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  • Прекрасно сделано работает отлично, нажаль не совместим с последним выпуском.

  • It's a decent error page replacement with automatic retry -- and it seems to be the only one that's working anymore. I miss two features from the TryAgain addon: 1. The integration with "downforeveryone"; 2. an option to limit the number of automatic retries.

  • Great! Working fine in Pale Moon 25.3.1. Thanks.

  • I've been installing this addon on just about every FF equipped computer that enters my house, since version 2 or 3 of Firefox I think. The browser is 29 releases later now. :-D

  • Even if it had been only a "styling-only" add-on, having such a nice page with the application logo (SeaMonkey, in my case) rather than Mozilla's bland XUL page would have been a huge bonus; but on the "Page not in cache" page I noticed a "Search" button which IIRC wasn't present in Mozilla's XUL. I didn't use it (I had a link to the desired page on another tab) but I'll have to find out exactly what it does.

    P.S. And the application-specific add-on manager logo is a nice touch. Already too many of my SeaMonkey extensions have descriptions saying “for Firefox” or “for Thunderbird”.

  • Le hacia falta a la insípida pagina de error XD

  • Baik sekali

  • always glad to see this instead of the normal error page, having it auto reloads also a great feature. btw ive also made a port of this for Palemoon if you goto http://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3365&p=19175 - two versions with one alittle smaller than the regular FF logo, the other alittle bigger, and gave it some shadowing, so not a flat white background (its a diy replacement of the one file in this addon so still need this)

    edit, lol, i never even read the description of this addon, im embarrassed. Well at the link above, ive uploaded images of the templates used, so they can be uploaded to the custom generator, anyway. I'll mention the overlook at the forum page to clarify. thanks

    Developer response

    I've created a generator for making custom extensions, available at http://realityripple.com/Software/Mozilla_Extensions/Fierr/customized.php .

  • Nice enhancement to the page unavailable screen. Would be even better if something like Resurrect Page's cache searching were added

  • Perfect, functional, good looking and exactly what it "says on the tin".
    Only reason i don't give it 5 stars, is that I'd really like the option to insert my own image and background color.

  • Superb and cool, love the re-load function, I hate it when I have to re-click 12 times on a connection failure, excellent add-on, thanks developer.

  • Simple, nothing fancy. Merely makes the error messages look nicer and has what an error message needs.

    Must be a Google Chrome version
    can you do it?

  • One of the better "error page" extensions. Not too complicated, but gets the job done.

  • Can you add DownForEveryoneOrJustMe button on the error page?

  • First of all, it looks hideous. Each time this abomination pops up I wish that TryAgain worked in the latest Firefox beta. Secondly, there's absolutely nothing to configure and aside from reloading every 10 seconds, no additional functionality over the default error page, save that it types the domain name into Google for you. I find myself simply hitting F5 in the end.

    EDIT: TryAgain works for Firefox 4! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2462/reviews/

  • I just put Ubuntu on a USB thumb drive, and I'm trying not to weigh down Firefox with too many add-ons. This add-on is going to make the cut. It tries to automatically reload, offers suggestions about what the problem may be, and it's purrrdy too!! Fierr doesn't really do much, but once you get used to it, not having it really detracts from the user interface.

  • Simple, beautiful and handy. Thanks

  • You should totally make it a Firefox default. Keep the good work!

  • good job!
    priv.DefaultTime = 3;
    priv.TimerID = 0;
    priv.Seconds = priv.DefaultTime;
    I modified the time out like this!lol

  • good job!
    priv.DefaultTime = 3;
    priv.TimerID = 0;
    priv.Seconds = priv.DefaultTime;
    I modified the time out like this!lol

  • When was this last updated? Does it have the new logo yet?

    Developer response

    If you (or anyone) can find me a copy of the new logo in either a vector format or a resolution of 550 square pixels, I'll update it.

  • imprescindible

  • Very minor, but very awesome at the same time...Great job! =p

  • I love it, I really love the logo!

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