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I'm a goofball at heart, a nurse by profession, a seamstress by trade, and a programmer by necessity. I run my little cycling cap business online, and I'm constantly editing my website. I'm always trying to make my it look and perform better, and Firebug comes in handy. I think finding Firebug was a huge boon to my learning about CSS and website optimization. It practically holds my hand while I hunt down code issues and whittle pages into shape. It's like an X-RAY machine and "Operation" game for websites built into one! I've never taken any classes or read any books on web programming, so I credit Firebug with teaching me (almost) everything I know about it. I use it to go through HTML and inline edit CSS, I use YSlow to get faster, and I check for errors (Firebug has saved me from ruin on several occasions). It does take time to get used to, but as with anything, with a couple weeks' use it becomes natural. I have other extensions loaded in my browser, but none are as helpful AND as edifying as Firebug. Thank you very much to the people who created and maintain it!

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