I can't see that this add-on does anything at all. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I've NEVER seen the blue icon in my location bar. I've NEVER seen the red icon for Google Disconnect, and I've NEVER seen the icon for Twitter Disconnect either. No evidence whatsoever that these add-ons do anything. I've disabled them all, for now. If I'm wrong, please explain what I'm missing, and describe how I (and everyone) can determine whether or not your add-ons are working.

You’re wrong :-)

But I’m sorry I missed your comment till now and thanks for writing. Here’s why:

The reason the Facebook Disconnect icon wasn’t showing up for you is that you’re running (or were) some other filtering add-on, like an ad blocker. The way Firefox works is that filtering add-ons get to filter requests in the order the add-ons are installed.

If you install Some Facebook-Blocking Add-on (SFBA) before you install Facebook Disconnect, SFBA will block Facebook requests, the requests will never go through Facebook Disconnect, and the icon won’t show up. On the other hand, if you install Facebook Disconnect before you install SFBA, Facebook Disconnect will block Facebook requests, the icon will show up, and the requests will never go through SFBA.

I hope that’s the explanation you were looking for (and it’d be swell if you updated your review!).