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  • je besoin vraiment cette extension je l'utilise pour remplir des formulaire et enregistrer des fomrulaires avant de travailler sur mon logiciel
  • very bad why not support to any mozilla browser
  • Fireform, reviens-nous vite sur Quantum!
    Cette extension est très facile d'utilisation, vraiment pratique pour remplir les formulaires... Je l'ai utilisée quasiment tous les jours pendant 7 ans, j'aimerais tellement la retrouver pour le temps qu'elle me faisait gagner!
  • Excellente extension. Pourquoi est-elle obsolète?
  • One of the easiest features to use and you will love it!
  • Je regrette vraiment que ce module ne soit plus compatible avec Firefox 57.0 dernière version !
    Vite une mise à jour qui nous permette de pouvoir de nouveau profiter de cette excellente extension !
    Merci au développeur
  • c tres bien mais sa ne fonctionne pas avec Firefox 57.0 grand dommage quand cela vas t il etre possible
  • a quand la version compatible avec la mise à jour firefox ?
  • What I like about this is that it is capable of learning different web forms! But after that.... My o my, it is hellish to work with! First of all, when it learns a form, it doesn't do it in plan English; it doesn't just present to you the form fields as the user sees it on the computer. It gives you the form fields in $^&gg!7shop!}}(t80. Now if I understood this gibberish, I could have written a form filler program myself. I don't. Hence I want things written in plain English. Next, it rearranges the fields in a manner similar to a crossword puzzle. It is then up to you to figure out the equivalent fields in your web form! Next, supposing you've accidentally checked something you didn't want to select, Fireform does not unselect it for you.

    Okay, let's talk about radios. What in the world does Fireform do with radios? It doesn't know how to select and unselect them? It selects them with an algorithm that produces a random-like result?

    But very importantly, it must be stated that the process of teaching Fireform to make it learn a web form is indeed VERY TEDIOUS and could be really frustrating.

    And yes, yes, let me add: why is it that after making Fireform learn a new form while in the "Simple" mode, I am not able to see the field I've added after closing the window and returning agin in the simple mode. I would have to go to the advanced mode before I am able to see the field I've added. Furthermore, it's weird that if you go into the settings using the "Simple setup" button, you can't go to the "Advanced setup." You will have to close the window, then reopen it using the "Advanced setup" button. Is there no interconnectivity here? Why o I have to close the window before I am able to go from "Simple set up" to Advanced setup" and vice versa?

    The number one rule I keep in mind when beginning any project is that which says, "Simple is greater than complex."

    Okay then: let's see some real improvement.

    1. When Fireform extracts a form to learn the form, it should do so in plain, ordinary language just like the one on the web form the user wants to complete.

    2. In extracting the form, Fireform should strive as hard as it can to retain the original order of the form.

    3. Fireform should be able to fill a form exactly as the user fills it and correct any inadvertent errors.

    4. Forform should ignore check-boxes that the user has left blank.

    5. Fireform needs improvement in the way it handles radios.

    6. Finally, is there no way on earth to improve the documentation and make the way for teaching Fireform a lot easier, simpler?

    7. How about the option to properly organize one's profiles into folders and subfolders? Yep, how about that?

    Let me finish by noting, nonetheless, that Fireform is POTENTIALLY one of the best, and perhaps the very best, form filler add-ons for Firefox. But certainly, it has some grounds to cover in order to grab that title in fact.
  • I needed this to attempt to fill out any form, not go through the process of learning the form or giving me individual options for each field. If it's supposed to do this, I could not figure it out. I'm looking for one button that attempts to fill out the form the best it can and then I'll correct any inaccuracies. This didn't seem to do that.
  • This does just what it does better than any other free FF addon I've found. What it's superb for is storing all the fiddly little bits, like a form that wants the area code, exchange and last 4 of phone in separate fields (DUMB, but what can you do?) Also easily fills in frequently used info like a forum name that you fill in for a NEW forum, instead of having to type it. I think I miss this the most in Chrome.

    It's also great for remembering username info, tho NOT passwords or other secure info, since there's no attempt to make it secure- that's NOT what it does.

    Does a great job guessing what info should go where. The only things I'd ask is UI mods- make the user interface window expandable (like this box) so I can see more at once on my huge screen, and a way to drag/drop fills to change field order. I find many fields are DUMB about wanting 5 digit zips instead if 9, and some forms are dumb, don't respond right to filled forms, expect motion in out of text box.
  • The best auto filler for Firefox. Period.
  • FireForm is remarkably flexible and customizable. It works fine using the initial "Simple Setup", but it gets much better after you spend some time exploring the menus and dialogs.
    Note: Working fine with FF 23.0.1
  • No longer working properly in FF 16.0.2. Fills in name in email field even for this forum--I had to enter it manually. 'Learn this page...' pops up a BLANK transparent window. Huh? Has anyone tested this thing with FF 16?
  • Very good at recognizing and filling forms in an instant. Love the fact that you can have different users.
  • Excellent plugin! I had trouble initially getting to make this tool learn what I needed. It was frustrating indeed. But when I began to learn exactly what it can do, it has changed our world. Moral of this story: Learn what the tool can do and eventually you can make it learn what you want from it...

    Kudos to the developer!
  • Would not remember stored values to automatically fill forms. After filling in values, the value to fill didn't always match my values and sometimes even used their field name. For example: I never give a phone number, so FireForm would fill phone number with the words "phone number".

    using FireFox 10.0
  • Really buggy; at least with Firefox 4. Create a profile and try to use it. It says, "create a profile". Also, the order of first name and family name etc. Is out irregular at least by US standards.
  • This is a great addon. The only problem I have with it is that it tends not to fill in my state correctly. Instead of putting in Iowa, it puts in California. I have no idea why this happens. Great addon otherwise.
  • I have used FireForm for a couple of years and rely on it a lot. In the past week though I am getting prompted for the main password for no apparent reason since there is no form open that requires a password. This occurs twice each time and I must either enter the main password twice or click cancel twice.
  • Been using this for years & I love it. I changed to Linux OS & haven't had it on FF for a few days and can't wait to get it back in use. Just wish I could import the info from my windoze OS
  • Works with 4.0b7!

    As technoglide mentions, when filling in your profile, just hit "enter" when you finish if you don't see the OK button at the bottom of the window. This will save the data.
  • Wow! Very Impressive.
    First, the bad: The OK button doesn't show at the bottom of the config page, so you think you can't install. But the secret is that you just hit ENTER when you're done setting up, and OK is "pressed" by default.
    The Good: As I said, Very Impressive! I had been using Autofill Forms. Though powerfull, IMHO it requires study to employ it well.
    Fireform has no learning curve. The few mistakes it makes can be manually corrected until you get around to changing them. Powerfull. Just hit Ctrl+user-defined shortcut key, and it's done. Amazing. Glad I tried it.
  • But in the file \locale\de-DE\fireform.dtd there are two lines missing:

  • chez moi ça marche pas du tout, impossible d'assigner des valeurs vides dans les listes déroulantes
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