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  • This feature is now added natively to firebug 1.10
  • Thanks for the add-on. Works great, this feature should be added to firebug natively.
  • amazing addon that MUST be merged with firebug!
    BTW i tested it on FF12 B4 and it seems to be working just fine!
    please mark it as working and thank you for this awsome addon!
  • J'apprécie tout particulièrement la fonction d'export des cookies.
  • Thank you, this tool has helped me a lot. It would be great if you can have it upgraded for FF8.
  • Not compatible with Firefox 8. When will this be updated?
  • Thanks for this amazing tool.. Please upgrade it for FF8 too
  • Firecookie v1.3b1 on developer site work with FF 5 and FB 1.8, but still can't edit cookie
  • Was good until the previous version, this version can't remove cookies. Hope it will get fixed soon.
  • hi there so, this version of firecookie isnt compatible with firefox 5.0.1 and bug 1.8.0 ? cuz i can't open any edit text.

    tks and regards
  • Works perfectly but stop working with firefox 5.0 and firebug 1.8.0. Note that eg. Cookie > Create cookie doesnt do nothig. "Accept session cookies from ... " shows list window with nothing text and other functionality stops working. Hope you will fix this soon.
  • Way too complicated for what it only can do.
  • Very Thanks to your work, I went a wondfully exited when I saw the cookies in firebug and it was perfectly integrated with firebug.
    but some pity that the edit and the create new cookie always doesn't work(some times work about 30% case), I notice that someone above mentioned this problem. I wish you could give a solution. Thanks again, The tool is really very very useful for the developers. Oh, my environment:
    Firefox 4.0 + Firebug 1.7.0 + Firecookie 1.2.1
    Forgive my poor english
  • Useful, but using v1.2.1 with Firebug 1.6.2, the cookie console output still persists even if you try to filter it out using the 'errors' only button for example. Can this be fixed?
  • My absolute favorite Firebug extension. I wish it was easier to filter cookies (for those sites with dozens of them) but it has definitely saved my butt a few times.
  • Brilliant! Finally a working cookie creator and editor for FF4. All the rest out there does not work. But this extension just works excellent with any operations.
  • Works great, thanks for this useful tool.
  • Great extension, Honza! I'm using it whenever I have to work with cookies.

    @Salabim: What do you expect it to do? Editing the expiration date works fine for me. If it doesn't for you, feel free to file a bug at http://code.google.com/p/firecookie/issues/list
  • it's a great addon.

    but i there's a little bug:

    you can't set or edit breakpoints (in script modul) when you have firecookie installed.

    sorry for my bad english
  • Makes it easy to edit cookies without leaving the Firebug context. Great developer tool.
  • Firecookie offers great control over your cookies, especially during development
  • I loved this add-on. Really helped me debug some cookie issues. I now consider it a must have.
  • Wow, one of the best addons. I love how you can edit cookies and stuff.
  • Works great for me in 3.6, including editing the expiration date of pesky 'session' cookies so that I can remain logged in to sites between sessions.
  • Works for me in Firefox 3.5.7. I haven't tried any of the more advanced features, but just being able to watch my cookies go by in the console, and seeing their values in the cookie panel are great help.