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  • This add-on simply doesn't work.
    It motivated me to create a new Find & Replace add-on for Firefox.

    "Find & Replace for Text Editing" - Link:

  • its easy
  • couldn't make it replace anything in a form on a web page - put the curser in there - out of there - whatever I did nothing happened..
  • On request, I made the "Replace" addon compatible with FF57. It also has Regular Expression capabilities.

  • Do you have any idea how much work this addon has saved me over the years. Just take my money already. Please.
  • Does not work with FF 54.
  • Sadly it doesn't work at all in my Firefox :-(
  • It does work perfectly and makes my life much easier. The people who report it not working are probably related to competing (useless) add-ons or simply lack the basic IQ.
  • For users who do a lot of writing and editing in textarea fields, this extension is a nice supplement to Firefox's built-in ability for finding and highlighting text on a page. What's missing from Firefox's "Find in Page" (Ctrl-F) tool is the option to replace text that has been found. This extension fills that void. I agree that this extension would be even better if the developer could somehow incorporate Firefox's existing ability directly into the pop-up, so that finding, highlighting and replacing words in a text box could be done from a single interface.

    UPDATE (2/23/18): There doesn't seem to be any way to get this extension to work with the latest version of Firefox (FF 57/58, aka Quantum). However, it still works for me in FF 52.6 ESR.
  • This tool does exactly what it says, "Find and Replace." All those coming down harsh on this add-on because it doesn't do more than it says need to write your review on the product, not your dreams. You can then suggest your feature request instead of making this add-on out as a fault.

    Since this is a Firefox add-on, I am able to use this add-on tool in conjunction with the handy Firefox Ctrl+F Find tool, which allows me to Highlight All values I'm about to Find/Replace and gives me match count results. This gives me exactly the tools I need to do my job and maintain quality at the same time. This add-on also replaces of values in fields hidden by javascript [+]/[-] hide away displays so I don't have to open every form unless to QA.

    My suggestion would be to add the existing Firefox Find tools to your tool in addition to a "X values replaced" feedback message after you conduct a replace.

    Thanks for the free product!
  • I've just run a batch search and replace for prices in Woocommerce. Updated 500 variations in under a minute. Job done, thanks. Yes, it needs more refinement still but it is marked as 'experimental' by the developer, so cut some slack guys - it does what it says on the tin.
  • Doesn't find the string even if I copy/paste it. Useless.
  • This did not work. And, yes - as a previous comment has said - this needs an actual 'find' function before the replace, so you can make sure it's finding (and then theoretically replacing) the right word(s). It doesn't. Uninstalling.
  • Any search and replace should have a "Find" option so the user can verify that the search is finding what the user wants before they replace. This search and replace does not provide this fundamental function!!! I would hence not recommend this for anyone. Uninstalling.
  • Excellent app, right click on the page, the appears as a menu item, type in your search text and your replace text and then hit replace or replace all. Could not be simpler.
  • Love This Tool. Working Fine.. But Need More Improvement
  • Not working
  • Simple and to the point. Unfortunately it doesn't actually replace anything for me (FF 34.0.5 OSX).
  • FF32.0.3 + Win7

    Works fine, but throught context menu only – shift+r make the R letter print, lol. And restore/rename official site – this addon seems like a malware without it
  • Works really well and easy to use :) but a regex feature would be nice.
  • Doesn't work.
  • Works only in forms, not on plain text pages.
  • This is an awesome add-on. Not sure why it's not working for people; just right-click in a textarea.
  • Just not working. Nothing changed. Nor in editable content, nor in non editable content.
  • Software works great but none of the software or developer links are alive anymore.
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