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  • It's been years since I've had such an app (the other one was abandoned).

    The only thing I can add is if when you highlight a word and the box floats above, if the icons could be more SPACED in between and also given an option to have the icons on ONE ROW or in multi-rows as it's currently set up.

    Other than that. A God send for pwoer users like myself! I'm glad I found this!!

  • Best thing i needed for my job wish i would found it sooner

  • I was looking for a replacement for the once excellent but now defunct InstantFox (which no longer works... no fault of the developer). I thought I would have to sacrifice some power because InstantFox was an excellent search add-on. I was wrong. Not only is Fastest Search even more powerful than InstantFox was, but I agee with others who commented that it is easily in the top 5 Firefox add-ons of all times. The only word I can think of is brilliant because I don't know any word that is more superlative than that! OUTSTANDING piece of work! Keep it up!

  • Translate into Russian. Can not understand anything.

  • Let me honest....I am one of those netizens that use 25+ addons and have used a lot of extensions but this one easily takes up in my top 5 list....The miracles it can achieve is overwhelming but just to name a few: Search suggestions with result right from the addressbar+autocopy text on selection+middle click to paste+find text across multiple tabs w/o regex and list them+Right click and drag images in 4 diagonal direction to save them in 4 customizable location+Do simple maths calculation right from the location+...............
    The list is endless (literally speaking) ;]
    One of those addons u find complicated at first but cannot live without it after getting the hang of it...hats off dev

    Developer response

    Thanks a lot for the kind words!!

  • Congratulations, dude!

    I'm afraid there are still compatibility issues even with Version 3.39.2 and e10s manually enabled, and all other addons disabled: I still cannot export/import searches, and the right click to preview in Smart Searchbox does not open the preview panel either (Switching to "Default preview" does nothing either). As soon as I manually disable e10s, they both work perfectly. (W8.1x64 and FF49.0.2)

    Could you please look at it?

    Developer response

    Yes. FS doesn't support e10s. It'll take a while b4 I release an e10s version. It's a big big rewrite unfortunately...

  • This is one of my favorite add-ons, especially for the Smart Search Box, but recently the Search Panel stop working. It doesn't show when I hit Ctrl+Shift+F. How can we fix it?

    Congratulations to the author for his great job.
    Best regards

    Developer response

    Hmm, did some other addon take that shortcut? What happens when you do Ctrl-Shift-F? That might give a clue as to which addon took it. Or you can disable other addons one by one to figure it out. It's pretty much certain it's due to other addons interfering.

    If you go to FS's Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Use Ctrl-F to open ..., then press Ctrl-F, would that work? Another alternative is to use find-as-you-type. You can activate it on-the-fly by typing an '/' in front of your search phrase. Give it a try. I almost never use the Find/Search Panel myself. Always FAYT.

  • I feel really inspired with such work, while never commented on an extension so far.in all extensions of the type is the most powerful to add extreme possibilities, which have helped me walk through the web (whether working or not) more efficient, fast and accurate way. So complex in all the features offered takes some time to know well and adapted to get as much as possible, but once achieved worth the effort, friend, I'm really grateful You deserve a big applause !, you send an email with an idea that will surely seem useful.

    For those who have the problem that they will not show the Smart SearchBox, had the same problem, and I could not fix it, fix it with in a way, first press Ctrl + Alt + L, then go to the menu of FS, press on Smart SearchBox not show, press Ctrl + Alt + L, re-activate the Smart SearchBox, and then again press Ctrl + Alt + L, verifies and displays, but restarts.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the lavish praise! Glad to be of help. Also thanks for the suggestion of fixing SSB not showing, I was never able to reproduce SSB just simply won't show, so I never knew how to fix that. I'll suggest to anyone who has same issue.

  • Hi Mingyi and thanks for this great addon! Among the many very helpful features, there is one that I find a serious bug in it. The changes I make in Smart searchbox, such as editing SSB engines, can only be saved at rare and apparently random times, although all the other setting categories seem to change with no problems...

  • I just tried Fastest Search, it's great. Just one thing. You assigned the F1 key to hightlight text search result in page, but I have other task for the 'F1'. I can't find any setting to reassign F1, that's so sad. I think a plugin shouldn't hog a Function key for itself. If you can make a setting to let us choose other hot key, that would be nice and make this great plugin better.

    -- Yeah! The setting worked, I just didn't try it cause I didn't thought it would work for F1 too. The developer respond very quickly, and my problems solved. Thank you!

    Developer response

    The setting is there. "Keyboard Shortcuts"->"Do not use F2/F3 etc. to navigate thru matches"

  • COOL

  • For some reason all my search engines got replaced by default search engines and I cant import my own ones from file anymore. Is there a way to rescue them somehow without registering everyone again?

  • This addon has a somewhat steep learning curve, but all the time invested into learning it is easily recovered by just using Fastest Search in you daily web browsing.

    The developer truly cares about his addon and constantly making sure it is up-to-date and working with the latest Firefox versions.

    For me this is the single best productivity addon I have used and is indispensable in my daily web browsing experience. It is also one of my favorite addons overall in my entire collection.

    Thank you Mingyi Liu for this amazing addon!

  • I am happy that the new version of FS is finally signed. I mised it a lot. This extension is a must have and indispensable for smoothly browsing the internet.

