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  • I used opera facebook messenger which came by default. I was hoping for one on the firefox too! And this is it!! I like this. if after closing the window, to get back it, press ctrl+alt+f
  • It works very well. For people who do not know how to turn on the bar after closing it, I recommend checking CTRL + SHIFT + F shortcut. :)
  • Really useless and stupid thing.
  • trop pratique de pouvoir faire ses recherches et discuter sans avoir a changer d'onglets
  • works perfectly
  • Works well on except for when you try to type a letter like ä á â or ê on a keyboard that doesnt have it. Instead it inserts both letters, which feels clumsy. I'm using this on mac, this may be specific to this platform but it may be wise to check.
  • I don't think there is a simple way to re-open the Messenger sidebar once closed other than going to extensions menu and disabling it and re-enabling it? It would be great if it placed an icon next to the search/address bar like how Adblock Plus does for example. If that could be done, then I could see it being a 5-star extension. Please reply if anyone can if I am missing something, please. Thank you.
  • Pretty slick.

    Just Missing the Hide/Unhide functionality. Keep up the good work!
  • worked when the other messenger addon did not
  • I already do this. https://i.imgur.com/UwasqgD.png I thought it would be a more native experience to opening Messenger in the sidebar, but it isn't. One extra star because my Stylish theme worked, but that's not enough.
  • Tried it briefly. It works, so five stars on that I suppose. But loading the desktop version of messenger isn't great, couldn't you offer the mobile version (m.facebook.com/messages)? I use facebook messaging in Firefox on my phone (with uBlock origin blocking all those attempts to make me install the app) and it's perfectly serviceable.
  • Works.
  • It's very nice to have have facebook messenger in the sidebar.
  • It works, but it loads Messenger very slowly on my (admittedly old) system. More importantly, it doesn't reformat Messenger to fit within the sidebar window, so left-right scrolling is required.
    It places Facebook Messenger on your sidebar, unfortunately Facebook Messenger is not responsive design and that is Facebooks fault. Due to its use of React and Reason, it becomes really hard to inject CSS to make it responsive. Sorry but I can't fix messenger layout issues.
  • Does NOT work!
    What happened for you? Please be more specific...
  • Nice
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