Meet the FireDotLess Developer

Why was FireDotLess created?

This add-on is intended to ease the development "pain" involved in using a server side CSS framework like .less{}

My team and I have been evaluating .less{} as a way to better organize our reusable classes, as well as speed up development time for the websites we create. .less{} seemed like a a way to do just that, with one MAJOR drawback... The same file bundling that improved our application performance, made debugging CSS a nightmare.

After a bit of research into the debug flags for .less{}, we found that we could print out the original line numbers and file paths as comments above each rule in the rendered CSS output (obviously for development servers only). That was a start, but it still didn't allow us to make a painless transition to the new framework, nor did it help with the "time savings" that we were looking to gain by adopting .less{}

This plugin is designed to work with the debug mode of .less{}, in order to enable a seamless transition from normal CSS, to the server-side model. With this extension, Firebug will display the correct file name and line number for each rule, allowing developers to continue inspecting elements as they have always done.

What's next for FireDotLess

The original goal was to make an add-on that works for all ports of the {less} framework, from JavaScript, Ruby, PHP to .Net

After some additional research, it appears the the different ports of the project are not exactly following the same road-map. Most are rather close to the original {less} spec, but it is unclear to me if it would be worth the effort.

I have also come to find that others have begun work on Firebug plugins for some of the other versions of {less}, and I do not want to duplicate effort:

For now, this plugin appears to do what it was designed to do. The future will depend on the community reaction and requests for additional features. If you have a feature request, a bug report, or if you would just like to see this work for a different port of the {less} framework, then head over to github and submit an issue to let me know:

About the Developer

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