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  • HEX values would be great...

    also we need an option to clear the memory settings... every so often it keeps changes in memory for ever... even when I change the style sheet via ftp... so if we had a clear button so all memory changes would be cleared and a fresh start that would be great.

  • Hello bimf,

    Thanks for this great extension, for me it is just the perfect css developping tool : live edit with firebug, and firefile do all the updating work ! No copy-scroll-paste-save-refresh anymore, a lot of time saved !

    I just made one enhancement to your addon : the possibility to add custom css selectors in contextual menu.

    Here is the code i added line 511, very basic but it's enough for me.

    // CUSTOM

    label: "+Custom...",
    nol10n: true,
    command: function() {
    Firebug.CSSModule.insertRule(styleSheet,window.prompt('Please enter custom selector :',tag ) + "{}" , insertIndex);

  • @ale jandro:

    I had the same error yesterday with windows 7.

    It worked with this link :

    ...which links to the same file, but i found it on the search result page :

  • thanks!

    but cant download,

    "invalid file hash" (possible download corruption) -261

    on mac 10.6.3 and windows 7 as well

  • Dear Bimf,
    i don't know what's happening, but i can't save anything with firefile. I do everything possible: install as you say to do, set permissions to all css (666), but doesn't works.
    I'm using:
    Mac osx 10.5.8, Firefox 3.6.3, Joomla 1.5.15, Firebug 1.5.4 and your last Firefile add-on. Do you have any ideia how can i fix this problem?

    Best regards,

  • I really love the over-all functionality of FireFile.

    Unfortunately, it strips out all the comment lines on the css. This might not be FireFile's fault by Firebug's.

    Is there a way for us to use FireFile and preserving the CSS comments at the same time?

  • Thanks to this add-on, it is very very much useful and time saver tools.

  • Fantastic add-on, many thanks. I have just migrated to 0.8.2 and like the common interface.
    You seem to have removed the ability to cancel changes - was this deliberate? I found it a very useful feature.

  • h0t, loving it!

    Works like a charm and saves a lot of time!

  • Works like a charm, thank you very much. If your FTP server runs as the same user as Apache, you can forget setting permissions manually to each CSS file. Just upload them and the default 600 will do.

  • Eine wunderbare Erweiterung! sehr nützlich! Allerdings ist es sehr schade, dass die Farben in RBG anstatt HEX gespeichert werden, und dass der CSS Quellcode die Umbrüche sprich Formatierung verliert. Man kann die Dateien also fast nicht gebrauchen um im externen Editor weiterzuarbeiten. Währe super, wenn das in einer neuen Version geändert werden könnte. Ich gebe trotzdem mal fünf Sterne, weil die Erweiterung einfach eine super Idee ist und sicher vielen Webentwicklern und Hobbybastlern hilft.

  • File in version .5 saving on my computer strange color settings. "color" have rgb parameter, but no hex. Plese fix it. Thanks for good job.

  • 0.8.0 version not opening settings panel. After click firefile icon on the bottom nothing happens.

  • nice! agreed with jan jan, currently it could not edit in CSS tab and not be able to add new rule, could you add those feature?

    this is the most usefull addon i ever use!

  • Hi,
    Your firebug extension is great! I've just sliced complex website consisting of 30 subpages and I'm going to use it in my next project.

    Adding new rule in firebug in HTML tab in style tab would be nice. There should be an option "add new rule below this in code" and I wouldn't have to go to "CSS" tab to add new rules any more.

    Firebug's genarated code is ugly(especially firefox specific properties "-moz..."), but after filtering it through W3C CSS validator it's nice. You should add automated W3C filtering while uploading.

    Cheers, keep developing this extension;)

  • Really great add-on, I was working on something like this myself for a couple weeks now, though I like your approach a bit better, it's a bit more simplistic.

    It would be nice to see a single button to push to be able to save your changes, as well as a keyboard shortcut.

  • yeeeeaaaa, this is what i think about