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  • This is okz...
  • kool
  • Working well on Firefox 23.0 and Fedora 19 Linux. Very impressive and attractive demo :)
  • I use debian and 23.0 firefox, I tried to install firefox simulator successfully and it did not work
  • Works smoothly.
    The only thing I'm missing is mp3 support, it's a little difficult to test media apps without it, any plans to implement that soon?
  • Dinamico sencillo y muy practico.. nada mejor para experimentar una nueva experiencia de SO!
  • Excelente! Estuve un buen rato probándolo y me gustó muchisimo. Me pareció mas intuitivo que Android. Me encantó. Estoy esperando a probarlo en un teléfono de verdad, Aqui en Argentina no hay todavía. Pero seguro me compraré uno o veré la forma de isntalar en algun otro equipo compatible. Saludos Equipo Mozilla. Felicitaciones.
  • The moment you start the Os simulator it starts eating all the CPU. I 'm running it on Gentoo Linux stable. It needs more work..
  • Es muy bien elaboraso el OS, la estetica del mismo es algo que se aprecia mucho a simple vista.
    parece ser facil de usar, rapido e incluso trae muchas cosas innovadoras.
    Doy mi mejor calificacion ya que supero mis expectativas.

    Mis mas grandes deseos a la empresa Mozilla, exitos y sigan mejorando que van bien encaminados!
    Saludos Desde ARG.
  • 用附加元件的形式發布這套模擬器還真他媽是個爛主意
  • 180% CPU in IDLE :-(
  • Работает, полезный плагин, Спасибо!
  • No puedo adjuntar fotos en el face
  • When loading a secure page, the simulator momentarily displays the certificate acceptance page then renders the error page prohibiting the user from accepting the server certificate and results in the error " is having problems. is not loading properly."
  • why did i only notice this addon now? Really neat...lets me preview how the firefox os is like. Thanks!
  • Soy neófito en este nuevo Firefox OS , actualmente en mis celulares (móviles),estoy utilizando Android. Utilizo Linux Mint, XP y W7. Utilizar un emulador de Android es un fastidio, además consume todos los recursos de la pc. Este emulador se instaló muy fácil y rápido, y en pocos minutos comencé a probar Firefox OS. Me ha resultado muy fluído y sencillo. Espero poder instalarlo pronto en mis celulares ZTE n721 (android 2.2) y LG L7 p705g (Android 4.0) . Imagino que con este OS pueden llegar a volar
  • UPDATED 5/15/2013 - Pretty good. Cannot enable the simulator when using private browsing, however, and on one of my PCs I cannot view in landscape orientation for some reason.
    Sorry to hear about your problems using the Simulator!

    The private browsing issue is issue 246: https://github.com/mozilla/r2d2b2g/issues/246.

    The orientation issue sounds like issue 535: https://github.com/mozilla/r2d2b2g/issues/535.
  • Please Polish language :)
    The Simulator isn't completely localized into Polish, but the Firefox OS user interface inside the Simulator is localized. To switch that interface to Polish, start the Simulator, then open the Settings app and select Language > Hrvatski.
  • The simulator works quite fine, but rotation doesn't seem to work on my computer. OsX, Simulator and Firefox on the latest version avaliable
    I don't know if it works on other oses I didn't try
    Rotation only works in apps that allow it. For example, the browser app allows it, but the homescreen app (the one you're in by default when you start the Simulator) does not.Sorry about the confusion, we know it's a problem! We're tracking it in issue 535: https://github.com/mozilla/r2d2b2g/issues/535.
  • me gusto este simulador ,ya quiero tener un telefono con este sistema operativo me gusto mucho mucho...
  • No se puede selecionar el español como el idioma del simulador.... :(
    Hola John,

    Se puede en la nueva versión (3.0)!

  • (Hopefully) The future! Thwart the duopoly.
  • Very, very good!!
    If you can do an example (tutorial) for programming of app, it were very, very, very good :D
    Hi petzichen,

    There are tutorials and other documentation at the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub, and there's a Simulator tutorial on MDN.

  • Works really well and I love the fact that you can slide, choose from a good number of apps, and the OS just has a unique feel that Android doesn't have. ;)I am still testing it out and looking for bugs, but so far it far out ways my expectations. As a security nerd I am going to test out the security as well.Thanks for a great simulator!
  • This is what i call an Open Source Smartphone OS!! Powered by HTML5!
    I love it!!