Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Sorry but this addon is not useful at all. I think I will stay with Instant-Fox is not up to date and url doesnt work, but at least I can add my own pages. I can open page in same tab or new etc, I like to click on word and with right click search on more than only 3 not even popular pages. Firefox use google by default so why would I use this addon? The second useful page is youtube thats all about pages in this addon.

When u do option so we can add our own pages and right-click menu maybe I will use it but for now is only one addon InstantFox.

"I remember InstantFox only added customizable engines AFTER Fastest Search had it for a year"

But that addon have it this is what I need :) History about addon heh I dont care but what I care is customized pages and right click menu. Not icon but name like Instantfox have it. How will I find 20 pages now I have in instantfox without page names? I dont need 50000 settings etc. what I need is customized page thats all. This is the reason why Instanfox was awesome it was simple addon easy to use etc. 40min video what I need is customized page and right click menu thats all!. not some weird icon in that smaller window but right click menu with page names this is what I need... Very easy to find, use etc.

I will give u 3 stars. If this addon had right click menu with page and not that pointless small window with icons I will use it but now I can`t even if I try....Who will remember 30+ shotrcuts for pages and is not even faster and this is "Fastest Search" name most be changet to slower search.

I added page and that page was not even in that small window with icons, even if was 20+ icons in that small window will be pointless. Problem is that some page don˙t even have icon what now? But this addon don`t save pages in right click...

Popular: If this addon had right click menu with page will be a lot and a lot more popular but is ok with me is your addon. Everyone look 3 picture and what they see few integrated pages oh I mean 1 Youtube and sure they skip this addon. Look previews for this addon and for Instantfox and which one has less settings etc. Instantfox but still have a lot more reviews than this addon. Right click menu for pages is a lot more simple a lot more faster etc. and for sure who will remember all shortcuts for page which is for 30+ pages impossible.

This addon is Slower search not Fastest Search. ppl need to remember shortcuts for page and they need to type every shortcuts that mean Slower Search not Fastest Search that for sure!!!

I remember InstantFox only added customizable engines AFTER Fastest Search had it for a year. Last I checked InstantFox only has a subset of FS's features. If you'd only spend time to learn FS you'd see. Watch the intro video. What you want it's already there.

FS users are among the smartest (and fastest) web users for a reason.