Firefox Quantum不兼容啊啊啊啊
  • why no update for new FF? No other addons can take place of it.
  • Miss you!

    Firegestures was in the top 5 must haves.
    Shame on you Mozilla for not having support for this classic "must have".
  • Best mouse gesture extension since All-in-One was abandoned in 2013. For people complaining that this extension is not compatible with Firefox 57+ - READ HOW MOZILLA DESTROYED extensions ecosystem for their browser BEFORE you start complaining.
    In short: Mozilla DISABLED XUL extensions that made possible all those magic features and enabled only watered-down "web extensions". Do not use Firefox, Use PaleMoon fork instead.
  • Hey dev, have you any plan to update (FF 58+ Quantum)?
  • 完美,因你选择火狐。
  • My favorite Firefox extension, ever! I discovered mouse gestures in Opera a dozen years ago and wanted this feature in Firefox. I found an extension simply called MouseGestures that was quite nice. And about a year later, i eventually found FireGestures by Gomita that made my web life so much easier, so much ergonomical, so great!!!... Then November 14th, 2017 came and the Quantum plague killed everything on its way... I'm so sad... I miss you so much FireGestures, thank you so much Gomita for all those years of web happiness and comfort!
  • このアドオンがあるからFireFoxを使い続けています。
  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Firegestures and have been using it for years. As someone who works with lots of tabs, this is a MUST HAVE. With that said, I'm freaking out because my firefox just updated and Firegestures is not compatible with the most current version. I downgraded to version 57 but it says its not compatible for that either. HEEEELP, I'm freaking out. Will you be making firegestures workable on the newest version of Firefox? Or by chance ever make it work on Safari? I need to figure out a way to get it working again becasue I love it that much. To all the people out there who use lots of tabs and are constantly switching between them, this is a MUST HAVE!!!!
  • It's very useful and I like it very much
  • Best of Gestures extension ever. I am use Foxy Gestures now and crying everyday when I use it.
  • ( T - T )
  • Update pls :)
  • Gooooooooooooooood~~
  • Please update this adddon. This is the best addon in the universe
  • very good, simple, fast, and powerful~
    please update ASAP
  • То что искал, вперед назад с нажатой правой кнопкой
  • はやくアップデートして欲しいです。
  • 快点更新吧!!!
  • 更新吧亲
  • 最好用的鼠标手势,希望更新,可以支持57版本
  • 為了能繼續使用此套件,到現在都還沒更新為57+
  • 等更新