Amazing addon. New request to add keyboard shortcut for "selectable URL text" Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been a long-time user of this addon and completely agree with the review by Firefly. This addon is by far superior to other similar addons.

Now a new request to the developer: I have been a big user of the SmartBox feature. I find it irritating though that I cannot select the text with URLs easily; particularly, if I want to select a word in the middle of the URL'ed text. Most of the times, the URL gets clicked & I have to navigate back to the page. So, can you add a small tweak like this? - If I press, say, Alt button while making a selection, the URL click should be ignored & only the text should get selected. Possible? let me know.

Thanks in advance.

PS:By the way, I dont see the v3.0 version; neither here nor on your site! When will it be made available?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.31.1-signed). 

Hi, we think alike! I remember that once I thought of adding Alt so user can select link text, and then I found that Firefox already allows you to do that. Give it a try - if you hold Alt, then select part of link text, SSB does pop up fine without the link be clicked.

v3.0 is delayed as I wanted to test the stability more, and perfect the F3 search start from current page position (not the last match position) - this has turned out to be very difficult, which might be why that despite this feature makes perfect sense - how many times when you have 20 hits on a page, you want to scroll to a page position and just start search from there? - no browser does this? I'll try to work on it the next couple of weeks and release it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Can you give an option to open a link in the Preview window? Probably, Ctrl+right-click-drag or even simple right-click-drag option? this can be a selection from user to choose which is priority for him.

I have seen many times, that I have a list of links which I want to visit one after other till I find the right one where I have the content I was looking for (say Google results, eBay results, classifieds etc.,)
Also, once I find the right link in the Preview window, there should be a way to close the Preview window open the same link in a tab.

Do you find it interesting?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.84.1-signed). 

1. Ctrl+right click-n-drag now opens link in preview (v1.87).
2. If you find an interesting link, you can use firefox's own left click-n-drag onto tabbar to open it in a tab.
3. For your earlier request - options are now added to double click outside or 'Esc' to close preview panel (v1.87).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Two minor enhancement requests:
- If I have enabled "open in new tab" option, and if I CLICK on any one of the "suggested key words" drop down, the resultant page doesn't open in new tab. However, if I press ENTER button, it opens in a new tab. Plz correct this behavior.
- I would like to have option to close the "pop up" window (which opens when clicked on icons after selecting some text) with ESC button. As of now, I need to use mouse always to close it.

2.Most of the times what you said is right. If you are using mouse, I agree...double click to close the window makes more sense & is a good idea too...In case of laptop users (like me), there is no difference b/w keyboard & mouse; as the right hand is on mouse pad while left hand is on keyboard many a times and hence I feel Esc to close the window will also help. Why not give both options? ;-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.81.1-signed). 

1. Fixed in v1.86.
2. 'Esc' closes search dialog on current page, as well as in other situations. And if you just clicked on icon, that means you're using mouse already, why switch to keyboard to close? I'm thinking more like double click elsewhere to close the panel. What do you think?

Great addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this from the beta version and am absolutely happy with it.

I have one bug to report. I have disabled the instant preview completely & also the "drag & drop a link" option, but somehow, both features show up in an unpredictable way!

If I start typing "g testing fastest search", instant search kicks in by the time i start typing search. I dont know the reason though. Strangely, I the tag history is also lost some times & I cant go back to the original page the tab had prior to instant search page.

Secondly, if I drag with right click on a link, I am still seeing the same behavior though that feature is disabled!

Now I have a feature request: I want an option to copy the link URL on "right click drag" while used along with probably alt or shift or control button.

Update: I just realized, the second one is conflicting with my other addon FireGestures. As I use this addon for mouse gestures, is there a way to resolve the conflict? And I see both the trails getting overlapped as I see traces of blue color while dragging a link.

One more minor bug: Try this without Fastest Search addon: URL Bar displays some URL of any open web page. Start typing some other URL (ex: google), but then you want to cancel it & press escape. You will see that the URL of the earlier URL of the open website would come back, removing "google". Now, if you try this with Fastest Search, this is not happening & the typed word remains in the bar. Escape key is not recovering the earlier URL, but highlights the typed word.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.81.1-signed). 

1. "g testing fastest search" - you're right, it's a strange bug. I'll fix it. But I can't reproduce the history issue.
2. "drag & drop link" still working after disabled - I can't reproduce it. Did you see the color of the drag-n-drop trail? If it's link, it should be blue color. If it's image, it's red. I suspect you're dragging a link that has a background image (and have 'force find image' enabled). In that case, the red trail (save image) would still show up after drag-n-drop link is disabled. Please let me know if that was the case.
3. Feature request - that's a good idea. I'll add 'shift'+drag to copy URL.

Update: #1 & #3 are done in v1.83 (just released As I said, #2 is not reproduced. BTW, I copied the link above using the new 'Shift'+dnd method!

