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Hi Mingyi, thank you for writing such a great little addon. However, with the change to add-on compatibility in FF 57 going forward, will a non-legacy version of Fastest Search be released? I can't imagine browsing without Fastest Search, to be honest! Cheers, I certainly hope so. Thank you again.

*edit* Smartbox disappearing and not displaying despite using the keyboard shortcut -- pretty disappointed with this and the continued silence from developer. I tried the fix that Leonel suggested but it didn't work; CTRL + ALT + L didn't bring up any sort of notification or refresh.

*reply to author* Fair enough, Mingyi and sorry if it came across as patronizing when I said 'little addon' -- that's more on this user not utilizing its full capability, I'm sure, and it can't be easy to constantly re-write and edit each time for every iteration of FF. So I guess FS is not going to work beyond 56? That's really disappointing to hear. Would a compromise be possible at all? For instance, is it possible for the smart searchbox functionality to be ported over in some fashion?

I wish it was a "little addon". Most of the addons out there are tiny compared to this one. That's why I'm far from being able to port this one to webextensions, which despite all its progress, just won't support a number of FS's features.