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Finally uninstalled it. Restoration does not work. On top of it makes a lot of function like Cookie Whitelisting disabled. Just get one of dozens free programs that backup folder and backup Mozilla profile once a week.

I was using latest FEBE 7.3.0. When I tried to restore cookies and permissions, the Cookie Whitelisting option of Firefox stopped working. When I tried to whitelist/blacklist any cookie, they disappeared from options window after firefox restart. This is not the first time I saw this problem, so I had enough.

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As mentioned in the "About this Add-on" section above, Firefox v20.0 needs FEBE v7.3.0 which is available from the FEBE homepage at http://softwarebychuck.com/febe/febe.html#latest.

Also, FEBE does NOT disable any other extensions. If you are having problems, please leave a post in the support forum and I will be glad to help.


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I have not tested FEBE 7.0b5 extensively, but backup works fast and flawless. Restore menu for Custom Backups finally works too. So, when is final version is due? Firefox will update to version 5.0 in few weeks. I know that what you do is work of love, but you are behind other extension writers.

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Where are the option of backing up Greasemonkey scripts and Stylish userstyles? You are missing crucial part of backup process.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (