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  • As title say : the shortcuts take up an entire new toolbar that cannot be moved at all, which is somewhat unfortunate.

    Otherwise, works perfectly, even works with .bat files.
  • This works great in Pale Moon. Cannot believe I lived without this before. I do a lot of customizing, and open certain folders very frequently. This saves a lot of time.

    Also Pale Moon automatically provides a mechanism for hiding the toolbar that this item creates, although you have to rght-click another toolbar get the context menu. So I would say the only improvement needed is to make the toolbar show the context menu in which you can deselect the toolbar, so that makes it four rather than five stars.

    Please consider hosting this wonderful tool at the Pale Moon add-ons site since Mozilla is dumping its XUL extensions.
  • Since Firefox gone on the "legacy" route many add-ons dropped out.
    Now switched to Waterfox 64-bit and File and Folder Shortcuts 100%, all functions running perfectly.
  • can we have the ability to hide the button? or at least move it? other than that this is a 5 star extension! thank you
  • The new version needs to be verified. The creator's website seems to be offline, unfortunately.
  • Дополнение замечательное, но оно занимает слишком много место на панели и не убирается в другое место. Можно ли сделать кнопку со списком, которую я сам помещу туда, где мне будет удобно?
  • Nice add-in.
    Is it possible to make a Drop Down button
  • I've been looking for an extension like this. I spend so much of my time in my browser, this makes it muck quicker to find and view my oft-used files. Bonus points for being able to open files and view folders from directly within Firefox.

    This would hit 5 starts easily if I could move around the toolbar (like you are able with the default Bookmarks toolbar, for instance). Instead of adding extra bulk beneath my navigation bar, I'd love to use this in tandem with the "Puzzle Toolbars" extension and have my shortcut list going down the side of my browser.
  • 1.5.1 версия дополнения перестала функционировать.Наконец то загрузила эту версию-1.4,все заработало.Это мое любимое дополнение!Спасибо!
  • Excellent addition, time savings, as they say - all at your fingertips!
    Author thank you very much!
  • I, too, am having trouble with version 1.5.1 in conjunction with Firefox 35.0. Am missing all but one of my shortcuts, and the "Rename shortcut" feature no longer works.

    UPDATE: After uninstalling version 1.5.1 and downgrading to version 1.4 everything is back to normal. I'm happy!

    File and folder Shortcuts is one of my all-time favorite extensions. I've used it for years, and love it. My great thanks to you.
  • Agreed with some of the comments of others ... excellent add on, probably one of my most used and valuable !! Thank you... Seems like an issue with the last update ? I like the toolbar, rather than the button, but seems like one 1 shortcut will display now of the toolbar in the latest version. If I roll back to v1.4, everything seems to be fine again and I see all my shortcuts back. I'll stick with v1.4 and look forward to a future update !!
  • The Update now uses a Toolbar button in place of the old "Shortcuts" category in the Menu-bar. The button will be in the customize window. After you place it on a toolbar restart your browser and the New Button will list your File and Folder Shortcuts.
  • I just updated to 1.5 and to FF 35.0.1., and all my shorcuts are not showing. Please solve this problem, this is one of my favrite addons ever.
    Fixed in the new version 1.5.1 (currently under review)
  • Does not work properly with Firefox 35
    I fixed the issue with the add-on in the new version 1.5 (currently under review)
  • This add-on has been developed over four years ago and remains pertinent IMO.

    I'd love to have it updated (though it runs fine here & now on Firefox 33.1.1) together with the availability of a menu drop-down toolbar button : that would be the ultimate as far as I'm concerned.

    Quick access to files/folders from within the OS is always possible, nevertheless having a link from the browser itself is sometimes, for often called files, in situations like full-screen mode, a real plus. This add-on does it, but the toolbar it offers is cumbersome in terms of screen space and the alternative to call it from Firefox's menu is not handy. Just a drop-down toolbar button, I insist :)
    The toolbar button is included in the new version 1.5 (currently under review).
  • I would much prefer if the shortcuts and menu could be moved onto different toolbars, most appropriately with the Bookmarks Toolbar.

    Great Idea, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets incorporated to Firefox as a standard feature,

    I added this extension because I have some flash games I have saved that I run in Firefox
  • something i need for apps that i need to launch only when the browser is up. would like the ability to rename the links.

    now, how about a port to thunderbird? i'd be able to launch skype from it!
  • excellent add-on. works better than going to the start menu to get an excel file. thanks!
  • Спасибо!
  • Thank you for the add-on. It's an useful addition to firefox to access other programs and folders.
  • Thank you!
  • Fantastic! Thank you:)
  • This is a fantastic add-on! Just what it needs to be. Simple and easy to use.