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  • Hi, we are at national taiwan university and the students are experimenting to record the user actions.
    But they seemed to have problem doing that.
    Can this add on be used to record user actions in real-time ?


    Happy Xmas

  • I tested this add-on and it works smoothly, really simple and easy to use. I would really like to give it a 5 star rating, however I feel that it needs just a bit more.

    It would be great to have seperate file log settings for each script. For example, I load a script into Selenium and the File Logging also loads the path which I previously selected for this script, or at least give me the option to link the specific script and a file containing the log.

    Otherwise a really neat add-on, using it a lot! Keep up the good work!

    Developer response

    Thank you for your review. File logging plugin can write to separate log files per test suite. So the code for your feature request is mostly in there and is used by the test scheduler. However, exposing this feature to interactive test execution is likely to confuse most users of this plugin due to the management UI that would be required for managing these links. Many users also prefer to use a parser and read the log file and process it. Perhaps you can explore parsing the log file into separate ones and automatically moving them where you like. Perl and Python make it very easy to write such scripts. Another interesting project I am working on is to provide a test dashboard, which collects the test results and logs and makes them available over time. Keep an eye on my blog for it.

  • This plugin broke my tests. If I start test manually everything work fine but if I use scheduler for start tests I got error message and all test stopped. After delete this plugin all tests work fine with scheduler. When you fix this bug this will 5 star for sure

    TypeError: o.onClear is not a function

    Developer response

    Mozilla takes a lot of time to review the new versions. I released a new version last month and you can install it right now. See my blog for more details at http://blog.reallysimplethoughts.com/2015/05/26/file-logging-plugin-v3-0-for-selenium-ide/

    I hope you update the rating once you install the new version and it does not break your tests.

  • Hi
    I got to try it and it works well. It would be good to get the data logged separated by . the tests we have 'echo' messages and would help to see the data in new lines.
    Is it possible to save the data in another format - like CSV?
    It is very nice and convenient add in.


  • Hi Samit, This is a wonderful extension, thank you for updating it for FF v9 and S-IDE v1.5
    I'm having S-IDE display at the Info setting on the log tab and having File Logging write the log at the Error setting.
    One thing I notice is that each entry is not written to a new line in the output file, like it is displayed in the Log tab. This was also true with both the tab and the file set to Info as well.
    It would be an improvement if each logged item were written to a new line - this is the first version I've used so I'm not certain if this deviates from any previous functionality.

    Once again, thanks!

  • What a great tool! Thank you!

  • Hi Can any one hlep me in getting the log file with time and date included which would be useful to save

  • Love this! Makes my evidence logging _way_ easier! Thanks!