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These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 3.39.2 141.9 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 - 56.*

Fixed v3.39.1 bug importing engines from a file

Version 3.39.1 141.9 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 - 51.0

This updated version was tested working for up to FF50 (but in FF50 multi-process needs to be disabled for Find-As-You-Type etc. to work smoothly).

Version 3.38.0 136.0 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 - 49.*

Here are all the changes since the last fully reviewed version (v3.31):

New in V3.38.0
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. Shopping assistant disabled for now (due to provider shutting feature down, will redo it if another provider comes up).
  2. Much smaller Find Panel (after pressing Ctrl-Shift-F).
  3. Option panels (particularly the engines panel) look better now.
  4. Match result highlight/navigation more consistent.
  5. Option added to allow not using F1-F4 for match result navigation/highlighting.
  6. Minor improvements in documentation.
Bug fixes:
  1. Fixed a search current tab string matching issue.
  2. Minor fix on right mouse click-n-drag.
  3. Match result highlight/navigation more consistent.
  4. A few other minor fixes.
New in V3.363
Bug fixes:
  1. Fix image saving issue due again to FF36 API change.
New in V3.362
Bug fixes:
  1. Fix FS not working due to FF36 API change.
New in V3.361 (a rushed release due to a buggy FF API change)
Bug fixes:
  1. Fixed the "1 of undefined" issue caused by a buggy FF34 API change.
  2. Fixed "ab cd" keyword doesn't find "<span>ab</span> <span>cd</span>".
New in V3.36 (those not marked are V3.33 features/fixes)
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v3.34 - An advanced feature added, post processing matches (activate using Ctrl-Alt + Enter key or click on "Search" button in the Search/Find Panel). This allows you to use regex to find all numbers on a page then restrict the number ranges, or all dates on a page then restrict date range etc.
  2. FS icon now nicer in FF30+ due to the addition of a new Addon SDK API for icons (only available in FF30+). I think this will fix some other addons' interference on FS icon as well.
  3. Now you can set SSB/search result tabs to open on the right again instead of left. Just go to 'Misc. Settings' and uncheck the 'Open SSB/search result tabs on left'.
  4. Find-as-you-type can now be activated by typing '/' in a non-editable area on page, just like FF's own FAYT. So you can turn FAYT off, and only use '/' to activate it then type your search term.
  5. Option to use '|' as logical OR in non-regex search added to 'Text Search Settings' (default is ON). This is useful for users needing 'ignore diacritics', which cannot use regex search.
  6. Fastest Shopping Assistant now available for Russian locale users.
  7. Option added to 'Misc. Settings' for SpeedDial users if they see any issue with URL Bar not updating in a 2nd FF window (seems to have been fixed by FF?).
Bug fixes:
  1. v3.34 - fixed minor modifier key issues in Search/Find Panel.
  2. Shift-F3 now search backward (in some versions ago it stopped working).
  3. A search term like "tests" now correctly finds "test<big>s</big>".
  4. Esc key now dismisses both Search Panel and Match Distribution Bar etc. at once.

Version 3.31.1-signed 172.2 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 39.*

New in V3.31
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. FS now only warns about unloaded tab once (e.g. after Firefox restart) when user searches all tabs.
  2. Code change to allow FS work in FF29 (also make sure clicking '?' does not close Option panels in FF29).
  3. Ctrl-enter and Ctrl-click an icon in Smart Searchbox now opens search result in the current tab, instead of a new tab.
  4. New tabs for SSB results and other search results now open on the left of current tab by default - this way when you close it you'd get back to current tab again by default.
  5. SSB now takes "#" as a wildcard for letting FS suggest a category. "*" remains wildcard to let FS suggest engine. Note that both "*" and "#" will avoid listing a category if user already explicitly defined the engine/category in SSB, except for the first * or #, where the best decided engine/category is always used, even if it might be duplicate.
  6. Ctrl-enter and Ctrl-click Search button in Find Panel will invert the "all tabs" option (meaning that if "all tabs" is not checked, ctrl-enter will search in all tabs, when "all tabs" is checked, ctrl-enter will search only in current tab).
  7. Now "ignore diacritics" option works for Greek Diacritics too in addition to the Latin Diacritics.
  8. Esc key now dismisses all-tab-search result panel too like it does the result list panel.
Bug fixes:
  1. FS does not activate search with F3 IF FF's own findbar is active and showing (FF changed its findbar a few versions ago that disabled my previous coding handling this).
  2. FS now does NOT take over the Ctrl-F1, Alt-F3 etc. shortcuts. It only takes the F1-F4 shortcuts.
  3. FAYT now does not activate when context menu is showing for toolbar, tab, bookmarks.

Version 3.29.1-signed 171.3 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 27.*

