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  • Not satified with Quantum at all. Old Add-ons don't work with it, and what Add-ons there are is limited. Same with the Themes. I even tried "Customize" and tried the Dark theme and that doesn't even work. White is the default-hate it. I'm uninstalling it and re-installing version 56.0.2.
  • I downgraded to 56. Done.

    I seem to have lost my reload, and back and forward buttons, but hey, that's what they call...hang on.....what's it called again? Oh. Yeah. "Progress".
  • So far I love quantum. It's fast, simple to use and I love the new UI. I also like the Pocket integration. Just started using but I am already hooked.
  • I want the original Firefox back! This new browser has taken away more than it has given. It honestly IS NOT any faster than the old browser and most of us users are not happy with it yet the Developers continue to ignore our unhappiness. Someday Firefox will have very few users because we all will be using Chrome. If you really want to compete with Chrome don't take away the extensions Chrome still makes available to its users. I don't care about speed in a browser. I care about what's available in the web store. Firefox has dropped the ball.
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  • im easy.
  • I really enjyed firefox until recently. All my regular hits came up as I typed the first few letters in, but now all i seem to get is sites I do not want and even worse have not asked for. It is so difficult now to get sites I used to get to in seconds. The front page is full of stuff I do not need and all my icons such as BBC, my bank and Wikipedia have all gone. Can I please go back to a couple of weeks ago when I was happy with Firefox. I wanted to get away from the junk on IE and other browsers, now I am stuck in a browser that I cannot access anything.
  • This "quantum" version of FF is the epitome of why I left the other browsers in the first place! Mozilla hit its fanbase with a cheap shot. No forewarning us that we were going to LOSE functionality, add-ons, etc.
    The "add-ons" available that actually work with this crap version of a Firefox browser are few, and mostly useless. Themes? Really?
    GONE are the numerous add-ons that were they primary reason many of us left IE, Chrome, etc. and migrated to Firefox as our primary browser. Firefox just turned itself into the very thing most of us were trying to get away from when we switched to FF in the first place!!!
    Bad move Mozilla... bad move :(
  • Zero stars to making me lose dozens of incredibly useful extensions and add-ons, which I used for web development, photography, writing, and other work. This is ONE UGLY BROWSER with little customization, which is just why I don't use Chrome. Very disappointed in Mozilla for moving in this direction. Going back to an esr release of Firefox, but I know its days are numbered. Boo!!
  • > The Good:
    - Very fast.
    - Smooth animations.

    > The Bad:

    > The Ugly:
    - Pirate version of Chrome design.

    > Conclusion:
    - I downgraded to 52 because of new design.
  • summary: firefox quantum is great for typical users who have a basic experience who are already in the firefox ecosystem. I just wish there was a more open source version that allowed total customization; i love the interface but the features in the settings are limiting in what you can do; I know you can create custom extensions but that seems like a temp solution to a bigger problem. I'm switching to chromium in hopes that it add more features for power users
  • En general lo veo bastante efectivo
  • First and foremost: IT CRASHES ALL THE DAMNED TIME. Multiple computers, multiple OSes. You leave active web pages up, and it crashes within a few hours, sometimes a few minutes. For example, at my work, we are using the Weather Underground website (wunderground.com) to display a map of the weather. If we leave it up with animation running, it will crash in fewer than 15 minutes. Even if it is not active (just sitting there), the page locks Firefox up and crashes within about 4 hours. We also use Orion SolarWinds to monitor our network, website, and server equipment statuses; this remains active by necessity, and crashes faster than about every 4 hours too.
    BUT HERE'S THE REAL KICKER: After the auto-update force-installed Quantum, it jacked Windows itself up! No, seriously! Now ANY browser crashes, especially in those active content web pages; IE now freezes/crashes about 2-3 hours after the last restart. This means that Quantum ALTERED SOMETHING IN THE OPERATING SYSTEM'S ENGINE!!! I have had the same happen on 2 other computers. And yes, after un-installing Quantum and reverting to version 56, it is irrelevant; that change still causes web pages to all crash, in all browsers. WHAT DID YOU DO!!???

    But here's my ultimate question, which applies all over the place, not just here... Why the heck does everyone think that you need to change the established interface to be "new" and "cutting edge?" You know, the entire world got comfortable with how computers operated up through Windows XP. Then people started getting inventive, and average people started hating the newer operating systems. The same goes for Linux: Gnome was awesome, clean, easy, intuitive. Then Ubuntu came out with Unity desktop, and all that went to Hell. All in the name of trying to do things differently, like being different is inherently noble or some b.s. like that. It's an idiotic notion. And it's why I butcher Windows 7 to get it to look and operate like XP. It's why I gave Ubuntu the finger and use Linux Mint.

