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  • No Work Firefox 56
  • doesn't work on FF 55

    and what's with the 4-star reviews for an addon that DOES NOT WORK? lol
  • Thought we'd found the successor to the worthy but defunct "Bookmark Favicon Changer" by Sonthakit.
    Sadly it's not to be as this addon does not work with FF 42.0 - and probably not with the majority of the myriad FF releases since 2011.
    Given the high demand for the capability provided by addons like this, it really is high time that Firefox integrated it into the standard package.
  • This add-on was awesome! But it's incompatible with new version of Firefox! Please update this add-on :(
  • BOOKMARK FAVICON CHANGER does the Job on my Firefox v36.

    Google "Bookmark Favicon Changer Sonthakit"

    It is not listed here at mozilla.addons. The Devs removed the APIs. The author refused to update. The Devs removed the Addon. Thats how it goes in OpenSource(TM).
  • dead.. & the only one available which is a joke is "bookmark favicon changer" that shows a stupid popup with regularly saved bookmarks that pops over firefox windows & even flash videos out of the blue & irregularly. issue reported a year ago, but the other doesn't give a crap about even replying..
  • I just installed this on FF 18.0 and strangely it broke/prevented tab switching. The description is exactly what I was looking for... but it has some severe bugs to be worked out, at least for FF version 18. Based on some of the other reviews here, it sounds like this was working on early FF versions and I'd be willing to give it another try if an update was applied at some point. I'm still left wondering why it was available on the FF site if it doesn't work on my current version.
  • At home I run Firefox 16.0.2, at work I run version 17.0.1. I am a Senior Software Engineer, so I know how-to write code, debug, etc. In both versions of Firefox I am running, I tried using this plugin, however it caused clicking on tabs to have NO affect, it would stay on the tab that was loaded. Even CTRL-TAB wouldn't' do anything. Now it did highlight the selected tab, but the window that shows the content doesn't change, or refresh.

    Example, I was on Google, and had a CNN tab open. I click on my CNN tab, it becomes highlighted, I see CNN in the address bar, but I am still looking at Google search. CTRL-TAB (tab switching) or CTRL-SHIFT-TAB (switch backwards) has the same affect.

    Disabling this plugin fixed this issue.

    Seems like a VERY good plugin, unfortunately, there is some compatibility issues.
  • I enjoyed this extension at first, it did what it claimed. But then I realized it erased favicons from every website I had open. The favicons were visible for my bookmarks, but all open tabs had their favicons missing.

    I uninstalled the extension, and the favicons for open tabs are still missing. Totally useless extension.
  • I wanted to add a "checkmark" symbol to bookmarks that are OK and this Add-on is the only one working perfectly.
    Excellent work!

    But this Add-on also has a bug: the tabs do no longer show the website icon

    Additionally, some features should be added.
    - add also a user-defined icon to folders (so I can mark a folder as OK)
    - allow to reset the user defined icon for multiple bookmarks at once (so if I have finished my bookmarks I can delete the checkmark and show the original favicons)
    In the bookmark library I can select multiple bookmarks and edit the preferences for all bookmarks, so here you should also show your buttons to reset and delete.
  • Sure this add-on has it flows like when it's installed the favicon on tabs will disappear.
    But out of all the add-ons I tried today this was the only one that was able too restore and update some of my bookmarks favicons in my huge collection. After I was finish fixing my favicons in my bookmarks and tab bar, I removed it. All your edits will remain even after it's been removed.

    You install it do the edits and remove it again and all Firefox functions is back too normal again.
    imo it's still a very usefull add-on and if the bugs gets fixed I'll gladly give it a 5.
  • Serious issues with interface and tabs!
    This add-on was in conflict with some Firefox functions.
  • This extension caused the favicon both in the tab and location bar to turn into empty placeholder icons. Since FavIconizeTab shrinks tab size to that of the favicon, it's functionality was gone.
    I just wanted to advise users. I never got to use this extension, so I can't comment otherwise.
  • This is by far the best looking and most intuitive UI for changing favicons. It doesn't add loads of stupid, ugly menu items like Bookmark Favicon Changer does.

    However, installing Favicon Picker 2 seriously breaks Firefox's tab functionality (and this has been the case for quite some considerable time - it's not something that has only recently happened with the latest version of Firefox).

    This is not just a case of an extension needing a simple version bump to get it to work, it has fundamental incompatibilities with recent versions of Firefox.

    As long as these bugs remain unfixed then this extension is virtually useless.

    Fvicon Picker 2 has really great potential, but until proper fixes come along (to sort out all the tab functionality breakages) then you would be well advised to avoid this.
  • firefox 10.0.2, ubuntu 11.10

    this addon works great, but totally breaks tabbing, making it useless.

    folks need to know somehow or other. just because we know WHY its broken, doesnt mean its not broken.

    bobdawg had his chance to test it in alpha and mark it as incompatible.

    its up to the developer to test addons with the latest version.
  • People please stop giving this add-on a bad rating. It is a fully functioning add-on that does what it says but it has not yet been updated to run in 10.0.1. If you have 10.0.1 it will only allow you to view the first tab. Please run firefox in safe mode by going to help>disable addons and disable the add on until BobDawg has had the change to update. Until then just be patient and do not criticize a quality add-on
  • tabs are not working anymore after installing this add-on...
  • I have no problems accessing tabs.

    I do notice that my tabs all have blank gray dashed boxes now, but I am able to change the icons on my toolbar.
  • Yep, this add-on prevents any but the very first tab from being accessible in Firefox 10.0.1 and should come with a warning to that effect. But to be fair, it's still a good editing tool for broken or missing icons and, as such, should still be a part of your toolbox. Just install it and then go into your Add-ons Manager and disable it. Later on enable it only when you want to limit your session to these repair activities. Then go back in and disable it again. Everything's fine with it disabled.

    {Maybe when BobDawg fixes this problem with the code, he'll drop a note here to that effect so we'll know to install the new version.}
  • When I enable this in 10.0.1, multiple tabs quit working and I can only have one tab per window.
  • This add-on should be removed, because it is incompatible with FF 8 and FF 9. It replaces the favicons on all the tabs with the default favicon (the empty square).
  • When you install this, the favicons on the tabs disappear.
    I had to uninstall.
  • I've tested pure FF 7.0.1 with only Favicon Picker 2 addon.
    Icons doesn't load for sites opened in new tabs. Any sites.
  • Customize bookmark favicons okay. Ver. & FF6... all tabs websites show "blank" favicon, and possible memory leak.
  • Forgot to add in my last review - tabbed browsing is working fine, unlike what others have been reporting.