Rated 5 out of 5 stars

thank you for your response
and for your work i wouldnt be able to forge something like that

actually its really best in here, in firefox extensions i give five only when i think there is nothing more to make better, if i could i would give 9/10, it miss a better documentation a little, but its substitued by multitude of features of course but it might look little feature bloated to less tech savvy users, and i use only some feateres but i love them in front of everything else. i love to have instant search at each of my favorite engines, let say imdb etc. i dont understand others who give 5/5 to extensions like fastersfox etc.. :(

i am not so experienced in user gui to note every aspect of it, but i would welcome option to prefer google searching first in URLBar instead of history and bookmarks if possible (if its not buildin option of firefox but i still d like to user bookmarks and history but somewhat separate after google(search engine) suggest lets say 10 items)

using instant for bookmarks and history doesnt make sense to me because each time there blick other web site
in viewport and in instant search i think there should be always the same site. but thats not the biggest problem,
i just dont want use it for bookmars and history but still want to be able to click them after fastest search google suggest.

i am newcomer to firefox from opera because firefox has significantly speed up as for version 6 and because of extensions which have opera many build in as default.

and one more thing i would be thankful for, i am not sure if its applicable i know its maybe too much work as a feature to future, to interconnect it with build in search engines and so that one would have to use only one charater to engine and it would be faster (i am special detailed on faster up things because i am not fast writer) as you would search in google with g, not with ;g and for every engine you would save one character when you search

i hope i was intelligible sometimes its my problem :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.77.1-signed). 

Thanks for updating your review! I could certainly add an option so that anything you type in URLBar instantly loads Google search result, while still allowing FF history/bookmark results displayed in dropdown. UPDATE: It's done in v1.79, just install it and click on 'Instant Settings' in the Options Panel and you'll see the checkbox.

I agree, this addon is a little too feature-rich and most users might not even read about/care about some of them. But you might not realize, Mozilla said that every addon you installed slows down FF startup by 10% on average. My thinking is that if my FS does many things better than other addons, then one doesn't need to install so many addons any more and FF'd be faster to start up. So I packed as many features as I could in FS.

As for the requirement of ';', I demanded it so that one could search category like ';Finance GOOG'. Without ';', I won't be able to tell if you just want to search the word Finance or you want Finance category. Moreover, I allow user set engine shortcut to be as long as 3 letters long, so if one engine shortcut happens to be 'low', and without ';' you type 'low temperature', I won't be able to tell if you want to search for 'temperature' on the 'low engine' or 'low temperature' in history/Google ... And FS lets you use ';' in any textbox on webpage to search, without having to go into searchbar/urlbar first. Using ';' makes it more specific.So I understand using ';' adds a little bit trouble, but it's also necessary in some situations. Do you know the Ctrl-';' focuses input into first textbox on page and loops through textboxes if you keep pressing it? Also one can loop focus from textbox/searchbar to webpage by pressing ';' twice (if enabled). So ';' is FS's special mark.

That being said, let me think about how practical is it to add an option to force forgo ';' in URLBar and SearchBar only. This might add a little more complexity in my code. UPDATE: indeed it took me some time, but it's done in v1.79 and I set it to be default allowing 'g music' (or 'Finance GOOG', or 'a,gs canon') in URLBar and SearchBar. The old ';g music' (';Finance GOOG', ';a,gs canon') still work everywhere. Map locations still require ';' like 'gm pizza near ;h'.

Also note that this is not exactly what you said, which was for Fastest Search to use the internal shortcuts you already set for your Firefox (using 'Add keyword for this search'). Fastest Search only uses its own search engine shortcuts and does not import Firefox shortcuts - it does import Firefox SearchBar engines (in 'Search Engines' panel in the Options Panel) and you can just give it a shortcut then.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

very good soft, but it conflict with my firefox 6 history and bookmarks suggestions, when i type without search engine, i mean without ;g ;gi etc it actually doesnt search on google, but whatever i write it search in my bookmarks and history titles and urls, and thats really not what i want, i want google instant :) thank you

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.70.1-signed). 

You're mistaken. FS does NOT interfere with the FF history/bookmark suggestions at all - they are still available at exactly where they were without FS. FS only loads the best result instantly. When no valid history/bookmark is found, FS DOES search Google.Google Chrome Instant does the same thing - loads best history results first, otherwise it searches Google.

But if you were comparing FS Instant with Google Instant on google.com - you're comparing apples and oranges. FS Instant supports way more functions than Google Instant, of course for a subset of the functions, it demands you enter a shortcut ';g' to be specific that you don't want history/bookmark. If I do what you want (typing in URLBar only searches Google), what about the users (myself included) who DO want to instantly load history search results?

I could easily name 4+ things FS does better than Chrome Instant too (including one annoying Chrome Instant bug that FS doesn't have of course). FS tries to pack many Instant features in URLBar in the way making the most sense and is certainly worthy of 5-star, which is why I'm disappointed at your factually incorrect review.

But anyway, don't forget to also try the FS text search - it beats the socks off Chrome in features (if I didn't support whole-word, regular expression and the much more functional Match Distribution Bar/Match List, tab search, etc., I could make it as fast too).

I used to use Chrome 30+% of the time due to its speed, but after I coded FS, I found myself frequently coming back to FF to use FS. Eventually I realized the small speed edge Chrome has over FF5/6+some slower addons is not worth it any more when FS is installed.