Update on your update:
1. Conflict with FireGestures. Is the conflict you're talking about the trail overlapping, or the #2 above? If it's #2 above, I still don't see why FireGestures could activate Fastest Search's dnd on link even if you disable it in Fastest Search Options. If it's about the trail color, I think it's more a request that you should post to FireGestures, to NOT blanketly draw a trail even if you're not using it on links. If FireGestures does support link dragging, then you could simply disable Fastest Search's dnd on links to avoid seeing the trail. I'm not sure I should off option to turn off trail in Fastest Search because the color and position of the trail tells you what and where you're dragging, both important info. And FS's trail disappears with time anyhow.
2. Escape does not get URL back. This might've been a recent bug, but v1.84 fixes it. I'm releasing it now.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Few points I observed with 1.62 version:- FAYT search doesnt work with text fields. Type some text in a text field & use addon's FAYT to search for it.- In FAYT search-string display next to the distribution bar, I see letters from the string "no match" in the background sometimes unnecessarily & requires some fine tuning. I couldnt reproduce it many times though.- Also, I noticed a strange behavior with regard to searching numbers: go to this link for instance- and use FAYT to search for '2046'. Type '20', it works fine. Continue typing '4', 4 is typed in the URLBar! And if you try typing it faster, '204' gets searched, but also the focus is moved to the fourth tab! Try again in the page to type '2046' with more speed now and on typing the last number 6 after 204, last tab is getting opened/focused automatically!- Like F3 & Shift-F3 for moving from one result to the next or vice versa, FF also has Ctrl-G & Ctrl-Shift-G shortcuts. Plz implement this shortcut too.- Preview pop up is always fixed at the top left corner. Better if it is moveable (on the lines of CoolPreviews addon)- I couldnt use the scrolling using my laptop's touchpad. Only the scroll bar in the window can be used in order to scroll.Overall, you have made an amazing addon! Search distribution bar is superb. Continue the great work. Thanks.

3. Am using Windows7 and am sure it is not because of OS. If you arent able to reproduce, then I suppose it is because of some other addon that I have.
4. I feel F2 should not be used, as some of the addons/programs generally use it for their shortcuts, whereas, F3 & G are standard shortcuts for searching.
5. You are right. CoolPreviews panels are always within FF window & I agree it is sometimes annoying. Just a thought: Is it possible to use a moveable window/dialog as you said & push the icon into the system tray instead of taskbar?
6. No. I can see the scroll bars. But am not able to do the scrolling using my touchpad (mouse pad) of my laptop (touch & move along the right edge of touchpad). Not sure if it is the property of XUL?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.1-signed). 

1. Text input field: done. Textarea: done. iframes: done. All done in v1.63! v1.65 added highlighting input/textarea.
2. I never saw that happening.
3. I tried the page, didn't see any issue. Which OS are you using?
4. I personally love F2 backward - it's quite useful and I can't believe others didn't think of it, especially given that F2 is generally left unutilized by default. Ctrl-G and ctrl-shift-G and shift-F3 is done in v1.63.
5. Now the panels can be moved anywhere on screen, persist and can even have multiple, IMO definitely better than CoolPreviews which restrict where you could move the panel, thus always blocking part of your browser.
6. I see, the special scrolling simulation. That might not work, I didn't check.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Plz check my Update1 comment in my earlier post on my calculator request.

Also, as noted by another user, I also faced the same issue of keypress. If the cursor is not in any active element i.e., if the page is in focus & not any text boxes, any key press is being redirected to the search box; because of which, instead of executing the command meant for that keypress, the search box is being filled with the text.
I use Augopager as well as Mouseless Browsing, which sometimes depend on the command given while no text element is active. For instance, in Autopager, to add a new rule, user needs to select document objects and in order to select a link or the data-content-scope, there are few simple DOM tools like widening or narrowing the DOM scope by pressing "W" & "N" respectively & finally selecting by pressing "S". So, if Fastest Search is installed, this is not happening & instead, W or N or S is getting typed in the search box.
This is not happening if Fastest Search is not installed as I tested. Please look into this.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.1-signed). 

That's part of a feature I put in, I can set an option to allow you get rid of it. UPDATE: download v1.60 through "Versions" at bottom of addon page, and in "Misc. Settings" panel, uncheck 'Focus in searchbar when not FAYT'. That's it.

