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  • Look Nices :) :)
  • ¡Me gusta mucho este tema!
  • So far I love quantum. It's fast, simple to use and I love the new UI. I also like the Pocket integration. Just started using but I am already hooked.
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  • im easy.
  • summary: firefox quantum is great for typical users who have a basic experience who are already in the firefox ecosystem. I just wish there was a more open source version that allowed total customization; i love the interface but the features in the settings are limiting in what you can do; I know you can create custom extensions but that seems like a temp solution to a bigger problem. I'm switching to chromium in hopes that it add more features for power users
  • En general lo veo bastante efectivo
  • No problems with it, runs extremely fast, everything is exactly where it needs to be, extremely easy to customize. It's just all around an outstanding browser.
  • Everyone quit rating an innocent theme named the same thing as the new version of firefox itself one star because you are mad at mozilla. Go tell mozilla themselves!
  • Most of the add ons and extensions don't work any more. Is it possible to roll back because honestly Quantum is shit.
  • 喜欢
  • Contente de l'utiliser merci
  • Fast and simple
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