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  • I've created a fix for FF18, but I have problems publishing a link to the fix here. So, if you're interested, look in the forums for "FavLoc for FF18".
  • This is a great little gem that saves a lot of time!
    It was working fine up until FF17 (even though reported incompatible), but with FF18 it's finally broken.
    Hope someone will pick up and fix it!
  • FavLoc is a superb add-on that functions smoothly and intuitively. I long ago came to rely upon it and just now discovered that, with the upgrade to FF18, it no longer works.

    Justin, if you’re still involved with FavLoc, please update it to work with FF18. If you need to start charging a fee, that’s fine. You have a winner here.
  • Great extension... but it stopped working properly with the upgrade to Firefox 18. When downloading a file, you can still select a Favloc, and it even prompts for overwriting properly; but nothing downloads and there are no error messages.
  • I'm not sure why it's not working for some. It's running great for me using the add-on Compatibility Reporting add-on in FF 9.0.1 on Windows 7 x64 (standard 32-bit FF install). Maybe try forcing compatibility with the add-on Compatibility Reporter extension? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/?src=api. The only other thing I can figure, for those experiencing trouble, is that something else is conflicting with this extension or maybe those users have a different OS that brings about the problem.
  • Great add-on Justin - would be great to have an update for FF9 and future releases. Just tried a manual fix of the compatbility number in the install.rdf file and I can confirm that while it installed, it did not work - no cascading menu from the main FL menu.
  • Unlike reporting by Brother Beta, it's not working in FF8. In options, when I click on "Select folder" to add a new favorite location, nothing happens. Guess I'm stuck with "Save File to" addon, cool but not keeping last location in memory.
  • No updates, guess I'm stuck on Firefox 3.5 forever.
  • Works as described in earlier post:

  • Very useful addon.

    Flickstop: how do you make it work with FF5? I'm not that techy and couln't really follow your instructions :(
  • very useful plugin!!!

    Version 1.2.1 also works with FF 5.0 (just changed manually maxVersion in install.rdf to 5, inside the xpi)
  • Update to FF5 please!
  • Exelent addOn, Missing it a lot, please, thanks for and update.
  • There is a working FF4 version on http://favloc.fligtar.com
    Download version 1.2.1 from:

    Install it from a file, it works as before = great!
  • I am going to say the same thing as everyone else, PLEASE update for FF 4. I need this add-on! It's so helpful

    Thanks for the updated version, works perfectly with FF4!
  • Justin, PLEASE update this for version 4. It's a shame Mozilla didn't include this update. You know you're hooked on an add-on when you consider not upgrading to the new version because it's incompatible with a simple tool you frequently use.
  • As others said before me, this is an essential tool once you got used to it. I've been using Favloc for years now, and hardly can live without it, so please, please, please fligtar update it for FF4! It would be greatly appreciated by me and by many many others as well!
  • really nice and handy addon
  • Pretty damn useless as it is. It's okay if u want to save to the same directories each and every time but who the hell does that?
    To make it truly use able it needs the ability to allow explorer type function to select a directory and save all or 1 to the selected directory.
  • just wanted to make two suggestions.
    1. to add an on/off option for the separate folders allowing us to hide folders we don't want showing all the time.
    2. there's a bug that prevents us from properly downloading pics from site where you must log in. like xnxx.
    otherwise its a great program.
  • Please make it easy to add new locations by having a "New Location" to both SAVE the image you've right clicked, as well as to ADD the new location, all in one shot!

    Will update my review to 5 stars at that time. ;)

  • i love this tool
  • Doesn't work for 3.5? I try to download/install it, and it tells me it won't work with 3.5 although the content block above says it will.
  • Doesn't work for 3.5? I try to download/install it, and it tells me it won't work with 3.5 although the content block above says it will.