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Exellent Tool Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a really great addon, the interface could use some work though especially the help output. The links provided are malformed and un-clickable as well as un-copyable forcing a user of this clipboard related addon to transcribe the URLs manually only to find them truncated and useless. This is a minor issue to be sure but felt it worth mentioning.

On a more serious note, I am having trouble getting the addon to write out new lines in substitution texts. I've even gone as far as capturing a new line entity with parenthesis and backreferencing it which just produces an uninterpreted \n in the output. I have plenty of ideas for this addon in my future and this issue is putting a stop to most of them. However, I am not adamant that the issue is not with my lack of understand of Java regex so I will keep at it.

I hope to see improvements to the editing interface over time as it can be difficult for complicated text transformations as it requires exceedingly long regex and substitution rules.

Thanks for taking the time to develop this idea. It truly is innovative.

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new lines substitution

Thanks for the comment.

Try this: in the substitutions tab, add the new regex :
newLine (name column)
(\r\n)+ (regular expression template)
gi (modifier)
xxx (string to substitute)

Using this page

Try the newLine substitution with the lines of code in answer 175: starting with
<p>This is the <code>Panel</code> constructor:</p>
<pre><code>function Panel(element, canClose, closeHandler) {

Past the result in a text editor: you will see that the \r\n are replaced by xxx.
Now if you try the same substitution on regular html text, for example the paragraph above starting with "To represent a block of computer", you'll see that there is no substitution because the new lines are not characters in the text but are done by the browser.

So most of the time the new lines in html can't be replaced because they don't exist...


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The idea is good but it doesn't work on links (e.g. like "Copy Link Location") or in the adress bar (ff 31 ubuntu) and I couldn't wither manage to get the shortcuts working... Not sure if that's a missing feature or a bug.

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The copy link menu is not modified by this addon. That's not a bug if nothing shows. I'm on FF31 and W7 and the menu still appears in the address bar. It should also appear in the adress bar with FF on Linux.


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I just woke up at night with the same idea, and I was about to to start developing a totally similar tool, but instead I found this great extension. Exactly what I needed.

Thank you, it's awesome !

Too much text in Filter pane, though (in French translation). It's a good practice to provide help but, in this case, it clutters the interface. In my opinion, you should provide documentation only in the addon's details page and/or webpage.

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Thanks !

Thanks for the comments ! I'm afraid the English and German translations are as long as the French (original) version.

I'm too lazy to build a web page :-)


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I need COPY FILTERED in address bar, input box and text link too. Add COPY menu please, Thank you.

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Copy filtered in address or form field

You could copy the url(s) in a file and use a perl script or vim or whatever tool to modify these ?
What the point of copying (and changing) a string in a form field since you just typed that string ?
Adding the copy-filtered menu in the address bar or in a form field would clutter the interface.

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Exactly what I was after, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH
I use it to put quote marks around a copied text. It's useful for Google search if you're looking for a "specific phrase"....

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Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Almost what I need, but I think it would be much more often useful to *copy in the clipboard* a filtered text rather than filtering a text already in the clipboard.
You might happen to have something in the clipboard coming from another program that you want to filter out but I think it is more common the opposite situation. It would be great if you added a command in the context menu of any selection to "copy filtered".

By the way the shortcuts seem to work only if you find one that has nothing else assigned to it; you should maybe allow to choose other combinations in addition to ctrl+shift+; I think this combination is also the reason why I can't use characters that require the alt-gr key. I don't know if this is wanted but with this ctrl+shift combination at least for keys other than the alphabetic ones you have to insert the character produced when the shift key is pressed, for example "!" instead of "1" if on your keyboard pressing "shift+1" outputs "!", otherwise the shortcut will not work.
Another thing, the url option is not clear, you should call it maybe "Menu" (and you should probably check it initially for the newly added filters); it might be useful to also have an option to disable filters entirely ("Enable").
Other thing I've seen, a blank space is always added at the end of the pasted text, it would be better to leave the user type it if it needs it.
Finally, for more complex uses the interface seems confusing, it appears that you mixed a function to extract text (used when the substitute string is not given) and one to replace text (used otherwise), you have to read the options' notes carefully to understand how it works. I think for a future version (the "copy filtered" is more important) you should separate the two functions, maybe even simply with a check column, this could also allow more uses.

The most useful usage of this extension I see is (would be) to extract the fragment identifier of a url (with "(#.*)" ), it is useful with local copies or different versions of a document, for example the W3C specifications (a thing which may deserve an extension of its own).

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