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  • Great addon!
    Now imdb link needs to be moved to be working again!, in movie's large descriptions (that extends thru whole window width)
  • Works. Just give it a minute.
  • Add-on page says:


    This add-on can:

    Access your data for www.netflix.com
    Access your data for api.themoviedb.org
    Access your data for www.themoviedb.org
    Access your data on 5 other sites
    Access browser tabs"

    Where can I see the actual site names of "access your data on 5 other site"?????

    I only used FF for netflix, but that seems sketchy and should be extremely clear.
    The add-on need permissions to get the actual ratings from the websites. You can browse the source code: https://github.com/mrwrob/netfweb
  • Great extension - works really well, but: how do I know that it's safe to use (the permissions state access to my data on Netflix, but also on 5 other sites and browser tabs!?)
  • A very good service. First time you load it, the meaning and configuration of the default rating is a bit unintuitive. But overall very very good.
  • Love this, absolutely what I was looking for! If I can just recommend one improvement though. I usually like to go by Metacritic rating as I find it more useful than user reviews on IMDb but Metacritic doesn't have pages for a lot of series so it just shows a question mark on half the stuff on my page. Would be cool if you could show the next rating down the line if there's no rating available on the default one (like, show IMDb rating when there's no metacritic rating). Just a thought :)
    Also, I'll second the previous review asking for RT ratings!
  • Thank you! I was wondering if you could add RottenTomatoes too.
  • Thanks Michał, This is great. Since the advent of on-line streaming media and Software As A Service, end users have been forced to suffer the loss of basic interface, reporting and feedback functionality due to programming policies forced upon us by power hungry corporate engines. This project is just one small step towards placing control back into the hands of the consumer. Thanks also for embracing open projects. More people should be aware of community based review sites other than the big three which are all now corrupt.
  • Useful to see what the actual ratings for movies are.