Specific changes in V3.29 compared to V3.27
  1. The popup dialog after installation now contains more info including privacy policy.
  2. Packed with Addon SDK 1.15 (no longer bundles SDK so the XPI file's much smaller, also means FF20 and older browser is no longer supported).
Specific changes in V3.27 compared to V3.26
  1. The popup dialog after installation is now NOT modal, and also only shown for relevant users - minor improvement for user experience after installation.
  2. Slightly simplified/clearer wording on some docs.
New in V3.26 compared to V3.0
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v3.20 - Fastest Shopping Assistant added (read about it at v3.23 added one-time alert (improved in v3.26) about it.
  2. v3.26 - Minor improvement - disabled text selection in options panels.
  3. v3.25 - Smart paste is now a separate option from smart cut/copy.
  4. v3.24 - Minor help document cleanup and code changes.
  5. v3.22 - Hold Shift while pressing Enter key to do custom engine search (like 'g test') would open search result in preview if "text search to preview" setting is "none", and open in tab if the setting is set otherwise.
  6. v3.22 - Hold Ctrl while pressing Enter key (or click "Search" button) will reverse the "In Tabs" setting, meaning that if "In Tabs" is NOT checked, Ctrl-Enter will search in all tabs; when "In Tabs" is checked, Ctrl-Enter will search in current tab only.
  7. v3.22 - Press Ctrl and click inside Match List panel and Tabs List panel (after text search) will copy the row to clipboard, press Ctrl+Shift and click will copy all rows to clipboard.
  8. v3.20 - Smart copy/paste feature now includes smart cut too with ctrl-x in input textbox.
  9. v3.20 (feature removed in v3.22 as it's impossible to make it work perfectly in textarea - 'Enter' key there would wipe out text match) - Pressing 'Enter' key after a text-search now works like 'F3' and finds next match.
  10. v3.20 - Right click on match distribution bar closes it now.
  11. v3.20 - Auto-close preview window after opening its only tab in a browser tab (by double clicking the tab in preview window).
  12. v3.20 - First time install now opens a webpage with useful tips for first time users. Some documentation updated.
  13. v3.20 - Changed coding to fit new Google Maps version, new Google Maps Suggest format, and makes sure map location works on new Google Maps site.
  14. v3.20 - Selecting plain text link now shows SSB (if open plain text option is NOT checked).
  15. v3.15 - (fixed in v3.22 for the buggy FF25) When users do all-tabs search, warn user about not-yet-loaded tabs (e.g., after Firefox restart) and offer to load them.
  16. v3.15 - Added code to make this addon work with FF19+ (previously v3.0+ only works with FF22+).
  17. v3.12 - Big improvement on all-tab search! Now the first up-to-20 (or more if you change the option in Text Search Settings) match in each tab will be listed when you do a text search on all tabs. Clicking on the match will jump to that tab and flash the clicked match. Also the total # of matches found in each tab is listed in red font. The matching tabs are sorted from the tabs with smaller # of matches to those with more matches.
  18. v3.12 - Now after a text search, one can always press 'Shift-Enter' to open the list of all matches on current tab (previously you have to have FAYT enabled and press those two keys).
  19. v3.12 - on a new/refreshed page, F1/F2/F3 will redo text search using the last keyword and highlight all matches (up to max) on page. F1 only highlights, F2 flashes last match too, F3 flashes first match. F3 key used to provide similar feature but it used to open the Search Panel while redoing search, dimming the highlight. Now it doesn't open Search Panel on new/refreshed page any more.
  20. v3.10 - "Reshow main Options panel" option is added and defaults to true to allow user change multiple settings panels without having to click FS icon again and again.
  21. v3.10 - The main Options panel now pops up in center of screen in nearly all situations (but when you clicked on FS icon it pops up near the icon) - this is demanded due to Addon SDK requirement.
  22. v3.10 - Now when you check "In Tabs" in FS' search panel, it no longer asks you how to restrict tabs (title/url) by default, but instead it'll just search in all tabs right away. If you actually do want to restrict which tabs you want to search, you have to hold down the Alt key while pressing 'Enter' key or clicking on the 'Search' button, then the restrict dialog will pop up.
  23. v3.05 - "Text Search Settings" has a new setting that supports ignoring diacritics while doing plain text search (this option is ignored if you're doing regex search!)
  24. v3.05 - Now text search panel (or find panel) always opens at bottom right, a bit less intrusive than before - sorry if you don't like it at first!
  25. v3.05 - Slight makeover of Smart Searchbox - looks better now!
Bugs fixed:
  1. v3.25 - Fixed smart paste pastes content twice (may have only affected FF25.0.1+ users).
  2. v3.23 - Fixed browsing history was added for Private Tab users (when they use private tab in non-private window).
  3. v3.21 - Fixed SSB incorrectly shows up in editable boxes when user use Shift key and mouse (or arrow keys) to select text in the box.
  4. v3.20 - MUST HAVE fix for Linux/Mac users: Now clicking on '?' in Options will not close the panel you're looking at. You can continue to make changes - this is non-Windows only and bewildered me when users complained about it as I haven't tested FS on Linux for a while.
  5. v3.20 - MUST HAVE fix for Linux/Mac users: Now You can remove engines successfully (it's due to the same issue as above, and it's actually not my problem but instead due to Firefox behaving differently on Linux/Mac compared to Windows).
  6. v3.20 - Important fix for FAYT feature: Now keyword with spaces in them will find result correctly (This bug ONLY happens if you enabled "Ignore diacritic" in "Text Search Settings". It was introduced in v3.05, so only affect users who installed v3.05 to v3.17 who enabled "Ignore Diacritic").
  7. v3.20 - Fixed: Middle click paste scrolls page when clicking on links.
  8. v3.20 - Fixed: Middle click paste only focus into input box but not pasting.
  9. v3.20 - Fixed some other minor bugs and harmless error messages.
  10. v3.17 - Changed code to handle the new Google New suggest server and updated the suggest URL for gn engine accordingly.
  11. v3.17 - Largely fixed FAYT stopped working in FF25+ (due to a FF's own code change that caused issue). Unfortunately this code change made it impossible for me to make FAYT work on some sites that captures key events at keydown (like Google News captures 'k', 'p', 'o' etc. characters).
  12. v3.16 - Fixed text match highlight color on page being blue on (due to that site's own CSS interfering).
  13. v3.15 - Remove/disallow using url from as custom engine favicon (because that kinda of URL creates a load failure loop).
  14. v3.15 - Reverted some text match scrolling code I put in earlier versions to fix some new issue on some pages. So far so good - although older code might be specific for some pages I didn't check.
  15. v3.15 - A rare infinite-loop situation could arise in v3.12. Fixed now.
  16. v3.10 - Fixed bug introduced in v3.05 ("myHouse" finds "my<b>House</b>" but also "my House" in rare situation). In fact, after this fix, the text search is even better than Firefox's own. For example, as of FF23, searching for "NoWay" using FF's findbar won't find this particular: No<div style="display: inline;">Way</div>, but FS will find it - give it a try!
  17. v3.10 - Fixed a long time bug where some hidden text were considered text match - I didn't fix it before because FF does that too sometimes. But seems lately FS is finding more hidden text than FF, so I fixed it such that FS is now finding the same ones FF finds, no more, no less (at least according to my test). I could make sure FS doesn't find any hidden text, but the performance penalty was severe, so I decided it's not worth it.
  18. v3.10 - In v3.05 and lower, if you right click on the "2 of 10" and a dialog comes up asking which match you want to jump to, if you press 'Cancel', an alert comes up saying you entered invalid #. Now no alert will popup when you press cancel.
  19. v3.10 - Fixed scrolling issue in some rare multi-scrolling-level situations.
  20. v3.05 - A very important bug fixed: Some existing FS users on Linux (or occasionally other OS) found most of FS's features (like Smart Searchbox, find-as-you-type, custom engine search, autocopy, etc.) failed to work, this version fixes that!
  21. v3.05 - Fixed Smart Searchbox/drag-n-drop links opens a normal tab (which always opens in normal window) even if user is in a private window or on a private tab.
  22. v3.05 - Fixed bug where text search not finding a word that has an HTML tag inside it (searching for "myHouse" won't find "my<b>House</b>").
  23. v3.05 - Fixed Summary List panel shows no scrollbar even when a text search on page resulted in too many matches.

Version 3.0.1-signed 373.3 KiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 26.*

Feature change/enhancements:
  1. A new "Auto-prevent Fastest Search from stopping" option is provided and enabled by default, which solves the issue only some users see where Fastest Search semi-randomly stopps working for them. FS achieves this by auto-refreshing in the background. If you prefer FS to not do that, you can turn this option off and use Ctrl-Alt-L to manually refresh if Fastest Search ever stops working for you. Do note that I get one report that even this failed for a user, in which case only an uninstall/reinstall works to restore Fastest Search.
  2. Big enhancements to Smart Searchbox (SSB):
    • Instant preview of SSB as you change SSB engines/icon size/preview keyword in the Smart Searchbox option panel (note: preview requires that the current tab in browser contains a real webpage like, not sth. like 'about:newtab'. Exceptions are that 'about:blank' and 'about:home' work too because they contain real DOM).
    • Engine categories are now allowed in SSB. The icon for the category comes from the most used engine in the category, but a red dotted border would tell you that this is a category, not an engine
    • Display size of icons in SSB is now changeable (accessibility request by user).
    • SSB is no longer dismissed as long as you hold the 'Shift' key (after you release Shift, SSB will auto-dismiss after the normal dismissal time).
    • SSB can now popup even when you select text inside an editable area/input, IF you hold Shift+Alt keys at the time of selection.
  3. Big enhancements to Text Search on page:
    • Now you can restrict search to links only, lists in tables only, divs of a certain CSS class only... Just press Ctrl-Alt-T (you can change it in Keyboard Shortcuts option panel) and then follow example or use XPath to restrict it!
    • There's an option to resume the search (F3/F2) from current page position, instead of from the previously viewed match, which is the default. This is a difficult feature that is a little buggy on some web pages, so disable it if you find F3/F2 doesn't work as expected on a page. Turn this feature on/off in "Text Search Settings" or Ctrl-Alt-N.
    • F3/F2 now displays next match 50px below top of page to display context of the match (previously next match was display at top of page, users have to scroll back a little if they want to see the line above the match). Note that I noticed that this failed to work for some matches on some webpages, I will debug the issue in the future as it happens infrequently and takes more time to fix.
    • F4 highlights current match.
    • F3/F2/F4 flashes the match # on the match for a short time. Previously only the #1 and last match were flashed for a long time (they still are).
    • F1 highlights all matches again if you clicked elsewhere on the page and lost the highlight.
    • In the Match # div that shows "1 of 6 Match", now if you left click on it, it does what F3 does - go to next match. If you right click on it, you can enter the exact number of match you want to go to.
    • Now if you set Ctrl-F to be the shortcut to launch the Search Panel, then Ctrl-Shift-F launches Firefox's own Find Panel - Note that by default Fastest Search launches Search Panel using Ctrl-Shift-F while Ctrl-F launches Firefox's Find Panel).
    • Several shortcuts added (change them in "Keyboard Shortcuts" panel in main Options panel) to toggle regex/whole word/case sensitivity of a search quickly.
  4. If you double click on a tab in the search Preview Panel, that web page will be opened inside Firefox instead. This allows you to preserve some tabs that you decide to save after viewing the preview.
  5. Now in the Search Panel (the panel that shows up when you press Ctrl-Shift-F), if you press the Shift key while hitting the Enter key or clicking on the Search button, it will toggle the setting of showing a Match List Panel. Basically, let's say in your Text Search Settings optiions panel, you chose NOT to display a Match List Panel every time you search, but occasionally you do want it. Instead of having to go to the Settings panel, just press Shift key while pressing Enter or click on Search, a Match List Panel will show up for this once. Let's say you actually set the setting to always show Match List Panel, but for once you don't want it. Just hold the shift key!
  6. Now in Engine Settings panel, a new checkbox at top left corner allows you to select/unselect every engine at once (allowing you to remove all or most of the engines in one go)
  7. If you use the Instant search feature in LocationBar, now history won't be added if the window is in Private Browsing mode.
  8. A change is done! Now if your text search on webpage is case-insensitive, and/or partial word search, which are the defaults, the reminder no longer shows "insensitive,partial". Only if you checked "Match Case" or "Whole" word, it'd show "sensitive,whole". This is to save space, particularly to show "restricted" to remind you that you restricted the search to certain html tags using XPath
Bugs fixed:
  1. When adding an engine, sometimes favicon failed to be saved locally (instead saved as a URL, which causes delay of displaying Search Engines panel when user has very slow Internet connections). This is actually a Firefox API bug (saving .ico favicons fails for "security" reason while saving .png favicons were fine). I fixed it by working around the bug.
  2. For Find-As-You-Type users, now when 'Alt' key is pressed (top menu bar showing) or context menu is showing, FAYT no longer intercepts keystrokes (which are meant for menu accelerators).
  3. Fixed a long standing issue that Firefox itself suffers too - some text search matches are simply off the page and hidden from view, so when user uses F3/F2 to step through matches, there would be times that one can't see the next match (because it's off page). This was intentionally NOT fixed before because fixing this could miss some other legitimate matches that seem off page but are not. Now I figured a way to fix this without missing things.
  4. TESTKEY method now allows adding as an engine (this site lowers case TESTKEY, making the method fail previously)
  5. Double click on Preview Panel tab(box) closes the panel if 'double click outside preview panel closes it' is checked
  6. A long name in one search engine would squeeze the "Action" column in Engine Panel so much that the "Edit" and "Remove" are split into 2 rows for every engine.
  7. Fixed a trivial issue where a particular website made SSB's text input too wide.

