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Since Version 1.4.0, the leftmost part of the address bar (where the site's favicon and, on trusted SSL sites, the green or blue coloured bar with the domain or Company name is displayed) looks very bad in the newest version.

Before, it was enclosed by a small border and was of dark green colour (on addons.mozilla.org for example). Now it has no border at all and looks like "leaking out" regarded to the address bar, and the color is very light and washed out...

Would be nice to see this fixed in the next version! :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.0). 

I think you're referring to the change in the look of the URLbar which occurred in Firefox 7, which this theme has now been updated to look like. I am trying to keep the URLbar in line with the look of the default Firefox theme, because it's quite complex and it's probably best that this theme doesn't use a different styling.