    How that is related here: WHY DID YOU GET RID OF THE STATUS BAR? "To conserve screen real estate." THEN WHY ARE YOU MAKING THE TOP OF THE BROWSER WINDOWS BIGGER AND GAUDIER? "To make it snazzier." BUT YOU ARE REDUCING SCREEN REAL ESTATE! "Screens are bigger now so it doesn't matter." BOLOGNA!

    Point is, Quantum is unstable, less appealing, less intuitive, screws up all browsers until you re-install Windows (WTF?), and of course the new mechanisms mean I can't use my beloved add-ons again. And what "faster?" It is observably slower for me, in Windows and Linux. This is madness. Nearly unusable.
  • Frustrating browser (Quantum Version)! Hate it. Why would you render so many amazing add-ons redundant? Quantum is a huge mistake! ZERO STARS!
  • Тугодумная дрянь постоянно мозилла не отвечает и долго думает хотя комп мощный оперативы 8 гиг и проц 5,2,остальные браузеры просто летают а эта тупорылая дрянь надоела уже своей неотвечалкой
  • No problems with it, runs extremely fast, everything is exactly where it needs to be, extremely easy to customize. It's just all around an outstanding browser.
  • Poor experience. Most add-ons from previous version not working. Yes it's faster, but also uglier and less flexible.
    I'm back using 56.0.2 and enjoying all the features I've added on over a long time to get it exactly as I like it. I won't be updating to Quantum any time soon.
  • I got my older FF versions to just as I wanted.

    Quantum SUCKS, most of the addons no longer work.

    They say it’s faster, I don’t think so. In fact trying to get similar addons has taken me a long time and they don’t work as I want.

    I have reverted back to version 54.

    All in all it sucks.
  • Everyone quit rating an innocent theme named the same thing as the new version of firefox itself one star because you are mad at mozilla. Go tell mozilla themselves!
  • Most of the add ons and extensions don't work any more. Is it possible to roll back because honestly Quantum is shit.
  • I hate it. It looks vile and all the addons I'd built up since FF2 have gone. I lost years of college work in Wired Marker. I don't have a decent speed-dial. I don't have coloured tabs or remove cookies from site.

    Despite having 3 macs, I brought an Android tablet just to support FF. I wish I hadn't bothered now. I had made that browser exactly as I wanted it. Right click opened a link automatically in a ne tab. Even now, it annoys me when it doesn't work like that any more.

    I liked it as it was. I can't stand it now.
  • Many previously working extensions/add-ons are now useless, and some of the recommended replacements, when available, aren't nearly as good. I want my old friends and customization back, such as the ability to add additional toolbars. Mozilla may have improved FF in some areas, but has utterly destroyed its former functionality and comfortably familiar feel. It's just the way things go, I guess. The little guy becomes the big guy and forgets/ignores why people went to him in the first place. Then another, more user-centric little guy takes his place. Currently, I'm test driving Vivaldi.
  • Can't tell whether it's "faster" (I don't care about synthetic benchmarks or milliseconds), or even "safer" (most of the security features aimed at the laziest users are actually so cumbersome we normal users have to tweak about:config...).
    Still, releasing a "new" version that lacks crucial APIs and thus breaks functionalities - many of which actually required third-party add-ons - is utter madness.
    Quit the benchmark craze, quit the yearly complete UI revamp, and make sure you provide at least somefunctional browser with basic web functions (i.e. save, manage, edit passwords; download files through http and ftp just like any wget or curl can; prevent nonmodal popups and error messages aimed at block/fooling users; stop forcing ads, malware-blockers and other GAFAM-sponsored search engines down our throats)
  • I HATE Quantum. All I get is "Firefox is not responding." It crashes. It spins and spins. It takes forever to load a page. And my Autofill extension no longer works and I HATE and don't use the new version because I cannot figure it out. Firefox is now slow to open, and then refuses to close. UGH!
  • I am pissed. You did not tell me my form filler would not work with this update. I can not log in to my unimportant web sites because all of my passwords were in my form filler. Now I have to make new passwords. computer people suk. Quit changing stuff. All new, faster, better, Bullshit. Upgrade almost always screw things up, and always make you relearn how to use the new crap.
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