Version 2.31.1-signed 359.6 KiB Works with Firefox 18.0 - 21.*

1. Fixed a bug caused by Firefox changing its API without consideration of backward-compatibility (with some reason but certainly could be handled better), breaking hundreds of addons including FS (see in FF18.
2. Fixed a bug when user that uses find-as-you-type tries to input text inside an embed object, FAYT takes over, disabling text input.
3. Fixed a bug that caused failure to import searchbar engines when one or more engines do not have icons.
4. Now packed with Addon SDK 13.2.

Version 2.28.1-signed 344.6 KiB Works with Firefox 15.0 - 19.*

1. Disable Instant page loading by default now - partly answering Regex fans' calls, partly because of FF's url-complete feature getting better.
2. Added instruction about what to do if FS stops working in the Options Panel.
3. Fixed a bug in Regex search for regexes containing '\.'.
4. Fixed a minor warning message that happens rarely.

Version 2.26.1-signed 345.3 KiB Works with Firefox 15.0 - 18.*

1. Changed option panels to bigger, to avoid showing scrollbars on some users' systems.
2. Packed with Addon SDK 1.10.

Version 2.25.1-signed 339.0 KiB Works with Firefox 14.0 - 17.*

New since V2.23
  1. Packaged with Addon SDK1.9, fixed a minor incompatibility with SDK1.9
  2. Added alerts to ask if user wants to disable Instant features when FS is first installed.
  3. Fixed Find-as-you-type (if enabled) preventing inputing text inside a textbox of an Adobe Flash object.
  4. Fixed a small part of documentation that's outdated.
  5. Made all options panels a bit bigger (some OS/font packs overflow old panel size).
  6. v2.25 fixed a v2.24 bug related to new Addon SDK1.9 changes that caused issues for saving preferences.
  7. v2.25 implemented a workaround for a rare v2.24 issue where first-install confirm box fails to show, thus preventing FS to run.

Version 2.23.1-signed 335.0 KiB Works with Firefox 12.0 - 16.*

  • Packaged with Addon SDK1.7
  • When replacing map locations like ';gm ;h ', the ' ' at end is gone after replacement. Now fixed and ' ' will remain at the end after replacement.
  • Smart Searchbox incorrectly shows up in some WYSIWYG editors - fixed

Version 2.22.1-signed 326.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 14.*

This is a MUST-HAVE update for en-GB, fr, or eo users!

Firefox Addon SDK has a huge bug that by default, unknown to addon developers, include empty translation files for these 3 locales during packaging of SDK-based addons. This ruined (!!) Fastest Search v2.21's localized user interface for these 3 locales.

I fixed this issue in Fastest Search v2.22 by manually removing these 3 locales post-packaging.

Version 2.21.1-signed 327.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 14.*

New in V2.21
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v2.21 - Now users can decide which map engine to use for Quick Map Directions and define the URL format in "My Map Locations"
  2. v2.21 - Now other addons cannot easily interfere with Fastest Search's drag-n-drop feature - FS always was very careful NOT to interfere with other addons, but some popular addon's authors are not so careful and interfered with other addons A LOT. Now FS will work even in those situations while still NOT interfering with other addons.
  3. v2.20 - Huge effort - now Fastest Search is completely localized! Please help translate it into your own language!
  4. v2.20 - Added 'About' link in Options panel reserved for Translators!
  5. v2.20 - Now user can designate the Quick Map Directions engine (useful in Smart Searchbox) in the 'My Map Locations' options panel.
Bugs fixed:
  1. v2.21 - Now when user modify/type an URL, FS no longer instantly loads history/bookmark/Google results on the URL any more.
  2. v2.21 - When user uses Instant feature while the computer does not have access to Internet, the urlbar dropdown will fail to show up afterward.
  3. v2.21 - When user deletes everything in urlbar, the Suggestions dropdown still shows.
  4. v2.20 - Now detects URL properly (after Firefox changed to remove 'http://' in URLBar, Fastest Search was in hyper mode such that it instantly loads even when you're just adjusting an URL).
  5. v2.20 - When you use Fastest Search's Instant urlbar while you don't have internet connection, the Instant would fail to load a page and the dropdown for urlbar for current FF window will remain hidden and not show again.
  6. v2.20 - A minor/harmless utf-8 encoding warning.

Version 2.19.1-signed 291.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 13.*

Fixed an annoying bug introduced in v2.18 where if user uses shortcut search in urlbar, then click outside the FS suggestion panel or press 'Enter' key, the Firefox urlbar dropdown menu does not appear in current window again.

