Not totally "FF2-simple" Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works flawlessly.

But it's not completely FF2: Navigation Toolbar's URL box is the new one with the (1) yellow background, (2) the large site logo, and (3) the Favorites star. I want to get rid of those and can't turn them off so I'll try some other theme.

Also, the (4) "+" tab for New Tab doesn't fall in with how I tend to open tabs -- I seem to always open tabs from a link or list, and use new windows for blanks -- so I want to get rid of that too.

This is just a small note to anyone looking for a 100% pure FF2 experience, the last really uncluttered and efficient browser interface. Putting my minor caveats aside, this is a high quality theme. Kudos!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9.7). 


Thanks for your review Tommy.

I'm really aware of the fact that the address bar doesn't look like the old FF2 interface. But I think that, as one of the most important feature of FF3-3.5 is the Awesome bar and the fast bookmarking (using the star), those features should be in the theme.

So my approach has been: if an user interface implements a new feature I kept it in the theme.

Anyway, most of the issues you found magically disappears once you install the oldbar extension.