Nice! Rated 5 out of 5 stars


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.98.1-signed). 

<b>Update</b>: It's now done in v2.01 in the "Instant Settings". The Options are named "Search only what you typed", "Do not show suggestions" and in the following section titled "Instant uses search results from", where you can choose to search both history/bookmark and engine, or just engine, or just history/bookmark. Download it from

suggestion box的小问题! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

请问,能否添加一个选项,允许用户选择是否开启由该扩展提供的地址栏下方的suggestion box? 因为,有时候,这个suggestion box挺烦人的.
举个例子,Google images的搜索关键字是gi,当我在地址栏打出gi cover,这时候suggestion box的第一个结果是cover letter,所以页面第一时间载入的是cover letter这两个词的google images搜索结果,但其实我真正想搜索的就只是cover这一个词而已……这种情况很常见,不管你是搜cover还是搜good,好像主要发生在这些较短的词语上.
所以我建议,页面第一时间载入的应该是用户想搜索的内容,简单点讲,就是用户打什么内容.你就搜什么内容,而不应该由suggestion box来决定.
还有,我觉得在地址栏搜索,然后搜索页面载入完全后,suggestion box这个时候就应该自动消失(或者设个自动消失的时限),而不是一直停留着,非要鼠标点击一下页面它才消失.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.98.1-signed). 

I'll reply in English as it applies to other users too:
1. Yes, I can add two options in fact. "Search only the typed" and "Do not show suggestions".
2. I've considered it before, but it's impractical to set auto-close Suggestion Box. For example, user might still be reading choices in the Suggestion Box when it's auto-closed. A preset auto-close time is difficult to be perfect even for the same user. Instead, I suggest you use one of these 3 methods to close Suggestion Box:
a. Press 'enter' key after you're done typing a keyword. NOTE: Even if the page for your keyword is already loaded by the Instant feature, 'enter' key would NOT reload the page. It'd simply close the Suggestion Box for you.
b. Press 'Esc' key closes it too.
c. If your hand is on mouse and can't press keys, then just click on page to close Suggestion Box (as you also noted).
These 3 methods cover all situations and while they might take a little getting used it, they do work the best to close the box as you like, at exactly when you like.

Really Awesome Extension Rated 5 out of 5 stars

the new version is very cool.Nice Job!
two suggestions:
1.the pop up window should be moveable.I'd like the pop up window display in bottom right corner.
2.I set keywords to my bookmarks.Such as,"gr" is the keyword of google reader. So I suppose when I type gr in address bar, google reader should be the first page that be loaded automatically,instead of default google search result.
please forgive my poor english ,I hope you understand what i'm saying.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.1-signed). 

1. Done in v1.63. One caveat is that you should move panel slow, but FS records where you leave the panel. So if you move it to bottom right, it'd stay there from now on.
2. I just tried to tag a bookmark 'gr' and then typed 'gr' into the locationbar, the bookmark is instantly loaded without problem. It's only when you press 'return' key that Google search was launched. I thought that's the expected behavior?

conflict with keyconfig Rated 5 out of 5 stars

the most powerful and fastest search addon I have ever seen!But it has some conflicts with keyconfig.for example,i set "D"、"F" key to switch to the previous tab and next tab.but when i have this addon installed,the "D"、"F" keyconfig shortcuts won't work anymore.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.35.1-signed). 

Thanks for your review! Which keyconfig addon is the one you use? Fastest Search only captures ';' key if it's pressed twice in a row. It doesn't capture 'D' or 'F'. Please let me know the addon and how you configured it and I can check it out. I also suggest that you double check if you also installed some other addon that captures D and F keys or some accidental config changes, just in case.