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  • Not compatible with 62
  • Update pl0x
  • Another request to update this Addon
  • Please make this compatible with the new version of firefox
  • Great's app but no compatibility with firefox quantum (57)
  • with Firefox 56
  • FF 54
  • with Firefox 56
  • Not only is it just a link to a website, but they've been asked for years to give the option to change the idiotic light-gray-on-white text, and still no dice.
  • I just need a RSS reader. Okay, it's good-looking but it always adds some "recommandation" and other totally unnecessry stuffs. Besides It disables eletrolysis (or say, does not well with it)
  • This extension is just a link to the website. Absolute waste of everybody's time.
  • This "extension" is just a link to the website. Completely useless.
  • 1. Восхитись обещанным функционалом.
    2. Поставь дополнение.
    3. Прочти ограничение бесплатной версии.
    4. Удали дополнение.

  • What about multiprocess support? Addon-compatibility reporter says this add-on not compatible with multiprocess.
  • In this day and age the link should be to the https rather than http
  • Algunos de los comentarios dicen que se trata de un botón que redirige a la página de inicio de feedly, que es ya bastante decepcionante; pero en mi caso ni siquiera pude encontrar el dichoso botón!
  • While Feedly is a good service, this "extension" is not. There are other Feedly oriented extensions that actually *do* something. One of which, "Add to Feedly Plus," that I've rated at four stars.

    "Feedly - Beyond Google Reader" is just an icon that does the same thing as a bookmark. It adds no function. It alters no function. It "extends" nothing.

    (The excessive number of positive reviews for a non-extension is mightly suspicious.)
  • It works well but I wish the add-on will also let me save articles in my feedly to read later.
  • Can't really beat this one.
  • Doesn't show unread count, doesn't detect empty tabs and always opens in a new tab. It's just a bookmark that takes more space.
  • Links to feedly.com. Jeah...
  • просто переадресовывает на сайт. ничего не делает.
  • Dud addon - Does nothing.
  • Useless addon, nothing more than a link.
  • I have to login with my Facebook/Google/Twitter-Account to use this Addon?

    Hell NO! Go spy on somebody else...