Version 2.18.1-signed 291.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 13.*

Quite some new features/fixes in V2.18
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v2.17 - Added easy option to disable all drag-n-drop features.
  2. v2.16 - Now Smart Searchbox supports unlimited engines/icons! Just set the engines in 'Options'->'Smart Searchbox'->'Smart Searchbox engines'.
  3. v2.16 - Relaxed requirement now that engine shortcuts can be 4 characters long, in addition to allowing numbers in shortcuts.
  4. v2.16 - Added a Smart Searchbox settings panel. Rearranged a lot of options affecting Options, Instant, Keyboard Shortcuts, Text Search settings panels.
  5. v2.16 - Added an easy option to complete disable Smart Searchbox. Rearranged a lot of options.
  6. v2.16 - The width of the textbox in Smart Searchbox is now fixed. It looks a bit better when sc/category name's not long.
  7. v2.15 - Relaxed requirement that engine shortcuts and map location shortcuts can only have letters. Now numbers and '_' are accepted as well.
  8. v2.15 - Added option for choosing shortcuts (particularly useful for users of non-US keyboards, which sometimes lead to wrong shortcut recognition by Firefox and/or Addon SDK.
Bugs fixed:
  1. v2.18 - Fixed the known issue where fast typers using FAYT might find some letters missing when typing fast. The bug was introduced in v2.10, but it is NOT a FS bug at all, but instead I diagnose the problem to be an Addon SDK issue, and I worked around it to get it fixed. I'm VERY happy about this fix as I myself use FAYT and get bothered by the missing letter(s) issue from time to time!
  2. v2.16 - Fixed bug introduced by 2.15 where typing 'gm' followed by ';' then '2h' in textbox in Smart Searchbox searches for '2h' on Google instead of getting direction from selected address to home (assuming 'h' is home address's shortcut).
  3. v2.16 - Fixed bug where using shift key in variosu FS options panels causes autocopy/smart searchbox popping up if they're enabled.
  4. v2.15 - Fixed bug where user typed sth. in urlbar then click on a link on current page, the urlbar still contains what the user typed after the link page finishes loading.
  5. v2.15 - Also altered another behavior such that now FS is imitating FF's default behavior perfectly when Instant is disabled. But when Instant is enabled, it also makes more sense in that once user clicks outside urlbar when Instant loaded a page, the Instant-loaded page's url gets displayed in urlbar instead of what user typed earlier.
  6. v2.15 - Fixed a bug that prevented user deleting all Smart Searchbox engines in Options.
  7. v2.15 - Fixed a couple other very minor issues.

Version 2.14.1-signed 288.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 13.*

A minor bug fix: on some quite rare webpage, the Smart Searchbox shows up at top & just off the screen, so one cannot see it (despite pressing 'Enter' key would still launch search). Now fixed.

Version 2.13.1-signed 288.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 13.*

Compared to v2.11:
Addon is now packed with Addon SDK v1.6.1.
Now option/setting panels are destroyed after use instead of just hiding the panels.
Smart Searchbox icons now have no border on every site (previously some sites' styles caused the icons to have border).

Version 2.11.1-signed 288.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.*

Huge huge update compared to v1.98, MUST UPDATE to this version!!

