Great, but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hi all people here, including the developer of course..!
Well, recently i have installed this extension and after a couple of days
using it, generally i can say that is really great, very useful and should be included in Firefox's releases by default (Internet explorer has this feature many years now).
BUT: unfortunately i found a glitch..!!
The defect is that the extension behaves like an animated-favicon
killer! In most cases.
After i installed it, whenever I visit a site that i know for sure that has
animated-favicon, BY TYPING THE URL in location bar, Firefox displays it (normal behavior). But if i bookmark this
site, the newly created bookmark has the standard favicon for other
browsers without animated-favicon support (IE, Opera, etc)..!! Even
worst: if i visit again the site by clicking the bookmark, Firefox loads the site with the standard favicon!! The only way is to close the tab, flush Firefox’s cache and then reload the site in new tab BY TYPING THE URL in location bar.
Also, if i open bookmark’s options, click browse
and give manually the path to animated-favicon (found it in page’s code), the animated-favicon appears in this dialog box, but clicking save changes nothing has been changed to the already saved bookmark!
Also, i have several bookmarks with animated-icon, saved before the
installation of this extension. But now if i click on any of those bookmarks the site will be loaded with the standard favicon!
You can visit for example the following sites with animated-favicons: or or WITHOUT Favicon Picker installed.
Browse them and save bookmarks as usual. Then delete those
bookmarks, flush Firefox’s cache, install Favicon Picker 2 and then
visit again above sites and do the same to see the difference..
Another different example is this site:
Here everything about the favicon appear to be ok with Favicon
Picker but in this case the site uses the known trick of gif animation file renamed to favicon.ico (!
I can confirm all above because i have tested the extension at four WinXP SP3 installations, at three different computers on Firefox 3.6.6
and 4.0beta1.
Reading several reviews here, i wonder why no one else hasn’t noticed
this defect.. I don’t believe that i am the only one who likes
I hope the developer do the appropriate actions to fix this soon..!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (