Helping Me Help Others Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm in love the website LiveJournal. I got into blogging there years ago and decided that the designs they supply their user with just were not up to standard and so I started making my own. Something I realized while making my own layout was that you quite literally had to search all over LiveJournal and the internet for every bit of information to help you with development and so I decided to start recording my finds at my own LJ community/blog.

The thing is that evolved into making layouts for others and becoming a help desk for people who didn't understand the coding as well or were just completely stumped about some problem their layout was having. I've made several layouts specifically for people stopping by the community and helped many more with issues that arise on their own journal. And all of that is because I have FireBug in my corner.

I use the Firebug app with every journal I design or every problem I help a blogger solve. It is funny to me when those who ask for my help are stunned when I find the answer quickly and they always ask me how I could accomplish it. The answer is some knowledge about what I'm doing and a lot of support by FireBug which helps me find the source of the problem every time.

I love this add-on and I tell everyone I know who is even remotely coding inclined about it because it really is a developers dream come true.

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