New in V2.11 (compared to V1.98)
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v2.11 - Minor updates: updated documentation; added gsd (Google Subdomain search) engine; Resized 2 panels to be slightly larger.
  2. v2.10 - Now allow up to 7 fully-customizable engines for the Smart Searchbox (its Official name now!) that pops up after you select text on page! You can allow 0 engine (which prevents the Smart Searchbox to show at all), 1 engine (which shows up looking just like before), 2-4 engines (shows 2-row of icons/box), 5-7 engines (shows 3-row). Use wildcard '*' to indicate an engine that Fastest Search should decide for you, use the actual engine shortcut to indicatae that you always want that engine at that position. Read the '?' next to the engine option in "Options" panel for more details.
  3. v2.10 - Now the Smart Searchbox defaults to pop up at a position that does NOT cover any selected text, BUT also remain as close to your mouse position as possible.
  4. v2.10 - Now the Smart Searchbox pops up right after you select text (previously it's delayed 0.3 seconds). The delay can be now customized in the "Options" panel.
  5. v2.10 - The new text recognition rules now allows multiple engine sharing the same rule using the 'g:gn:w' syntax for the engine in the rules (in this case it's Google, Google News and Wikipedia).
  6. v2.10 - Added Ctrl-Alt-I as shortcut to disable/enable Instant features (equivalent to check/uncheck 'Disable All Instant Features' in the Options panel).
  7. v2.10 - Various improvements: Added suggest URL for "Firefox Addons" engine; Text Recognition Rules test results now display in a separate div; newer versions would now auto-update new suggest URLs for old engines (assuming users did not change the engine shortcut); various documentation updates; Options panels now sized better; new "New Settings" webpage on website to allow user choose and update some pattern/engine settings available in newer FS versions; 'Esc' key now dismisses the Smart Searchbox except in Location Mode (the mode that user enters after typing ';' to use Mapped Locations when the default engine is 'gm' Google Map); Removed 'preload' option in Misc. Settings panel because it does not save much time and has memory leak potential; Removed 'Get back arrow keys on Google page' in Misc. Settings because Google now realized how stupid it was to take away users' arrow keys on their search result pages and reverted course. No need for this option any more; Removed '";;" loops focus' from Misc. Settings as it is probably the least used setting and I don't even use it. It is slightly broken in FF13 and there's no reason to fix it when no one uses it; For the same reason, 'Focus in searchbar when not FAYT' is removed.
  8. v2.03 - Added auto-replace for locations for user-defined sites in "My Map Locations" panel.
  9. v2.02 - Now text recognition (when you select text on page, the text is recognized and an engine is chosen as the best guess) is totally customizable (use the "Text Recognition Rules" panel in the "Options")! Power users can set their own regex rules and test the rules out first before saving.
  10. v2.01 - Added "Use small search panel" to "Text Search Settings" for users who want a smaller text search panel that pops up after pressing 'Ctrl-Shift-F' keys.
  11. v2.01 - Added "Search only what you typed" to "Instant Settings" for users who want to keep the engine suggestions, but do NOT want instant search to be automatically based on suggestions. This will make Instant always search using why user actually typed, but not what engine suggested.
  12. v2.01 - Added "Do not show suggestions" to "Instant Settings" for users who do not want engine suggestions at all.
  13. v2.0 - Added Import/Export all Fastest Search settings. This allows users to move settings to another Firefox profile/installation.
  14. v2.0 - Added an Instant option where when typing query in URLBar, user can enable Instant search only on the Instant search engine (default is Google), or history/bookmark, or both.
  15. v2.0 - Engines now can use 'POST' method to submit query data (just choose the 'POST' for the new "Send Query using" option in the Add/Edit Engine panel. Now I can proudly say that Fastest Search supports all the searcch engines out there, and its "Add Engine" continues to be the easiest/best compared to all other similar addons and Firefox itself!
  16. v2.0 - Added loading indicator icon for multi-tab preview. Now you know which tab has finished loading the preview search result at what time.
Bugs fixed:
  1. v2.10 - Critical fix!. Memory leaks were fixed in both Fastest Search's own code (happens when text search/new panels open) and Addon SDK (previously FS is packed with Addon SDK v1.3 or lower, and these SDK versions have memory leaks that were plugged in SDK1.5 and above). You should definitely upgrade to this version, which is packed by addon SDK 1.6 which gets smaller and cleaner too.
  2. v2.10 - Known issue!. Because FS is now packed with SDK1.5+, which has no apparent memory leaks any more but does have serious performance issues that prevented Find-as-you-type to work well for single-letter keyword or VERY fast typers on medium to long pages. As such, the minimum length for FAYT feature is now forced to be 2 when you upgrade to FS v2.10. You can set it back to 1 at your own risk (of performance, which could lead to you type 'new' and FS only searched for 'nw' due to SDK's performance issue. I tested and found that FS was not even notified of the 'e' in the middle sometimes. For fast typers, the 'w' might gone missing too! I filed an SDK bug report and keep my fingers crossed now ...).
  3. v2.10 - Fixed tab key failing to bring selected text to searchbar (or urlbar if searchbar is hidden).
  4. v2.10 - Fixed Instant feature without engine shortcut no longer work properly in Firefox 13 (aurora version now, so the vast majority of users never saw this issue). FF13 changed the internal code which FS relies on but luckily I found alternatives. FF13 also brought back the url auto-complete which I failed to see much advantage even for non-FS users.
  5. v2.10 - When Smart SearchBox showed up and user press 'Enter' key right away, new tab opens with search result but the Smart SearchBox remains on page and won't disappear again.
  6. v2.10 - Typing engine shortcut or category name like 'g','Finance' on urlbar then 'Enter' key won't get Google site or open all Finance sites, but instead does a search on 'g' or 'Finance'. Now fixed.
  7. v2.10 - Typing engine shortcuts like 'g,y music' then 'Enter' key won't get both Google and Yahoo search on 'music', but instead does a search on 'g,y music' as a keyword. Now fixed.
  8. v2.10 - When 'Textbox default to preview?' in Preview Settings is checked, and user types ';gm Princeton' in a textbox then click on any entry in the popped-up Suggestion box, it opens a new tab instead of Preview Panel. Now fixed.
  9. v2.10 - When user quickly type 'g speed' and then quickly hit the 'Enter' key, a Google search on 'speed test' (top suggestion) instead of 'speed' was loaded. Now fixed.
  10. v2.10 - When user click on the match on the Match List panel after doing search on page (if "Text search opens a summary list" is enabled in "Text Search Settings"), the highlighted range is shifted by one match.
  11. v2.06 - Corrected some outdated help info.
  12. v2.05 - Fixed a Find-As-You-Type bug where pages like takes away the focus and put it in the text box WHILE user is doing FAYT, which interrupts FAYT.
  13. v2.05 - Fixed a bug introduced by a new Firefox bug (or "feature"). In FF5, FastestSearch smart copy&paste works fine, but in some later versions it doesn't. Now fixed.
  14. v2.04 - Fixed an issue due to new Firefox bug (or "feature"). In FF5, FastestSearch could highlight found text in multiple text areas, but in newer Firefox, this is no longer possible. Even with this fix, I could only safely highlight text in textareas when you use F3/F2 etc. to move between matches. Not ideal but that's all I could possibly do.
  15. v2.03 - Very important fix: Now F3/F2 for next/previous match jumps to the right place 99.9% of the time, instead of 97%+. Moreover, it reversed the issue introduced in v2.0 that causes page jump even if next match is already in current view).
  16. v2.02 - Fixed suggestion for Google Maps because they just changed their suggestions service format. Thanks Google! Without you changing Youtube/Maps suggestion service formats, I really have no better way to use the leisure time I had!
  17. v2.02 - Import Settings skipped importing map location/image save location.
  18. v2.02 - A rare and minor bug: FAYT incurs an error on a rare Sencha-made page.
  19. v2.01 - Fixed an issue for Instant searching that resulted from a Firefox's own internal change in Firefox 12 (not released yet and still in Aurora status!).
  20. v2.01 - Fixed a bug introduced in v2.0 that disabled ctrl+right mouse click-n-drag to open a link in preview window.
  21. v2.0 - Find prev/next match does not move page focus as needed in some divs with scrollbars (to fix this bug I had to change the focus such that now the page jumps a bit every time use presses F3/F2, previously if next/prev match is in current view, the page wouldn't jump).
  22. v2.0 - When selecting text inside some WYSIWYG editors, the engine popup shows up.
  23. v2.0 - Improved/fixed issues for Force Find Image options so that it works on almost all images.
  24. v2.0 - changed style of the FAYT div to truncate the display of queries that are way too long.

Version 1.98.1-signed 300.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.*

New in V1.98
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v1.98 - Changed Youtube engine to its new Suggest service URL on Dec.3, 2011.
  2. v1.94 - Ctrl-';' loops focus is now using Jetpack's shortcut handling. This means on Windows and Linux, nothing changes, Ctrl-';' still works. On Mac, it'd be Command-';', on Belgian keyboard, it'd be Ctrl-'$' (I know it's weird, but it's out of my control).
Bugs fixed:
  1. v1.97 - Fixed a compatibility issue with Firefox 10.
  2. v1.96 - Fixed a bug that existed before but never causes any problem unless user is using Firefox 6.0 or higher AND also TabMixPlus along with Fastest Search. The result of the bug is that when one clicks open the dropdown of URLBar, then click on an address, that address is NOT loaded, instead the current URL will be reloaded.
  3. v1.95 - Fixed a bug introduced by Firefox 8.0's no 'http://' in url "feature".
  4. v1.95 - Instant now does not load url if search result matches current tab's url (if it's same page, no need to load again).
  5. v1.95 - Instant now does not load about:config, about:addons, chrome://, resource://, data:// pages even if they're the top search results.

