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  • I don't feel it is faster, I have 8GB RAM and I always banned virtual memory, so this version is acturally not faster , but only waste tons of RAM, now I already roll back to 56 again.

    Curse this FXXXX quantum!
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  • Add-on, TabLang, no longer works, this was one of my most important add-on. I have 3 languages in my PC i should to control each tab... hate to do it. Back TabLang or do the same option in settings!

    This is VERY important for me!!! Back TabLang please...
  • Fast and simple
  • My preferred add ons do not work, so Tabs on Bottom, UBlok, and particularly RAM Back which cures excess RAM load, which is still needed as Quantum still gobbles up RAM. Had to roll back to 56 and kill updates. If Mozilla doesn't solve this then I might just as well go for Chrome. No Idea what the situation is with the Theme, Font & Size add on which offers the visual improvement on Chrome, didn't hang about to find out if that's gone too, if so then Firefox no longer has the edge. If we are doomed to Chrome styling then why bother with Firefox?
  • Hated the layout. Add-ons don't work. The availability of desired add-ons is the only reason I choose FF over Chrome. I reverted to 56 and shut off all updates.
  • I keep trying to use one of the themes but it keeps disappearsing. Without the theme colour, the task bars at the top remain transparent and make it difficult to almost impossible to read the names of the tabs. And I MISS the Colorful Tabs that I used to have with the previous versions of Firefox.
  • simplebut nice.
  • Unable to use any add-ons! I kept using Firefox because of its add-ons.
    Had to roll back to version 56.0.2! I am not going to upgrade, unless they fix the add-ons problem...
  • I used the following addons: Bookmark Favicon Changer, Classic Theme Restorer, Customizable Shortcuts , Customizations for Adblock Plus, Edit Bookmark Plus, Exit Button Firefox, Hide Caption Titlebar Plus, MenuWizard, Multiple Tab Handler, Open Bookmarks in New Tab, Button In Urlbar. None of these work anymore in Firefox 57 (Quantum). I have no more reasons to use Firefox.
  • My Pinterest does not work, cannot add new ones and the ones I have had for years and years will not open!
    I do not like the new Firefox Quantum. I am old and like what I had. Yes, I do not like it.
  • Virtually none of the add-ons work with Quantum, in particular Session Manager. The suggested alternative creates a process instance for each window open. I have 6 windows with 180 tabs. The memory used is doubled and grinds to a halt ! So despite the claims for using less memory, this version is useless when alternative compatible add-ons use twice as much memory.
  • Can't easily put my tabs on the bottom of the toolbar.
  • My most important add-on, TabLang, no longer works, which is very annoying to me, since my work requires writing in different languages in different tabs.

    The changes in the appearance are not welcome either, but those I can get used to.
  • Great
  • Browser crashes everytime on Facebook
  • The classic colors with the new logo! :)
  • NONE of the add-ons I used in Firefox are compatible with Quantum. 30% faster, NO FUNCTIONALITY.