FF4.0b11 problems Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I'm using FF4.0b11 and when I enable Favicon Picker 2, I have some unusual behavior.

Sometimes I can't close a tab. When I try to close the tab, the tab's still there. If I click on another tab, I can't go back to the tab that should have been closed, but it's still there in the tab bar.

Sometimes the location bar doesn't work. It might say "Go to a Web Site" or, if I typed a search shortcut to go to a page, it will only show what I typed rather than the URL of the page. When this happens, it also seems to break any animated page loading features like the throbber on the tab or the one added to a toolbar.

It's not consistent, and it's a little bit difficult to reproduce, but it definitely only happens when I have Favicon Picker 2 enabled.

-- Ghodmode

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