Request for "Fastest Calculator" :) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Replying to your earlier answers to my post:- The "search opens in new tab?" option was really helpful. Thanks. This is what I wanted.- I understand the difficulty in making "instant new tab" for instant searches. So I have to sacrifice using instant loading anyway, but I will be content with the instant suggestions; till the time there is another way out.- However, I noticed a bug; though I couldnt reproduce it many times: after disabling both "instant URL Bar?" & setting it to "No Engine", I have seen that few times, the search loads instantly which it shouldnt! Please check it out.- One more minor bug: after typing the search keyword like ";g testing" and hitting enter, the results are nicely getting opened in a new window now. But, if I go back to the page where I actually typed the keyword, the URL still displays the same ";g testing" instead of its page URL. Please correct this.Now I have a new request. When I was using InstantFox, I liked the idea of using URLBar as a calculator. That is one thing that your addon doesnt provide. Also, I have a good idea for this to work. I had been using an addon called "Status-bar Scientific Calculator" ( for quite a period of time, till the developer stopped upgrading it to the latest FF version. But I really liked the approach a lot (opening a text box in status bar on Ctrl+Space & working inside it as a calculator). It also had lot (really a lot) of functions built into it. I feel it would be really great if you could implement those functions into a new ";c" keyword based calculator entered in URLBar, while the results open in a new tab just like InstantFox! Please see if you can combine the functionality so as to also bring in "fastest calculator" to the table. :)Thanks for the great addon.

Update1: Thanks for the reply. Of course, adding google's calculator as a search engine is a simple way. But I feel no one has developed an addon for FF with scientific calculator abilities. Considering that most avid users today keep FF open, it doesnt make sense to open another calculator application (at least I feel so) to perform a calculation. And also considering that the calculator addon I proposed is on GPL, would it not make it easy for you to integrate without much of modification? I really request you to consider this enhancement. I am sure many users would like it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.35.1-signed). 

I gave it some tries but couldn't reproduce loading page instantly despite that the instant URL bar AND no engine are both chosen. In my code this shouldn't happen either. I can only hope that my new version - it's a big one - fixes this problem for you somehow.

UPDATE: For ';g test', v1.60 fixes it. Please download that version.

For calculator, v1.60 ships a calculator engine. BUT, I took the easy route - I used Google's calculator ability. You just need to type ';c 3+5' and it gets 3+5=8 from Google's built-in calculator. If you want it now, you could add one yourself at It won't match that addon's many calculator functionalities but fits simple tasks fine.Update1 reply: Fastest scientific calculator is beyond my intended functionality. GPL doesn't make it easier because I did not and do not intend to GPL Fastest Search code for a number of reasons.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hats off for the great bunch of features...its amazing to notice the way you have meticulously thought about these tiny but effective ways of doing things! I have started using every bit of the addon.

However, I have a small nagging issue and/or enhancement-request: I have tab mix plus addon wherein I have configured it to open any URL from address bar, search bar or links-to-other-site in a NEW TAB. This is to prevent the tab content from being hijacked by new URL. But your addon is opening the links in the same tab without respecting tab mix plus' settings. Plz correct this.
Also, I really liked the instant results method, but the same problem wherein the results are opened in the current tab is preventing me from using the feature. Is it possible to provide a option for each search engine such that the instant as well as the final page may be opened in a new tab? (using a check box).
By the way, somehow, I am not able to change the search engine key for a selection. If I select a word and if I want to try changing the "d" to "g", the small icon itself is getting disappeared! Some small bug I suppose. Plz correct it. Also, please check if this addon is compatible with "Apture"; as I am using it too.

And needless to say, thanks a lot for the wonderful addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.35.1-signed). 

Thanks for your review!

For your 1st request: You're actually mistaken. My addon did not affect TMP opening normal searches in new tabs, if you chose to set TMP to do that. Fastest Search only opens searches of its own in the same tabs, which includes 2 kinds: Instant searches and ';shortcut keyword' search syntax specific to Fastest Search. Neither is a part of TMP or Firefox itself, of course TMP's setting does not apply. As I explain below, it's not possible to open instant searches in a new tab nicely, but I just added an option 'Search opens new tab?' in v1.50 to allow you open ';shortcut keyword' type of searches in URLBar and SearchBar in a new tab. Just download and install v1.50 and check that option will do what you want.

2nd request: I just tried pretty hard, and found out why no addons (not even Google Chrome itself) has the feature you're seeking. It's VERY difficult (near impossible) to smoothly open a new tab, load instant result, while you continue to type your query with it showing up in the still-loading new tab & also firing new instant search requests - many things are happening at once. To force doing that is both unsmooth and buggy. I can't get it done nicely and free of bugs. I doubt anyone can, because of the latency of page loading and focus swapping and input simulation needed. I hope pressing ctrl-t to open new tab, then type and do instant search is a viable alternative for you. After all, you have to do the same in Google Chrome too, even with all the power of Chrome's native code. No other instant Addon offers this either.

3rd one: I didn't see any problem with 'Apture' + 'Fastest Search'.

The bug of changing shortcut: That's a headscratcher. The small icon area always shows the last engine in the textbox. For example, if you typed 'g', it shows the icon of Google, assuming you didn't change Google's shortcut or delete the engine altogether. If you typed 'g,e', it'll now show eBay icon instead, as it's the last engine in the box. The only reason why the icon should disappear is when the last engine shortcut typed is not valid. The icon disappears as a warning, because in such case you press 'return' key, no search will be done. Please double check the shortcut you typed in the 'Search Engines' panel, accessible by left clicking Fastest Search icon then clicking on 'Search Engines'.