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Сhanged the color (any other) -
that's what happens:
not as it should be: yellow highlights, with white font!
On a blank firefox profile - also does not work!
My System: Win XP Pro SP3, Firefox 5

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Actually it's supposed to be like that, it switches the back and foreground highlight colors if it sees that the chosen color is too alike the page's background color. In that example, the light yellow would be too alike the light blue background and it'd be harder to spot the highlights (losing their purpose altogether), so it switches the colors to be easier to see them. On darker pages/sections that light yellow highlight will work as you'd expect, just as a darker highlight color will work fine in light pages but will also reverse on dark pages. In all honesty it isn't FindBar Tweak but Firefox itself that does this, and I agree with this behavior, highlights are supposed to be easily seen otherwise they wouldn't really be highlights. I might tweak this behavior a little but I don't believe I will change it or remove it completely because, like I said, I agree with it (I'm not sure I could change it even if I wanted to, I never really found out where and when is firefox doing this).