Version 1.93.1-signed 300.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 10.*

New in V1.93
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v1.93 - Added option in 'Text Search Settings' to allow using Ctrl-F for opening Fastest Search's text search panel (previously only Ctrl-Shift-F is available).
  2. v1.91 & v1.92 - Added to engine and dealt with all its unusual formats of Suggest service and result URLs.
  3. v1.89 - Now the popup input box after selecting keyword is auto-resized based on the content.
  4. v1.89 - Now one can set up an engine to have current domain/subdomain/TLD/url auto-inserted. Simply insert 'DO_NOT_CHANGE_THIS_DOM' (or SUBDOM/TLD/URL) into the query string for the engine at where they need to be.
  5. v1.87 - Ctrl+Right mouse click-n-drag on a link would open that link in preview panel instead of a new tab.
  6. v1.87 - Options to use 'Esc' key or double click outside to close preview panel added.
  7. v1.87 - Preview panel settings moved into its own options panel.
  8. v1.87 - 'Donate' button removed from Options Panel. AMO's contribute is used instead.
  9. v1.85 - Now one can type 'y' and then 'return' key in URLBar and be taken to Yahoo site (previously you have to type ';y'). This works for all engine shortcuts but NOT category names.
  10. v1.85 - If you hold down 'Shift' key while right drag-n-drop links, instead of opening link, the link would be copied to clipboard instead.
Bugs fixed:
  1. v1.93 - Find-as-you-type is activated incorrectly on some editors/text fields.
  2. v1.90 - Duplicate Google search box issues fixed (Google changed multiple things on their search site like IDs, URL etc).
  3. v1.88 - A long standing and annoying bug finally fixed! In earlier versions when you press 'Enter' key in URLbar, the address will briefly changes into the current URL first, then updated to new URL once the new page is loaded. This causes confusion when new page loading is slow and new URL is updated too late, and potential issue when other addons user installed also work on URL bar (like setting proxy ...).
  4. v1.86 - "Add Engine" workaround added - due to a Jetpack Addon SDK bug, Fastest Search "Add Engine" fails on Firefox 7.0.1 on Windows 7 specifically. This is not a Fastest Search bug, so I can't fix it properly. I simply added a workaround to allow the functionality still work (a bit less nicely though) despite the bug.
  5. v1.86 - With "Search open in new tab" selected, when user click on a suggested keyword, search still opens in current tab.

Version 1.84.1-signed 297.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 9.*

New in V1.84
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v1.83 - If you hold down 'Shift' key while right drag-n-drop links, instead of opening link, the link would be copied to clipboard instead.
Bugs fixed:
  1. Fixed a recent bug where 'Esc' key in URLBar doesn't bring back current page's URL in the bar.
  2. v1.83 - Fixed a bug when Instant would load if user typed some query inside any box where the query keyword is NOT found in the engine's suggest service.
  3. v1.82 - Fixed a bug introduced in v1.70 that disabled ctrl+';' focusing (or smart pasting) into a textbox NOT in current view.

Version 1.81.1-signed 297.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 9.*

Fixed an issue of Instant feature in FF 7.0.1 (Firefox changed URLBar's url property for some unknown reason).

Version 1.80.1-signed 297.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 8.*

New in V1.80:

Feature change/enhancements:
  1. v1.79 - At users' request, now you can search in URLBar and SearchBar without ';' before shortcut! Use 'g music', 'Finance GOOG', 'g,y tax' to do search. But you can turn this off and always require ';' in Options Panel. BTW, the old ';g music', ';Finance GOOG', ';g,y tax' still works in URLBar/SearchBar/everywhere!
  2. V1.78 - Added caching optimization for Find-as-you-type on quite LONG web pages, default is optimization on. When cached page text is used, the search division changes to yellow background with gray font to remind users of the optimization.
  3. V1.78 - Changed default maximum match to 1000, default option reminder for Find-as-you-type is on now. The optimization above and limit max match increases FAYT speed on long pages significantly.
  4. V1.78 - Slightly faster Find-as-you-type for the first search on short pages too.
  5. v1.79 - An option in Instant Settings Panel allows you to always search Google while typing in URLBar. History/bookmark results are still available in dropdown.

Bugs fixed:
  1. v1.80 - fixed issue where Instant loading does a Google search on 'g' when user tried to type 'g music'. Now any word whose first one-, two-, three letters match engine shortcut won't fire a Google search - avoiding a hyperactive Instant search on engine shortcuts.
  2. V1.78 - Match List Panel some lines seemed to miss some ' ' character.
  3. V1.78 - A very recent bug where Match Distribution Bar shows no matches when total number of matches exceeded user-set maximum.

Version 1.77.1-signed 295.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 8.*

Compared to v1.70:

New in V1.77
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. Now matches are sorted based on their vertical positions, instead of where they are in web page's natural flow.
  2. 'Demo Videos' link in Options Panel is replaced by 'Lastest Version' link.
  3. v1.76:Sometimes user tries to press 'Space' key to scroll page down when focus is actually in URLBar, which clears URLBar instead of scrolling page. This is a minor annoyance, but with Instant feature it's more serious - another page would be loaded after you inadvertantly typed ' ' in URLBar. Now it's fixed such that if your URLBar is cleared by a 'Space' key, the focus would move from URLBar to the page instead, so that if you press 'Space' key again, it would scroll the page like you wanted.
Bugs fixed:
  1. A bug that disabled entering text into Firefox Addons page search box.
  2. Scrolling to matches when pressing F3/F2 etc. is now working very well - previously it doesn't work well for pages with iframes.
  3. Match Distribution Bar highlighting in pages with iframes are now correct.
  4. A bug that misses the match whose top is EXACTLY (0 pixel difference) at top of screen.
  5. v1.74:Regular expressions with syntax errors no longer causes unecessary error message that closes Search Panel even as user's typing (with Search Panel find-as-you-type enabled by default).
  6. v1.74:For smart paste & open plain text links, 'https://' urls are now recognized.
  7. v1.75:When user press 'Backspace' key many times in Firefox URLBar to clear keyword, Firefox+Fastest Search would replace URLBar with current page's URL after keyword is cleared. Now fixed - URLBar will stay empty.
  8. v1.77:Got rid of an error message in console.

