Promising Rated 3 out of 5 stars

SLOW - Much much slower displaying feeds than google reader, practically freezing when loading longer feeds...

1 - Despite having checked the "unread only" option, feed items i've already browsed keep being shown.
2 - Sometimes stops loading remaining feed items, despite there being still unread ones.
3 - After synching my google reader folders for the first time, one of them couldn't be collapsed on the right panel and i'd have to go to the index to read its contents. Solved by creating a new folder. Other problems with synching where changes made on either feedly or google kept creating similar issues or not being recognized.
4 - etc

1 - Interface could use some tweaking. I'm hoping the themes will eventually become more actual themes and less palette changers...
2 - Option to disable the anoying "X more sources" on the right panel
3 - Better integrated search panel with an option to add feed urls instantly
4 - "Remember folder display state" like in google, where right panel open folders would stay open between sessions - would cut down on the repetitive clicking
5 - etc

Despite all this, i've yet to find a better alternative to google reader. But with so many annoyances in need of fixing, if one does come along, i wouldn't think twice about leaving feedly right now...

Sorry for the bad review, i have all the respect for the work done on making feedly, and it's a pretty huge undertaking to just have it working across so many platforms. Hope to give it five stars when you manage to iron out all the issues.
Good luck!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (14.0.482.1-signed.1-signed).