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289 reviews for this add-on
  • Thank you for developing this for so long!

  • After latest realease not working correctly. please review and fix

  • Find Next & Find Previous Arrow Buttons stopped working after one of the latest updates.

    I use FF 54.0.1 (32-bit).

    Please fix this bug, it completely ruins the functionality of this ESSENTIAL ADD-ON.

    Thank You very much. <3

  • Спасибо за это прекрасное дополнение. Обязательно к установке

  • pls update for FF57!!!

  • To fix scrollbar highlights appearing on the left instead of right open about:config and set "layout.scrollbar.side" to 2.

  • This should be part of Firefox. Definitely must have!

  • Is this due to the mentioned developer changes from the release notes? And/or is this the beginning of the end for the new API? Help us Quicksaver, you're our only hope... :-P

  • Chrome has the most important functionas natively, like usual. In FF, we need plugins to patch anything.
    I wonder why this is not included in a search plugin:
    - regexp
    - tolerate national characters (á equals a)
    I have to say thanks a lot, because i use Firefox, where standards are so low:)

  • I agree with "This Add-on is essential on my Firefox..."
    And I know what to do when Moilla goes this evil way of abolition of add-on funktionality as we enjoys it till now:
    I'll sweep away all my Firefoxes and Mozilla then disgraces from all of my computers !
    -- And then I'll use as a better "Firefox" the wonderful "Pale Moon" browser and for e-mailing I'll change to "FossaMail" from Moonchild Productions!

  • I can't even count the hours of painstaking work this plugin has saved me over the years. The way it transforms and highlights search terms on the page is a terrific aid to reading and studying text on the web. Isn't that what a browser should be all about? Please Mozilla, don't shut down the functionality of plugins like FindBar Tweak that are so helpful and do so much to make Firefox an essential browser.

  • Just when I feel sorry about the statement of Downthemall, here I am mourning over the death of another top quality addon and Firefox's death as well. It's not Firefox without addon.

  • This Add-on is essential on my Firefox. What shall I do when it goes away?

  • Luis,
    Where should I register my complaint to FF?
    I think others would join in.

  • It was disheartening to read that two of my core addons will be going away, in part because apparently Mozilla doesn't think they're worth having. Maybe all of the reviews will convince them otherwise, but I doubt it.

    FindBar Tweak and Tab Groups -- both Featured addons -- have become an essential part of my workflow, and I'm not sure how I'll replace them. But, I can totally understand the developer's disappointment with Mozilla's design philosophy going forward.

    Mozilla needs to pay attention to what functions people are using, and not make them harder to implement.

    To Luís Miguel, thank for for all of the work that you've put into these, and know that it's been appreciated even by those who aren't able to contribute financially. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do instead of fighting with a company that doesn't appreciate your contributions.

  • Minor bugs, but nonetheless essential for making Firefox all that it should be. Very sad to hear that it won't work under the the new extension model that Firefox will be switching to come November. Hopefully some of the fine folks at Mozilla can incorporate some of the main features into Firefox core and that other features can make it into a new extension. Big thanks to Luís Miguel for all his hard work.

  • It’s good,but···

  • This is one of a handful of mandatory add-ons for me.
    Knowing the difficulties the developer has had to keep it working (I saw his posts and discussions online trying to work with and over the problems), and seeing that at the end he has had to throw in the towel, makes me weary of the future of other extensions - and of Firefox.

    Mozilla is Mozilla, I hope we'll always have it. But if the only differences to Chrome will be internal or philosophical, ... will that be enough to keep Firefox alive?

  • So sad to read this addon will stop working ಥ﹏ಥ

  • ...I was not surprised to open my browser to find the author's "farewell" message. This extension has been a life-saver on more than a few occasions, but Mozilla has made it clear that they care far, far less about their users, and about addon developers, than they ever have or ever will about their closed-minded "vision" for a locked-down, free-from-customization-or-flexibility, one-size-WILL-fit-all (and you will be assimilated, resistance is futile) future.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish. I'll keep using FindBar Tweak as long as I'm able, and I will not go gently into that "good" night.

  • I will miss this addon very much.
    Sad to see it go.

  • too terminate the other add-ons

  • This addon is very usefull and I like it.

  • I've been using this plugin for some years, forgetting it was an addon. It never failed. Now it is on the death list and the author apologizes in a very detailed way to the user.
    The tool would get 5 stars anyway but now since i know about the integrity of the person coding it, its time to at least rate it. good luck for the future Luís Miguel!

  • This is an amazing addon. The only thing missing is regex support :-).