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FireBible Version History

4 versions

Be careful with old versions!

These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 2.0b6 370.1 KiB Works with Firefox 26.0 - 56.*

Support for Firefox 64 on Windows 64 added.

Version 2.0b5 370.2 KiB Works with Firefox 26.0 - 56.*

•Rewritten to work with native Sword libraries through XULSword, no dependency on Java.
•FireBible is now much easier to install, robust and marginally faster as well.
•Supports alternate versification (av11n) and thus deuterocanonical books - Catholic bibles are now supported.

•Deficiencies wrt. FireBible 1 (soon to be remedied)
◦No search functionality.
◦No module manager.
◦Does not work on OS X.

Version 1.4.1-signed 329.3 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 21.*

1) "java" global variable in FF 16 removed, the workaround has now been employed.
2) Issues due to classloading changes in the latest versions of Java 7 dealt with.
3) Code cleanup and minor bugs fixed, including a few from last review here at AMO.

Version 1.3.1-signed 329.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 15.*

  • Compatible with recent Firefox versions.
  • Can display multiple Bibles side by side.
  • Will automatically download and install JSword.
  • Can automatically install books if none found.
  • You can now type book names first in Ubiquity (don't need to start with 'sword').
  • Fixed Ubiquity command installation issues.
  • Fixed issue with Oracle's Java 7 browser plugin.
  • Several minor bug fixes since 1.1