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Version 1.3.1-signed 217.7 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 25.0a2

- New: Compatibility with the new findbar in Firefox 25 (Current Nightly)
-- Although I tested thoroughly, some features may be broken due to several changes needed for this, please let me know about any new bugs
-- Removed "squareLook" and "placeAbove" hidden settings since Firefox 25's new default find bar has the exact same look as what these settings provided

- New: (Firefox 25) move the findbar back to the bottom of the browser
- New: (Firefox 25) make the findbar continuous with the rest of the chrome on top
- New: list of tabs in Find in All Tabs is now ordered by hits, with the tabs with most hits on top
- Bugfix: findbar on top (above the webpage) is now hidden when there are notifications open, so it doesn't cover the notification.
- Bugfix: some personas would add a shadow to the text in the Find in All Tabs lists, making it very hard to read
- Bugfix: sometimes switching to a new tab for the first time there would be a small lag
- Bugfix: native preferences (layout.word_select.*, accessibility.typeaheadfind.*, etc) were locked in about:config and could only be changed in FBT's preferences dialog
- Bugfix: highlights grid in scrollbar not working in the view source window
- Bugfix: find in tabs not updating current hit in lists when selecting a result from clicking on an entry
- Bugfix: hits counter not working with PDF documents in FF24 (maybe 23?) and above
- Bugfix: enabling and disabling the add-on could fail
- Bugfix: when enabling/disabling personas in Mac OS X, the findbar on top would be placed wrongly
- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs lists prevented the toolbars from being shown when moving the mouse to the top while in fullscreen
- Bugfix: compatibility with the FindList add-on: textbox would be narrower and covered some text; resizing the textbox would not work right away
- Bugfix: compatibility with the Canadian Weather add-on: white space at the bottom
- Many (many!) performance and appearance fixes and improvements

Version 205.5 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 24.*

- Bugfix: slowdown on loading pages with lots of frames

Version 205.4 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 23.0a2

- Improved automatic handling of new/changed/closed/unloaded tabs in "Find in All Tabs"
- Improved performance of "Find in All Tabs"
- Compatibility with right-to-left browser layouts
- Re-wrote and re-organized preferences dialog
- Tweaked the logo, more shiny and green
- New: set current search hit color
- New: the current search hit is also shown in the highlights grid in the scrollbar and in the Find in All Tabs lists
- New: set the number of repetitions of the sights animations
- New: resize the find text field by dragging its border
- New: hide the "Find:" label
- New: always use quickfind bar even from keyboard shortcut and toolbar button
- New: also highlight on 'Find Again'
- New: set whether opening the find bar fills it with the selected text or not
- New: option to automatically use selected text in the findbar, search for it and highlight it
- New: reset changed native firefox preferences
- Bugfix: view source tab items in "Find in All Tabs" weren't displaying the full window title
- Bugfix: some tab items in "Find in All Tabs" wouldn't display the favicon if it was the firefox branding logo or it was a pdf document
- Bugfix: hits in the "Find in All Tabs" would not work properly when pointing to an editable node or a frame
- Bugfix: toolbar button not properly sized sometimes
- Bugfix: a few issues with the buttons and the text field not being properly sized
- Bugfix: sometimes highlights wouldn't be added when switching tabs
- Bugfix: in some websites when dynamic content is loaded (AJAX), highlights wouldn't be re-done and the highlight all button would be unchecked
- Removed temporary fix for highlight all not working in Aurora (FF23), it's not needed anymore
- Removed zh-TW locale for now, it was currently only partially localized (less than half), will re-add if/when someone updates the localization in babelzilla
- Many other tweaks and improvements

Version 1.1.1-signed 174.3 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 23.0a2

- New: zh-TW locale
- New: compatibility with PDF.JS (pdf documents opened with the firefox integrated pdf reader or the PDF Viewer extension)
- New: toolbar button to open and close the findbar
- New: can set sights color independently from highlights color
- New: can adjust the highlights grid from the preferences dialog
- New: Find in All Tabs! Search for the text in all opened tabs and windows.
- New: when hiding button labels, the "Match case" checkbox turns into a button like the others (a checkbox without a label is a bit weird)
- Bugfix: window elements would jump around at startup if movetoTop feature was enabled
- Bugfix: several findbar appearance glitches
- Bugfix: highlight all not working in Aurora (FF23)
- Updated: zh-CN and de locales
- Removed integrated compatibility with the NASA Night Launch theme, it was only partially themed anyway and it's better if the theme itself does this from now on

Version 146.3 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 22.0a2

- New: two hidden settings: "squareLook" and "placeAbove" for an alternate style when moving the findbar to top, not yet perfect so not yet a full feature
- New: can move the contents of the findbar to the right even when it's placed under the webpage as normal
- Bugfix: compatibility with the viewPartialSource ("View Selection Source") window
- Bugfix: media tab in page info not showing everything
- Bugfix: now it's successfully reverting the typeaheadfind related preferences when the add-on is disabled, as it should
- Other small tweaks and improvements overall
- Removed Barlesque compatibility tweaks, this add-on is severely outdated and it was already impossible to make FBT fully compatible with it as it was. Don't despair as I'm already working on an alternative.

Version 1.1-signed 166.9 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 22.0a2

- Add-on completely rewritten, it is now restartless with a shiny new logo!
- Compatibility with Firefox 22
- New: ability to reset highlights color to default
- New: "Findbar starts closed in new tabs" feature
- New: close findbar when it loses focus
- New: supports the findbar in the View Source window
- New: focus sights let you know easily where the occurences are in the page
- Bugfix: window resizing impossible
- Bugfix: compatibility with the TreeStyleTab add-on
- Removed: highlights grid next to the scrollbar, it will always be shown in the scrollbar now
- Many stability and performance improvements

I went through a year worth of e-mails to make sure I addressed everyone's issues. If I missed any, I'm sorry, please remind me again about any issue I may have overlooked.

Version 33.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 17.*

- Bugfix: compatibility fix for the Speed Dial add-on

- Bugfix: compatibility fix for All-in-One Sidebar add-on with sidebar on the right of the window
- Bugfix: compatibility fix with barlesque, still not perfect, position the add-on bar "on top" only, other options are buggy with findbar on top
- Bugfix: starting firefox with grid outside of the scrollbar can lead to a bad first page layout
- Bugfix: clicking a highlight on the grid outside of the scrollbar wouldn't scroll the page to its place
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 29.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 6.*

- Behavior fix to follow AMO guidelines