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  • After updating to Firefox 4 beta 10 when window isn't maximized, window resize handler shows up at the end of "Firefox 4 UI Fixer" 1.3.0 "Movable Status Bar" Toolbar Button.


    Stylish userstyle "FF4 UI Fixer Ext Hide Window Resizer & Align Icons " http://userstyles.org/styles/41989 has been updated to fix this problem.

  • Awesome!!
    Now I don't require ugly addon bar on beautiful new FF 4 UI...

  • Love this thanks. I hate having that firefox button at the top.

  • For those who would like to align the "Movable Status Bar icons" with Toolbar Button Icons on any Toolbar. Screenshots here: http://userstyles.org/style_screenshots/41989_before.jpeg Stylish Userstyle "FF4 UI Fixer Extension Align Toolbar Button Icons" Fix here: http://userstyles.org/styles/41989

  • Love it. I put my menu to the left of my tab bar. It fits nicely.

  • I like what you've done here.
    My only question is would it be possible to not have the standard windows box around it when you move the firefox button but instead move the minimise/maximise/close buttons down into the very right of the tab bar? That way it would save the space and still look just as pretty (the windows glass top bar on top of it looks ugly in my opinion)

    Developer response

    For that purpose, I think it's better to use Tabs in Titlebar style (for example http://userstyles.org/styles/38837 ), although it will work only with "Make Firefox Menu movable" deactivated. I prefer to only have options that don't exist in other extensions/styles.

  • Moving the status bar icons to the tab bar has freed up quite a bit of screen space. Thanx!

  • Very nice TY. I was trying to move it with CSS hard to figure out which class or id is which ha.

  • Mozilla wasting the entire window title bar with their bandwagon single menu button was a bad choice, so I'm glad this extension fixes that by putting the page title back in the window title bar where it belongs, instead of on a tab that is so narrow it's almost pointless to put the title there at all. However, there's still a lot of room for improvement. First and foremost, the URL shown when hovering over a link needs to be put back in the status bar. Putting it in the address bar cuts off most of it, so you can't see the whole URL, which is a security risk and could make people more susceptible to phishing attacks. For a browser that bases itself on security, I can't believe they made this decision.

    Other requested improvement are removing the text from the tool bar buttons that still have text when with you select "show icons without labels" (i.e. Home). Also, there is a bookmark menu button for the toolbar, but not a history menu button. I would love it if you could add one!

  • It lacks only one thing.
    When I press Alt I don't want to open a regular menu.

  • Thank you very much awesome add-on!

  • I had a problem lately. In status bar, all the icons from other addons has shifted to left instead of right and i could not fix it. With this addons they come back to their original place on the right side, tanx again

  • Nice work. :)