Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Sadly, it does not support RENAMING of files on download - ie "save as"

Thus the file will be saved on your computer with the same name as on the source, with no chance to change it.

If one uses filenames as keys to finding the images when needed (days, months, or years from now) using an image/file search app - it is unlikely that you will recall that the image of the baby gorilla with a ball is "xSECOSGFU_img_015.jpeg" vs "baby_gorilla_w_ball.jpg"

So for me, using this shortcut app takes longer, as I must then open the download directory and change the name to something useful - when by using something like "Folder Guide" (winAp that shortcuts directories) it might take a couple of extra clicks to get into the desired dir on save, but this allows rename upon save.

FavLoc lasted under an hour on my computer, too frustrating to not be able to rename the images.