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  • Dlaczego nie działa z nowymi wersjami?
  • Necesita actulización! POR FAVOR!
  • FireFox 52.7.2esr is the LAST latest version where this Add on works. since it has been inActive for 2 years the Author has Abandoned this Add on. One can only Hope that TABMIX Plus able to merge this api
  • superb extension, i miss it too in the new firefox quantum, can't find a replacement
  • Es un complemento genial, hace años que lo uso. Por favor actualicen compatibilidad con quantum
  • Please, please update for 57+ !

    I miss this add-on so much :(
  • I am completely lost in my tabs without this addond ever since 57 update.
    Please, please, make this for the actual Firefox!
  • First FF extension I load on any new machine. Please UPDATE for 57........ This is a required tool for multitab arranging / ordering!!!
  • Excellent plugin. Update for 57+, please.
  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 57. Update, please :)
  • One of my top #3 favorite extensions. So sad it's not supported in Quantum...
  • I loved this plugin so much, but now it's not possible to use it anymore. I asked on redit how to do it with userchrome.css, and got a perfect response:

  • An essential add-on for power users. Please update this for Firefox Quantum!
  • Please, make it compatible with Firefox Quantum....Count on me too!.
  • Please, make it compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Super useful.
  • I have used this add-on since the beginning and it is a favourite must-have add-on.

    Please, please can you port it to a WebExtension to survive Firefox 57?

  • I have used this add-on since the beginning and it is a favourite must-have add-on.

    Please, please can you port it to a WebExtension to survive Firefox 57?
  • excellent module. Excellent plugin. Elle fait son travail parfaitement. Merci !
  • Superb ! a very convenient way of surfing, especially if you use like me a lot of tabs, to avoid scrolling. As the author says, it is simple and smart, and does exactly what it is aimed to. Thanks !
    PS: just a small problem, not dramatic, it does partially remember the tab status while relaunching Firefox
  • FaviconizeTabs is an excellent addon for those who keep multiple tabs open in their tab bar.

    Sadly, after upgrading to Firefox 52.0, most of the tabs that are in the auto faviconize list in the auto faviconize list., are not iconized.

    However, when a tab that is in the auto faviconize list and is not iconized is clicked, that tab iconizes.

    Note that in Firefox 52, you cannot move the tabs around in the tab bar.

    Firefox is becoming less and less, the browser for users and user convenience and more and more a browser whose developers dictate what users need based on their heightened perception of self importance that is so dominant in narcissistic communities.

    Needless to say, the days when Firefox was the best browser ended when they took away the status bar, defaulted the hiding of the address bar, and forced upon users a tabs above address bar design.
  • Simple and works with latest FF version (tested with 46).
  • Great add-on, quickly becomes indispensable.But, yes, tab status is no longer properly remembered.

    Funny thing, tabs that I Faviconized before a certain date still stay Faviconized when I restart Firefox. But new ones I add now do not. This suggests that something either in a Firefox update, or an update to some other add-on, has disabled saving of tab status. Shouldn't be hard to fix, if anyone can be bothered.

    There are many great add-ons that are still useful, even if they're not getting updates any more. Mozilla seems determined to break as many of them as possible. It's like they WANT us to switch to another browser... Soon, very soon, they'll get their wish.
  • Could someone please fix the add-on, so that it remembers the faviconized tabs after restarting Firefox?
    The git repository is found here: