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  • I love this thing. I do have some suggestions though. First, it would be really nice to be able to sync my saved custom themes across my computers. Second, I tried saving my theme so I could copy it to my other computers, but the theme was rejected as corrupted by the other computers when I tried to use it. Third, it would be nice to be able to put names on the themes when you save them instead of only when exporting. Having names you can see when in the Color UI would be really helpful.
  • 非常棒的插件,让FF变得有自己的风格
  • The greatest extension in terms of theme(s) creation at the most humanistic end-user level.

    Also if it's possible can you make every possible piece of the browser color palate customizable? For example you label "Tool Bar Icons and Text" can you further break it down where for example one arrow key is one color, and the other a different. Or both arrow keys the same color, but then the drop down menu a different color. Also if you can make it mobile friendly, considering the market is now mobile. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Basically what I'm getting at is I love how easy you've made it but I wonder if it can be even easier in terms of more selection. The same way you guys designed the "Customize..." droplet that allows you to put what you want on your GUI bar for quick link access. In regards to individual paint, because honestly it's so cool what you can do with such a simple template.

    I feel that will bring a lot more end users if they can completely customize the coloring. People love cosmetics, and even further implement moving images, etc.
  • I hate the fact that personalized images feature only covers half of the space rather all the space like good ol' personas and themes. Until further personalization in that regard (and a myriad of other details), I'm not changing score.

    Simplification is fine: but not at the cost of features and potential, specially for something that is supposed to be all for personalization.