Fire Commander Version History

6 versions

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Version 152.2 KiB Works with Firefox 14.0 - 56.*

This release contains only bugfixes (for zipping directories and overwrite-all operations).

Version 152.0 KiB Works with Firefox 14.0 - 38.*

Fixed app button on non-default toolbar. Added support for viewing SVG files in the built-in image viewer. Added check for strange XUL observer getters.

Version 144.6 KiB Works with Firefox 14.0 - 27.*

- new icon
- support for reading CD/DVD image files (iso 9660)
- clipboard support
- promises
- bugfixes

Version 102.7 KiB Works with Firefox 14.0 - 25.0

1) This addon is now restartless!

2) Improved support for non-ASCII filenames

3) Fixes for Windows system files

4) Smart size units (configurable in Options)

5) Option to hide/show hidden files

6) Minor bigfixes and improvements

7) Fixed all issues from previous addon review report

Version 100.3 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b11 - 22.*

- all SQL statements properly prepared and values bound
- support for deleting rows and modifying field values

Version 0.2.5 83.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b2pre

Addon validation fixes: no global variables in shared (overlay) code, no prototype extensions in shared (overlay) code.