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  • Ottimo addon, ma potete gentilmente aggiornarlo all'ultima versione di firefox per farlo funzionare? Grazie.
  • Please update this add-on for Firefox 14. Brilliant add-on!
  • Is this add-on still developed? I would really love to use it, please make it compatible with newest Firefox!
  • Very Good!! Please updateto Firefox 7.0.1 URGENTLY!!!
  • would be good if you could use this with google reader or igoogle
  • I second this comment:
    "The popup messages are very annoying, though. I understood how to make a clip the first time. There should be an option to remove the popup messages.
    Also, it would be great if we could add multiple elements of a page into one clip."
  • Excellent addon. Especially useful in long forum discussions when you don't want to reload all the posts each time. Just select the post from where you want to follow the discussion and it will automatically load the next posts.
  • excellent idea, now i need also a tool, an add on to merge all the webpages fragments under one tab ... 5 stars
  • I like it. Good idea!
  • I wanna use it (My Gallery) for my start page and I wanna use a button or toolbar, not sidebar.
  • doesnt work firefox 3.5
  • It's great that it doesn't need any registration, and it does its job fairly.

    The popup messages are very annoying, though. I understood how to make a clip the first time. There should be an option to remove the popup messages.

    Also, it would be great if we could add multiple elements of a page into one clip.
  • Easy to set up BUT each time you open it up you have to put the clips where you want them, there is no way to save their placement on the page. Also you have to reload all or none of the clips which sometimes creates other issues
  • This is a must have extension if the option of being notified when changes happen to certain pages is added.
  • GREAT IDEA! I'm giving it five stars but there are a few features that are absolutely necessary and sadly lacking.

    A status bar icon that allows for "selecting clips" and "viewing gallery" (IN A NEW TAB) at the least. Viewing the sidebar, options, and user guide could be there too.

    The layout of the gallery definitely needs to be savable. Why not allow for multiple galleries... maybe background image options?

    AMAZING idea, great work so far.
  • This is very useful for keeping up with webpages that contain only a small section you are interested in. I'm liking it a lot.

    The developer has a list of features that users have requested:
    I'll give it five stars if he does these two! :)
    * Option to disable Javascript prompts
    * Save layout option in gallery
  • It would be great if it could check for the updates in the portion captured AUTOMATICALLY and notify you when new thing comes out.
  • cool~~
    how to save the layout of each part?
  • Another sexy thing that it can use is the abilty to setup multiple galleries. This coupled with FastDial would make checking stokes, weather and more fantastic.

    And like mailtor had stated the color scheme and placement could use a bit o' love as well.

    Get that up and running and this could very well be worth 6 stars. Now if only Mozilla will add the 6th star option.
  • works great! so many great uses...ive been waiting for an extension like this! thanks!
  • The basic idea is very good! BUT: The color scheme needs to be customizeable (not everyone wants orange);

    also the way the clips are organized should be customizeable. organizing them center top to bottom causes long scrolling :( the clips should remain the way I organize them even when I close the gallery. at the moment, they reorganize themselves back to default centric top-down alignment when you close the gallery. (also overlapping of clips should be possible)

    I'm looking forward to the next version of Fireclip! ;)
  • This is a great plugin, if it was possible to get a notification when a clip has changed/been updated it would be THE best plugin of the year!

    It´s a little buggy still though, but i bet this will be ironed out.
  • great extension...perhaps fireclip can also notify me (via an alert in the statusbar) when a webpage has updated...also it would be great if i could group my gallery in different folders
  • great extension...perhaps fireclip can also notify (via an alert in the statusbar) me when a webpage has updated....also, it would be great to be able to group a gallery in different folders
  • This is a good add on.

    However, what would make it a great add on would be the ability to arrange the windows on the My Gallery page into whichever layout you want and then save that layout for the next time you open My Gallery.

    The ability to rearrange the clip list would also be helpful.
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