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  • Straight forward and easy installation steps. Just got started and exploring. It would be great if you can add options button to the addon page, so we can bridge the local LAN and other devices even the SD card image and do much more things.
  • Excellent app for showcasing the new Firefox OS. When you install it you need to be patient and let it install completely. First time I closed it when I got the message a script was unresponsive. This is very cool tech. Looking forward to writing some apps for this OS.
  • Felicidades por el trabajo que realizaron, está perfecta la extensión para probar las características del sistema operativo.

    Pero aquí doy unas surgerencias (relacionados a la interfaz): Cuando se presiona el botón debajo de la pantalla por unos segundos se muestra una lista de aplicaciones, lo mejor sería presionarlo al instante. Lo segundo es, además de deslizar el dedo hacia arriba para cerarlas, aprovechar en mostrar nuevas aplicaciones cuando se deslice hacia abajo. Algo así como se usa la interfaz de Flow de BlackBerry, para aprovechar tiempo. Finalmente, debería tener una opción más fácil de bloquear la pantalla de inicio presionando unos segundo dicho botón (en vez de ir hacia dicha pantalla al mover con los dedos). Gracias de antemano. Disculpa por explicar en español, es por tiempo.
  • Looks Promising! P.s. @devs: i get a greyed out box ie. cant install on Comodo Icedragon but I got it to install with the xpi, manually. And boy does it work!

    Edit: @Myk probably one of my addons interfering - I'll try safe mode to check if that's the case first. Thanks for responding.
    @intoxikator: @clouserw tells me that AMO should support Firefox clones as long as they include "Firefox" in the User-Agent string, and Comodo Icedragon appears to do so according to this forum thread , so I'm not sure why AMO didn't let you install it. You might try filing a bug about that .
  • I Like to use this simulator to try FxOs Apps..really good work. keep updates . yah
  • Tapi ini mungkin addon paling gede size nya yang saya download
  • Is Wonderful, I hope that this operating system is installed in any mobile phone. Keep it up!
  • I have been a very old contributor to test B2G.
    I am loving the way this simulator is progressing. There are some hiccups while using it. But overall it is getting better day by day.

    I will log all issues in Github repo.
  • app is awesome...just works as web page
  • It's very easy to see Firefox OS userinterface and develope web apps.
  • Works superbly on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The Gallery/Images app though tried to scan my entire drive for photos (kinda weird why it did that - at least on the emulator)...
  • This is a great new add-on! it's perfect for development and previewing Firefox OS!
  • Superb
  • The fastest, bestest way to get a feel for the new Firefox OS phone interface and Apps development environment, even if you're a fan that doesn't write code. \o/
  • If you already have a browser (you probably do!) then this add-on is the easiest and quickest way to begin developing Firefox OS apps. Works like a charm.
  • As someone who works on web apps every day, several of which are targeted directly at Firefox OS, this tool is vital to doing my job- and it delivers!
  • This is a great way for anyone to peak into the future a bit and explore the upcoming Firefox OS (which rocks).

    Thanks for developing it.