New in V1.72
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. Now user can put the Match Distribution Bar on the right (it's the new default position of the Match Distribution Bar).
  2. When user can cancel a tab search by pressing 'Cancel' button on the filter tab prompt dialog.
  3. Current match is now always highlighted on Match Distribution Bar.
  4. When in Find-as-you-type mode, if a user keeps pressing 'Backspace' key even AFTER Match Distribution Bar disappears, previously this causes page to go back in history (Default Firefox behavior for 'Backspace' on page). Now Fastest Search will buffer the 'Backspace' for 2 seconds to avoid inadvertant back in history.
Bugs fixed:
  1. Find-as-you-type now won't fire when user tries to type inside a dropdown menu to select an option.
  2. When clicking on 21st match on Match Distribution Bar, now the '1 of 35' report will update to '21 of 35'.

New in V1.71
Feature change/enhancements:
  1. When user selected some text and then press Ctrl-Shift-F to launch Search Panel, the selected text will be taken as the keyword as long as it's within 100 characters long.
  2. Allow filtering tabs using 'TITLE:key/regex' and 'URL:key/regex' syntax to filter only in tab titles or urls.
  3. When select & search, or using ';g key' syntax to search in URLBar, SearchBar, or any textbox, if you press Shift+Enter, it will launch Preview Panel instead of opening new tabs or open search result in current tab.
  4. More informative title/alert for Match List Panel and no-match alerts.
  5. Selecting a match in Match List Panel now sets current match index to that match (pressing F3 will find the next match starting from this match).
  6. Matches in Match List Panel is now numbered.
  7. Pressing 'Esc' key now closes both Match Distribution Bar and Match List Panel.
  8. Upgraded to Jetpack 1.1
  9. Added icon for context menu item 'Create Fastest Search'.
Bugs fixed:
  1. Match Distribution Bar now displays all matches for divs with long contents and scrollbars. The current match highlight on Distribution Bar is also current, although current window highlight is still not working properly and scrolling sometimes doesn't work.
  2. Now selecting email address (without mailto:) won't cause opening new tabs even if 'Open selected links' is enabled.

Version 1.70.1-signed 288.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 8.*

Feature change/enhancements:
  1. The BEST ever find-text-on-page just got better!. Now you can search text in the content of all tabs or selected tab. You can also search only in tab URL and title. More new text search features see below.
  2. Optionally text search in current tab could open a summary list with the matches and their context.
  3. Find-as-you-type now supports miminum keyword length (useful for very long pages). Sets it in "Text Search Settings"
  4. Match Distribution Bar can optionally autohide.
  5. Optionally show reminder div for search options (like the search is regex, case-sensitive). Useful for FAYT.
  6. One can also sets the maximum # of matches to search on a page (good for performance on very long pages), adjust match context length in list/mouseover, disable FAYT in Search Panel.
  7. Text search speed is slightly improved
  8. Highlighting of matches is significantly improved - now even unselectable matches (like HTML selects, yahoo email listings) shows flashing highlight when user steps through matches using F3/F2/Ctrl-G etc. Additionally, when stepping to end of page or top of page, the match is specially highlighted and marked with a count number to indicate it's at the start/end of all matches.
  9. Preload Preview Panel, and select plain text URL opens it features are turned off by default in v1.70 for minimal intrusion for new users. Instant is still on by default.
  10. Now if you double click on a webpage and accidentally selected a word far from where you click, the Search Engine Div is not going to show up.
  11. Thanks to the feature above making sure it's not accidental selection, I now enabled Search Engine Div to show up even when only a single character is selected.
  12. Slightly smarter engine-guessing for selected text - Google Maps won't pop up for long selected text now, Google Translate would instead (I know, still not great, but it's most likely engine for anyone who selects a lot of text).

Bugs fixed:
  1. Text search will now search for pages using the old-fashion FRAMESET.
  2. The Search Engine Div won't show up when clicking on horizontal scrollbar (or selects), or when one presses Shift along with other keys, or when text search on page identified and selected many matches with accidental mouse clicks on certain HTML elements.
  3. v1.65 bug where users press ';' or ':' in areas like Gmail compose rich edit pane causes focus to jump to LocationBar (IF "';;' loops focus" is enabled by user).
  4. Match Count Div etc. now will almost always stay on top of page (previously some pages sets really high zIndex on some elements and covers the Match Count Divs etc).
  5. Now for divs on page that have scrollbars, the matches will correctly scroll into view when they're clicked on Distribution Bar or F3 is pressed. Match Distribution Bar does not display correctly for those divs though (and scrolling is not 100% failproof either). Luckily this happens rarely but I'm still working on a bettr fix.
  6. mailto: URLs no longer opens new tabs even if 'Open selected links' is enabled.
  7. Right click on icon in Engine Div to launch preview panel now automatically hides context menu on Linux.

Version 1.65.1-signed 284.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 8.*

  1. The best text search on web page is implemented! It shows count, distribution and context of matches, supports whole word search, regular expression search, and Find-as-you-type! Works on webpage with HTML input, textarea and iframes too!
  2. Multi-tab preview panel (moveable and persistent/closable) allowing previewing multiple engine results at once without leaving page.
  3. Multiple categories allowed now for each engine - this allows you to use category search to slice and dice your engine collections for specific searches.
  4. A number of other smaller features and bug fixes.

Version 1.51.1-signed 249.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 8.*

20 new features and 21 bug fixes compared to v1.35, the previous fully reviewed release.

Version 1.35.1-signed 244.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 7.0a1