  • This is one of the most useful add-ons for FireFox.
    The ability to highlight, search with almost any engine/site and even auto copy makes this one of best add-ons, and indeed the reason why I've stayed with FireFox

  • Plugin gets deaktivated even without closing FF. Why is the plugin still not signed?

    Developer response

    Read my previous reply to other users. It was signed since v3.38 which was MONTHS ago. But FF auto-unsigns it due to an unpublished policy about "unpack" manifest option. v3.39.1 that does not use "unpack" is now 8 of 32 in queue to be reviewed. You should get it within 1-2 days. UPDATE: The position of FS in review queue stayed at #7 the last 2 days. No telling when it'd be done. There were only minor changes so the review itself should be fast.

  • Please make it work again, my productivity has taken a huge hit :)

    Developer response

    Just back from vacation - 4 am right now - but I just uploaded the new version and asked for fast approval - hopefully so. In the meantime just reinstall v3.38.0 and it'll work until you restart firefox (then you need to install it again). This is due to the fact that 3.38 was actually SIGNED (unlike what most of you believed), but because it needs to use the unpack option, it gets auto-unsigned at the Firefox startup - very annoying, although it makes some sense.

  • Just upgraded to FF48.0. But fastest search is automatically disabled by FF even if "xpinstall.signatures.required" is set to False. anyway, it is 5 stars!

    Developer response

    Just back from vacation - 4 am right now - but I just uploaded the new version and asked for fast approval - hopefully so. In the meantime just reinstall v3.38.0 and it'll work until you restart firefox (then you need to install it again). This is due to the fact that 3.38 was actually SIGNED (unlike what most of you believed), but because it needs to use the unpack option, it gets auto-unsigned at the Firefox startup - very annoying, although it makes some sense.

  • What a clever idea. And it was executed well. Probably needs a renaming though. It gives you a lot more customization options than just making the search faster. Great job, guys.

  • This is a VERY well thought out addon and is incredible. Don't let the simple title of "Fastest Search" fool you... it does a LOT more and it's worth watching his (VERY well done) youtube video to explain how to use the features.

    Thank you very much for your work on this and I am already using it like crazy.

  • The fastestsearch addon makes browsing with firefox extremely powerful and productive - especially if you become acquainted with help/videos provided by the developer and then tweak the many settings to make the tool work the way you work! I would be lost without it.....

  • You are my Hero! Thank you so much per taking the effort to update your add-ons again.
    Unfortunately Mozilla FF team constantly causes add-ons to break which requires lots of work to repair so... are you thinking to create a new version for Chrome by chance? I switch there when I'm having problems here, so to have your add-on on Chrome too would be quite handy.

    Developer response

    My pleasure! I must admit that the recent decisions by Mozilla do not sit well with me (and a lot of addon authors). With the webextensions switch, I suspect FS will suffer 20% loss of features and I'll have to rewrite a lot of code. So yes, very likely I'll port FS to Chrome and make that the priority from now on. Frankly I myself use only Chrome for work stuff. I only browse with FF because of FS (everything else I want have Chrome equivalence already). I'll likely still keep FS working for FF, however, and thanks for sticking with FS in either browser!

  • The first thing I install. At work I have to keep downloading portable firefox everytime, but I do so, beacause of FastestSearch.

    I configured it to my wishes, including many handy search engines and backed it all up, so all I have to do after reinstall is import the settings.

    On my Linux machine, FS sometimes doesn't come up spontaneously, but a disable and reenable makes it work again.

    I fear the day FS stops working, because Firefox will no longer support it. I hope you will work it out together.

    Developer response

    The 3.38 is just released. I will most likely keep it working in FF, but my priority might be switching to providing FS for Chrome. Either way, I myself use FS every day so rest assured it will be working in one of the browsers. In Chrome some of the features would have to be truncated because Chrome does not allow the power - however, same will happen to FF soon, due to their switch to webextensions. So won't be too much loss.

  • Seriously why not have the options in a more convenient place? I had no problems finding them however someone who is amateurish might have some problems getting to them cause they're kind of buried and for no good reason...just because I guess. Put options in an easier place, doing so much just to reach something that other developers all have in the add-on's page is a little ridiculous.

    Other than that I would dare say its one of the best add-ons currently available.

    Developer response

    I would assume that those who are not as computer literate would read at least the first couple paragraphs of the addon page and notice "To get started ...". The demo video is perfect for those users, and in fact any new users to get familiarized with the myriad of features this addon has.

    If you think from my point of view, seriously I've put in so much time into this addon, so much time to cater to user requests to put in ever more options, AND I put in options at a time when Jetpack toolkit itself doesn't have a place to put options (hence a legacy reason) and it's going to be way too much effort to gain nothing - I'm rather happy that I always have quick access to FS options from the toolbar, instead of clicking around multiple times just to load the slow about:addons page to change. And the FS icon is not wasted space (its flashing is useful), so why can't a user spend a few minutes to read and watch the first couple mins of demo video?

    If they venture to spend more time to learn all the features/read docs, they'd see that everything was actually planned or has a very good reason.

  • Thank God and of course Mingyi Liu for this Extension!

    The "Smart Searchbox" and
    "Regular Expression" feature is a gift for all professional surfers!

    One problem though is that the red search field sometimes overlays the search hit.